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Megami Magazine Vol. 148

February 14, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


Feeling a little ronery tonight as you watch all the couples out there celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well maybe some bishoujo pics will cheer you up. For this week’s Megami Magazine post we have volume 148 (September 2012). This volume features characters from the summer and fall 2012 anime line-up so a few of them will still be familiar. As always, you will need to click on the text links to see posters over a certain ecchi threshold.


Megami Magazine Vol. 142

March 26, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Hello everyone, here is Megami Magazine volume 142 (March 2012), the last post I will be making on my blog…

until I write the GMAT of course. I am falling behind on my study schedule so I will be going into hermit mode for the next few weeks, but I will return by mid-April.

This volume once again features Idolmaster on the front cover, though the series is nowhere near as prominent as Nanoha. There were surprisingly fewer pin-up posters in this volume, which you can check out below. For newcomers, links to images are ecchi and may be assumed to be NSFW.


Dengeki G’s Magazine 2009-10

January 24, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Dengeki G's Magazine

There were a couple of nice goodies that came along with the October 2009 edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine. I got a new Konomi figure and a little Love Plus booklet, but first lets take a look at some of the things featured in the magazine.


Dengeki G’s Magazine 2009-09

January 21, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Dengeki G's Magazine

I know this is really late, but here’s the September 2009 issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine featuring the Setsuna Ogiso and Kazusa Touma from White Album 2 on the front cover. There are a few games that I’m looking forward to that are covered in this issue. Hopefully someone will translate them into English in the future.


Megami Magazine Vol. 100

September 18, 2008 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Last week I ordered Megami Magazine Vol. 100 before they were sold out and I finally got it in the mail today. Unfortunately, the magazine came in a thin cardboard envelope without any bubble wrap so the corners were dented a bit.

This is the first anime magazine I’ve ever bought, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Megami Magazine and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the content. There were a lot of posters that you can look at; I took some pics of my favourite ones: (more…)

Konomi Yuzuhara

September 02, 2008 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Ok, here is the last figure from my figure splurge, Konomi Yuzuhara from To Heart 2. Konomi is now the cutest non-nendoroid figure that I own and poses in a pink swimsuit for everyone to admire :)


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