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Japan Trip ā€“ Week 1

August 12, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Personal

While I’m waiting to hear what people would like to see more of on my blog, I figured that I’d finally get around to posting some pics from my Japan trip in June. Well, here they are (the first week anyways).

Somehow I managed to pack everything I needed for a month in this little piece of luggage, and I put that in a larger piece of luggage. Obviously, I was expecting to bring a LOT of stuff back home (and I did). By the end of the trip, both of these bags were full, along with a backpack that I brought as a carry-on.

I flew Air Canada direct from Calgary to Vancouver. While AC is known for not having the best of service, I managed to get tickets for half the price that other airlines were offering because of a special promotion. Here was the first meal of the flight. The rice was horrible, but the chicken and dessert were pretty good.

It seems that AC has implemented something new since the last time I flew with them: special lights to help you adjust to the new timezone. When it’s time to sleep, the lights change colour from white to orange to blue to violet before finally turning off (to simulate a sunset). When it’s time to get up, they do the same thing but with slightly different colours in reverse order. The pic below is of a “sunrise” on the plane. As a note, since we were flying west, the sun was actually up for the entire flight.


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