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Lily White by Murakami Suigun

October 01, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Artbooks

One of the artbooks that I picked up during my trip to Japan was “Lily White” by Murakami Suigun (村上水軍). Honestly, I’d never heard of Lily White or Murakami Suigun before picking up this book. I was actually getting a copy of E☆2 Girls Girls Girls! volume 5 (which I will review eventually), when I noticed this book beside it. I know people say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in Japan all artbooks are wrapped in plastic so that’s all you have to go by, and I just loved the cover of this book. Figuring that there would be more illustrations like the one on the cover, I decided to buy it for 2600 yen. Apparently, Murakami Suigun is a popular artist, having been illustrating for several years. He also publishes a series called Murakami Suigun’s Fetishistic Illustrations, otherwise shorted to F-ism. As of this writing, there are 14 volumes out, and they seem to mostly depict maids, but also cover other themes like miko and schoolgirls (all in bondage positions, hence the title).

Back to Lily White, the book is split into three sections: Pasocom Paradise Works, Original Design Works, and Games & Copyright Works. The titles of the sections are pretty self-explanatory, pasocom is short for personal computer and features illustrations done on the computer, including the rough sketches and line art. The games and copyright section contains illustrations for titles that Murakami Suigun has worked on such as Silvery White, and eroge. There are over 130 pages of illustrations and they’re all of female characters. Here are some pages that I picked out from the book:


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