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Japan Trip – Week 2 (Part 1)

August 30, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Personal

Since I did a lot of stuff during the second week of my trip, I’m going to cover it in two parts. The first part will be covering the places I visited in Kyoto, and the next will cover Osaka. So picking up where I left off, after spending an entire day shopping in Akihabara, we got up early the next morning to take our first ride on the Shinkansen (aka bullet train).

Unfortunately, the JR Pass only allows you to go on the Hikari and Kodama trains (the slow ones), and not the faster Nozomi trains. The ride wasn’t too bad, it lasted for a few hours and there was plenty of legroom. The only downside was that I was sitting near the front of a car right next to the washrooms so when someone walked by and the automatic doors opened, I’d get hit with a horrible stench. We arrived at Kyoto station around lunchtime and took a local train to Tanbaguchi station near our hotel. It was too early to check in yet so we just dropped off our bags and went out to do a bit of exploring. Lucky for us, there are maps everywhere in four languages: Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese.


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