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Megami Magazine Vol. 124

September 25, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

It feels like it’s been a year since I’ve actually written about Megami Magazine in the month that a particular volume is for. When I asked what you guys wanted to see more of on Nopy’s Blog, many of you said you liked the magazine posts so I’ve been churning them out recently. Megami Magazine volume 124 is the last magazine I have right now since it’s the September issue, but I’ll be getting October stuff sometime next week. The cover of this volume has Yoshika and Lynette from Strike Witches riding some brooms. It makes so much sense (witches ride brooms after all), but seems so wrong without those leg propeller things.

This volume has a lot of swimsuit posters, which I found kinda weird considering it’s the September volume, the month when summer starts to end.


Megami Magazine Vol. 117

March 22, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Alrighty, for everyone that’ve been waiting patiently I’ve finally gotten around to another Megami Magazine post.  This is Volume 117 of Megami Magazine, for February 2010, only 1 month later than usual (or 2 if you consider that Megami releases 1 month before the printed month). With all the hype over the Nanoha movie, it’s only natural that Nanoha would once again find her way onto the cover of Megami Magazine. By my count, this is the 10th time that Nanoha has been featured on the cover, more than any other character. She has appeared in volumes 68, 77, 82, 84, 88, 90, 91, 100, 112, and 117. When you do the math, that works out to be 8.5% of all the Megami covers. I think it’s pretty obvious that someone at Megami has a soft spot for Nanoha, especially when you consider that other characters like Haruhi have only made it on to the cover twice.


Megami Magazine Vol. 116

February 18, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

It looks like I’m getting close to catching up with my Megami posts. On the cover of volume 116 are the girls from Seitokai no Ichizon doing some cosplay. Personally, I’m pretty happy that they finally decided to put Seitokai no Ichizon on the cover of a Megami Magazine since it was my favourite show last season. It seems most of the covers lately have been focusing on new/upcoming anime movies, so it’s nice to see a tv series back on every once in a while. Anyways, enough with the cover, if you wanted to see the pin-up posters (and I’m sure you do), they’re all below:


Megami Magazine Vol. 115

February 17, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Sorry, everyone, for the lack of posts recently. Life has been really busy so I haven’t been able to write much or reply to comments for the past two weeks. Now that I have a break though, I can finally get back to making some regular posts. I still have several magazines that I haven’t gone through, but I’ll get to them eventually. Today I’m going to take a look at Megami Magazine Vol. 115. Although Christmas is long over, there’s still plenty of snow on the ground, so this issue of Megami Magazine doesn’t feel out of season yet.


Megami Magazine Vol. 114

January 26, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Featured on the cover of volume 114 of Megami Magazine are To Aru Kagaku no Railgun characters biribiri and my favourite, Kuroko. I quite liked the variety of pin-up posters that were included this time around. As usually, I have pics of them below:


Megami Magazine Vol. 113

January 08, 2010 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Three months later than usual, here’s Megami Magazine Vol. 113 featuring Rin Tosaka and Saber on the front  cover. Its been a while since I’ve been able to flip through a Megami Magazine so this was like a blast from the past for me.


Megami Magazine Vol. 112

September 17, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


This volume of Megami Magazine is probably one of the thicker ones that I’ve gotten considering all the freebies that came with it. But as always, lets take a look at the posters first :)


Megami Magazine Vol. 111

August 06, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


There were lots of yummy posters in this volume of Megami Magazine, and some nice extras too. As always, here’s a look at what posters they have in this volume:


Megami Magazine Vol. 110

July 19, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


The 110th volume of Megami Magazine features Saki and Nodoka from the mahjong anime “Saki” on the front cover. I’m not following Saki right now, but from the images that I’ve seen it looks like more than just mahjong goes on in the anime.


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