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Guide to Anime

Have you ever had a question about, but could not get a straight answer? Well, the Guide to Anime project is here to help you figure out everything and anything about anime. Anibloggers from all over the internet who have written short guides to help explain different aspects of anime have submitted them here to help people understand the medium and the culture. If you’re wondering about how much you can trust these guides, just as yourself, who would be better suited to explain anime than the people who live and breathe it.

If you find this collection of guides useful, share it with your friends. Any suggestions for topics are also welcome, just leave a comment with what you would like to see explained. Anibloggers who are interested in submitting a guide, please see this post.

Below is the list of guides that are currently available:


What is Anime? (the written definition) by Yumeka from Mainichi Anime Yume


School Harems by Nopy

Slice-of-Life by Tsurugiarashix from KaminariAnime

The Difference Between Shonen and Seinen by Kuuki from Kuuki no Puraido

Character Archetypes

A Guide to the Deres by Kai from Deluscar

How to Become a Mecha Pilot by Nopy

Yandere by Nopy

Anime Oddities

Childhood Friends by Nopy

Significance of Shoe Lockers by Nopy

Source Material

Anime Source Materials by Kai from Deluscar

Eroge by Micchi from Hau Omochikaeri

Top 3 Visual Novel Studios by Kai from Deluscar

Anime Fandom

Being a Fujoshi #1 – Defining the Monster by Kuuki from Kuuki no Puraido

Being a Fujoshi #3 – A Dictionary by Kuuki from Kuuki no Puraido

Otaku by Nopy

The Death of “Kawaii” by Nopy


Guide on Purchasing Figures by Kai from Deluscar

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