Evolution of Anime Fan Rooms

The other day I made this tweet with the following image:


It seemed to draw quite a bit of attention so I decided to write a post and ask the anime fans reading this to share any images you might have showing how your room has changed over the years. As with community projects I’ve done in the past, I invite anyone with a blog, webpage, social media account, etc. to share your experiences. Send me a link and I’ll make a list at the bottom of this post.

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To Aru Futsuu no Anime Review

Produced by Osaka Animation and directed by Shintaro Ishihara (Taiyo no Kisetsu, Hi no Shima), To Aru Futsuu no Anime is a 26-episode action-romance-comedy-psychological series.

The story focuses on a regular high school boy named Ken Nakajima that lives by himself because his parents are on a permanent business trip abroad. One night, while walking his pet pig, Buhi, Ken spots a bright light followed by a girl falling from the sky. He runs up to catch her and she floats into his arms, but is unconscious. Suddenly, a mysterious man named Zeus appears and demands that Ken return the girl so that she can be brought home before the universe is “shut down”. He refuses and just as Zeus is about to strike him down with a lightning bolt, Ken is engulfed by a bright light coming from the girl’s pendant and gains the power of the Titans.

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Have Magical Girl Transformations Gone Too Far?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the transformation scene of Rebecca (Becky) from Dog Days. Two main opinions have developed from all of that talk. The first is that the scene is too sexually suggestive. The second is that transformation scenes like Rebecca’s are commonplace in magical girl anime and nothing to be concerned about. Both sides seem to suggest that magical girl transformations are starting to encroach on ero-anime territory. Considering magical girl anime were originally made for young girls, have transformation scenes gone too far in trying to attract male viewers?

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Undoubtedly the Best Anime of All Time

Now that I have your attention, I have a question for you: what do you think is the best anime of all time?

While I could look at the numbers at any anime list site, I want to hear directly from you. Back in the late 90’s practically everyone would tell me “Evangelion”, but times have changed and people change. Please leave a comment with your answer and reason, or if you’d like, write a blog post explaining your answer and link to it in the comments. Ask your friends what they think too.

For the record, here’s my answer.

The Power of Music – Effects on Anime Popularity

It’s hard to deny that anime has good music compared to other animation. For example, I don’t think a song from Spongbob Squarepants or Ben 10 would ever make it onto the Billboard Charts, but you often hear of anime music reaching the top 10 on Japan’s equivalent Oricon Charts. With music oriented anime like K-ON! achieving huge success, that got me thinking: does music affect the popularity and success of an anime, or conversely, does an anime affect the popularity and success of a song?

In a recent post, I listed 10 anime series with good music that made it onto the Oricon Charts. Most of these series were very popular when they aired, but it’s hard to determine if that was soley because of the music or if the anime was already good. Ideally, to figure this out, we would need to put a crappy anime on the market with good music and a good anime with bad music, then watch the Oricon charts. Unfortunately, I don’t know any pop stars or anime studios that would help me, so I’m settling for the next best thing: watching Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

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