E2 Girls Girls Girls! 3


Along with E2’s (Etsu’s) Girls Girls Girls! volume 2 illustration collection, I also bought the volume 3 illustration collection. This volume focuses on the cover girls of all the E2 Magazines from volumes 1-16, the poster girls from volumes 1-15, and the pick-up girls from volumes 1-7.

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E2 Girls Girls Girls! 2


I’ve heard that E2 Magazine (also called Etsu) had really nice artwork so when I cam across volume 2 of the Girls Girls Girls! artbook I decided to get it, and I wasn’t disappointed. This volume contains artwork of girls streatching across two pages for each month in the first section, and a girl representing a region of Japan in the second section. In total there are over 70 colour pages of artwork from various artists. To give you an idea of what the artwork is like, I scanned some of the pages of the section with girls representing different areas of Japan. (sorry for the poor quality, but holding a perfect-bound book open over a scanner is harder than it sounds)

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