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Would you like to promote your group, product, service, or event on Nopy’s Blog? Here is some important information that you should know.

Free Advertising

All advertising that appears on Nopy’s Blog must be relevant to its readers (see Audience and Traffic below). Free advertising is limited to certain groups/products/services/events, but requests are encouraged since exceptions can be made. If you would like to advertise for a group (organization), a service, or an event, I must be convinced that they are non-profit and help promote, advance, or spread anime, figures, or bishoujo artwork. Products may be eligible for free advertising so long as they are relevant to the blog and knowing of them would be valuable to readers.

Paid Advertising

If you would like to advertise something that does not meet the free advertising criteria, please contact me for details. Acceptance will be based on relevance and value provided to readers.

Audience and Traffic

Visitors come to Nopy’s Blog for three main reasons:

  • anime discussions and reviews,
  • anime/game figure coverage, and
  • bishoujo artwork.

Nopy’s Blog currently receives over 800 visitors per day. They range from their late teens to 30’s, with the vast majority in their early 20’s. Readers are largely college-educated and single, with a male to female ratio of approximately 3:2. Visitors from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom combined make up 41% of all traffic, with the United States leading at 30%, Canada at 6.5%, and United Kingdom at 4.5%. South-east Asia and Germany-France are the next largest sources of traffic, comprising 17% and 9% respectively. The remaining sources of traffic come from other parts of Europe, followed by Asia and South America. More than half of all visitors speak a second language.

One of the advantages of Nopy’s Blog is that traffic remains high during times of little or no blog posting. This is due to the longevity of Nopy’s articles. Readers tend to peruse older articles because they are still relevant to today’s anime, figure, and bishoujo industries. An example can be seen below.

The last blog post made before gathering the above statistics was on March 26, 2012. Despite the lack of writer activity, readers continued to visit Nopy’s Blog in sustained numbers for two consecutive weeks. A strong audience that is maintained even during times of low activity makes Nopy’s Blog an excellent platform for advertising your group, product, service, or event.

Advertising Formats

Three types of advertising are offered: banners, blog posts (including reviews), and social media announcements (Twitter and Google+). Banners may be placed just under the top menu or in the sidebars. The maximum sizes for banners are 950px by 100px for the top, or 200px by 600px for the sidebars. Blog posts are subject to time and availability; they generally require a sample or detailed information to be provided beforehand. Social media announcements require a working link to your group/product/service/event.

Sending in Your Request

Please send all requests to me by email. Include information on what you are advertising, why you think it would be relevant to Nopy’s Blog and its readers, and which formats you would like to advertise with. All requests will be reviewed within a week of receipt. Acceptance of advertising material is subject to my whims.

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