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A bit about me (Nopy):
Anime has been a big part of my life since I was little. The very first anime I watched was Dragonball (the first one, not DBZ) back in the early 90’s. I was too young to understand what was going on, but I really liked the fighting. A while later, Sailor Moon aired on TV and I was instantly hooked. There was an anime store in the neighbourhood that I’d visit to buy posters and cards, but eventually Sailor Moon stopped airing here and the nearby anime store went out of business.

I didn’t watch any anime again until I was 12 years old and my cousin showed me Rurouni Kenshin in Japanese with English subtitles. That was how I found out about the anime fansubbing community and websites where you could download anime episodes. It took a long time to get episodes since I was using a 28K modem, but then the internet got faster and hard drives got bigger so I was really happy. Over the next 10 years I’ve watched hundreds of anime and eventually got into manga, figures, bishoujo magazines, and artbooks.

My blog:
I probably would never have started a blog if I didn’t get into figure collecting. In 2007, while at an anime convention, I saw a Haruhi figure for sale. I really liked it, but I just wouldn’t feel right buying a “doll” so I didn’t. An hour later, my friend who was with me convinced me that buying a figure wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, so I went back and bought it. Later, I found out it was a bootleg, but the point is that that figure got me started with figure collecting, which lead me to find a lot of blogs about figures.

After reading a bunch of figure blogs I thought it looked fun and decided to start my own. A few years and thousands of dollars later, I now have a sizeable collection of figures and magazines which I try to post on my blog along with my thoughts on anime. I’ve been using the name “Nopy” since I was 13, I came up with it by typing in some random letters. I had originally planned to have my blog at, but it was taken so I used for several months. When I decided to move off wordpress, I tried to get but it was taken as well, which is how I ended up with

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4 Comments to “About”

  1. Hii, I really like ur blog… ur story is pretty close to mine
    for me it was DB then instantly being hooked on anime^^
    keep up the good work *thumbs up* :”}

  2. @Mandugirl:
    A lot of people seemed to have been hooked because of DB :)

  3. Hey, just want to let you know I nominated you for the ABC award^^
    Kai recently posted..ABC Award

  4. animeftw999 says:

    any plans for laying down new scans for upcoming magzines?


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