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Guest Post: How to enjoy watching Anime?

October 30, 2016 By: Nopy Category: Anime

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Greetings, I’m Kai. I’m an
alien looking to invade and conquer every single blog I came upon. And now,
it’s Nopy’s time to fall.

…Just joking.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about how would one enjoy watching anime
effectively. One thing that I always like is watching anime under optimum
circumstances. I find out that when not watching anime under ideal
environments, I just don’t enjoy it as much. Anyway here are some things
that I consider.

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1. Device of Choice

Most of you will probably watch anime on your PC monitor. Unlike before
though, there are a lot more choices to pick. Smartphones and tablets are
even more portable and convenient than laptops, so if you are on the go,
those are really ideal choices (though personally, I just use them on bed
when I’m too lazy to sit on my computer chair). Chances are, if you have
good internet coverage in your area, you can just stream, which makes it
even more convenient. The downside here is that you will be watching anime
on smaller screens. If you hate watching anime on smaller screens, there’s
always PC monitors to fall back to. The ultimate ideal setup though, is
definitely getting a large LED TV, and align your bed or recliner so that
it faces the TV directly — the most absolute ideal anime-watching
environment, laziness is ftw.

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2. Quality of the Video

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous entry. Depending on the quality of
your video and which device you use to watch anime, it’s easy to get a poor
anime-viewing experience where the videos are stretched or blurred. This is
mostly a problem when you have monitors with super large resolution.
Watching low-resolution videos on high-resolution monitors is what make
them stretched and blurred. What I personally like to do is to watch
720p/1080p videos on my main monitor, and 480p or lower on most of my
portable devices which are more compatible with smaller resolutions. Then
again, my internet isn’t good so that’s why I had to compromise sometimes
by watching lower-quality videos. If you have godspeed internet at home and
watch all your anime at 1080p quality, then I guess you don’t really need
to worry about this.

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3. TPO (Time, Place, Occasion)

This is probably one of the hardest to achieve. Perhaps you’re the type to
enjoy watching anime when it rains and you’re chilling at home? Or perhaps
you’re the type to enjoy watching anime just when you just finished all
your tasks and obligations? That “perfect” moment is a very tricky one. For
students, it might apply for them during school holidays, and for ones
already stepping into working society, perhaps during their leaves? Then
again, such “perfect” moments are hard to come by. Even during weekends, I
always just find myself watching anime at night, since ironically, there
just seem to be even more obligations during weekends than they are on
weekdays. Also, the location. Unless you are living alone, watching anime
in the living room might be a bit awkward, especially if you are watching
anime like High School DxD or Queen’s Blade as everyone else will be able
to see what you’re watching. Also quite obviously, watching hentai is…

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4. Your current mood

There are a lot of anime with different genres – slice-of-life, comedy,
action, and so on. Try to find one that suit your current mood. For
example, if I’m exhausted, I like watching some relaxing slice-of-life
series to loosen myself up a bit — “healing”, as they call it. Generally,
light-hearted series can fulfill this necessity of mine effortlessly. A
comedy anime is also good sometimes when you’re stressed out. Of course,
try not to pick up tear-jerking shows unless you know you can handle the
drama at the time. Darker shows should also be watched at appropriate
times, depending on your mood.

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5. Weekly or marathon?
The multi-dollar question. Do you watch anime weekly or marathon? This
really all depends on which one you find more enjoyable. I find myself on
the weekly side of things recently and haven’t been marathoning much
lately, but it still ultimately depends on the genres for me. Slice of life
is good for weekly/episodic watching, but, really, just any shows that
don’t have arc-based stories is good for episodic watching, or just
generally in smaller chunks. Marathoning is good when there are arc-based
stories that last a couple of episodes — shounen shows being prime

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So that’s what I looked out for when seeking the ideal environments for
watching anime — device of choice, quality of videos, time, location, mood
and whether or not you are binge watching. If it were you, what do you look
out for in seeking out the ideal environments for watching anime?

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