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Guest Post: Top 5 Under the Radar Animes to Binge On

May 25, 2016 By: Nopy Category: Anime

Anime tends to be a niche market in and of itself, but there are still series that people don’t hear about that they absolutely should check out. Just because a series isn’t given much attention doesn’t mean that there’s any reason to ignore it. Here is a list that’s going to take your anime experience even further into the depths that even top lists of the year won’t necessarily reach.

Top 5 Under the Radar Animes to Binge On


From giant robots to love stories, there’s a whole lot of great stuff that gets passed up even by the most keyed-in of anime lovers. If you haven’t seen these great series, it’s time to get to binging!

Spice and Wolf

A mix between history and legend, Spice and Wolf centers around two characters living in a medieval world and dealing with everyday problems while constantly encountering the supernatural. Kraft Lawrence is a trader who travels with his goods hoping to one day set up a permanent shop when he comes along Holo, a 600-year-old Pagan wolf spirit who disguises herself as a girl with ears and a bushy tail. Holo embarks on a journey North, taking Kraft with her. Hilarity, spontaneity and friendship follows, leading this pair down a storyline that’s delightful for all viewers.


For the war and love story fans, Saikano (She, the Ultimate Weapon) is a top-pick for you. Set in war-torn Hokkaido, Saikano is the tale of two high school students (Shuuji and Chise) who become acquainted before Shuuji discovers Chise’s one huge secret: Chise is the ultimate weapon of destruction to be used in the war. The tale follows the pair as they navigate the rough world of a besieged Japan. Not too long intro the series Chise begins to question whether the metal wings and other machinery that make her a weapon are causing her to lose her humanity. Not just for rom-com bingers, but definitely for lovers of the man versus machine dichotomy as well!

Bokurano: Ours

If you like mecha and giant robots, then Bokurano: Ours is right up your alley. As giant robots from parallel realms approach the world, a group of high school friends are charged with protecting it from intruders using their own mecha named Zearth or let the world be vanquished. Set in a world similar to our own and requiring the commitment of the mecha pilot until death, this story is so much more than your average coming of age manga due to the stakes involved.

Ergo Proxy

Any fan of post-apocalyptic worlds like The Hunger Games or man versus machine movies like The Matrix are going to fall madly in love with Ergo Proxy. Set in a human world after the destruction of the methane hydrate layer, Ergo Proxy is about Inspector Rei-I Meyer and a few close friends who go undercover to get to the bottom of the mystery of the monster proxies who have infiltrated their autonomous government due to a wayward virus. Dark and brooding, this thriller isn’t for the light of heart, but definitely for those who like a juicy story and just a hint of well-timed suspense.


Definitely for fans of dark fantasy, action and drama animes, Claymore is a mash-up of medieval setting and cyborg mechanics. Set on a fictional island during medieval times, the human population residing there is being plagued by humanoid shapeshifting monsters that feed on people. It is up to a group of female warriors known as “Claymores” or the “Silver Eyed witches.” With their two-handed longswords and their extreme fighting style, many viewers have said it is unlike any anime they’ve ever seen before. This can only mean it’s worth viewing.

One last suggestion for the hunters out there: make sure you protect yourself and make sure you use the internet safely while watching these series. Try to avoid questionable sites, be wary of scams and malware, and grab a Virtual Private Network before beginning your search down the rabbit hole for these goodies. So before you watch, check out this list of reviews by Secure Thoughts to find a VPN that’s good for you and make sure that your other security protocols are in place. Dealing with cybercriminals and other computer problems cuts into your watching time!

Now that you’re settled in, there’s only one thing left to do: watch until you drop! Are there any other series that you’d recommend? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


About the Author: Cassie @ Culture Coverage

Cassie is a closeted Anime lover and traveler. Because of her addiction to Anime she has come across many series that not too many people know about, but are great. She enjoys sharing them with others along with ways to continue watching them while traveling.

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  1. I understand that you want to make more posts and reach out to more readers, but I have two objections against this sort of guest post.

    For one, I visit Nopy’s Blog to see posts from Nopy.

    The other one is, how this whole thing kind of reads like out of some mainstream magazine that thinks it’s underground, especially with the last part about VPNs seeming really spam-like.

    (on another note, you can definitely tell from how this was written that the writer is female)

    But of course this is only my opinion, other’s might like this sort of post.
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