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A Planetarian Anime? Someone Pinch me

April 01, 2016 By: Nopy Category: Anime


As most of my regular readers know, I’m a big fan of Key’s works (Kanon, AIR, Clannad, etc.) so when they announced a Planetarian anime movie adaptation, I was ecstatic… but then I realized it was April Fools. But wait, Key has made real announcements before on April Fools so there was a glimmer of hope that it was real. Now that April Fools is over in Japan and Key’s website has reverted back to normal, we can confirm that Planetarian is going ahead!

There aren’t many details about the anime yet other than that it’s being produced by David Production (Inu x Boku SS, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure). There is a countdown timer on the official website for April 15, on which more details of the anime will come.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Planetarian, it is one of Key’s older visual novels about a “junker” in a post-apocalyptic world that finds a planetarium in an abandoned city. Surprisingly, inside the planetarium is a fully functioning robot attendant named Yumemi. She had been tapping into an old military power line to maintain her systems and only operates once per year. Unaware of what has happened to the world, she treats the junker as a guest to the planetarium and plans to show him the starry sky. Unfortunately, the planetarium’s projector has long since stopped functioning so the junker tries to repair it for Yumemi. The story is about finding a moment of peace after decades of fighting and seeing something beautiful in an ugly world.


Planetarian was actually the first visual novel I ever completed, although Key calls it a “kinetic novel” since you don’t do anything other than read it. I found it to be much more of a tear-jerker than Key’s other works, so be warned. It is definitely a beautiful story though and I highly recommend it.

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4 Comments to “A Planetarian Anime? Someone Pinch me”

  1. reminds me, I have the english fanpatched version on my pc and even the western release on steam, but never touched either

    should probably get around to doing that sometime…
    Ningen recently posted..Regarding Traps

  2. And I still haven’t play it, lol. I need to get to it soon but yeah, I’m sure it will be awesome.
    Kai recently posted..Musaigen no Phantom World is… not so bad

    • Considering how much text is in it, I’m sure the anime will leave out some things so it’ll be good to get the whole story.


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