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Megami Magazine Vol. 158

June 18, 2014 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

This has been the longest break from Megami Magazine that Nopy’s Blog has ever taken, so to make up for it I will be making several Megami posts in the coming weeks. In order to do so and not kill myself though, these will be condensed. Rather than have commentary for each poster, I will just post the previews and have an overall summary at the end. Don’t worry though, I’ll still identify which series each poster comes from in case something interests you.

To start things off, we have Megami Magazine Volume 158, otherwise known as the July 2013 issue which was released last year. The cover features Girls und Panzer, which I’m sure some of you still remember.


While I hear that Girls und Panzer was a good series, I have yet to see it. At least I can enjoy the nice posters that come out for it. As with all of my Megami posts, any risqué images are not displayed directly on the page, but if you want to see them, just click on the links.


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S


Photo Kano


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru


Haiyore Nyaruko-san


Highschool DxD



Girls und Panzer


Infinite Stratos


Hataraku Maou-sama


Star Plus One


Hayate no Gotoku Cuties

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls


Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku


Suisei no Gargantia


Kin’iro Mosaic


Here we have another one of Chikaoka Sunao’s works.


You can probably tell from the cover, but this issue of Megami had a few pages dedicated to Girls und Panzer.


It was also nice to see some coverage on To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S.


Of course, there are some series to look forward to a year ago.



I thought Fate Kalied Liner deserved to be near the top in the Anime Character Catch Up section, but the series next to it didn’t seem all that great to me.


For the Chuunibyou fans, there’s also talk of the movie in this issue.


This was something that I was excited to see: Atelier Escha and Logy! Sadly, I have yet to finish Meruru or even start Ayesha so Escha and Logy is still sitting unopened on my desk.


The back page of Megami is becoming a battleground for card games. Personally, I like the Weiss Schwarz series.


The back cover is a reminder to go out and buy your Henneko blu-rays.


The first side of the B2 sized poster features the Tsutsukakushi sisters in bikinis and nekomimi.


The reverse features the girls from Girls und Panzer enjoying the ocean breeze

All in all this issue was the same as any other. I don’t want to sound like a lolicon, but in my opinion, the Hayate no Gotoku poster is the most impressive with the detailing on the negligée and bedding. The nyaruko poster was also quite nice. There seems to be a water/beach theme going on in this issue, which makes perfect sense given the month it’s for. My recommendation is that this is a nice issue to flip though, but not a must-have.

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  1. I like the Hataraku, the GuP cover pic, and the Gargantia posters the most, but considering these images are also featured in MegamiDeluxe, I’m not inclined to get this volume.


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