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Evolution of Anime Fan Rooms

April 17, 2014 By: Nopy Category: Anime, Random Wonderings

The other day I made this tweet with the following image:


It seemed to draw quite a bit of attention so I decided to write a post and ask the anime fans reading this to share any images you might have showing how your room has changed over the years. As with community projects I’ve done in the past, I invite anyone with a blog, webpage, social media account, etc. to share your experiences. Send me a link and I’ll make a list at the bottom of this post.

For those of you wondering about the details of what happened to my room, it’s pretty much what you see. In 2005 I was just finishing high school and literally had pennies in my pocket. Any anime posters I had were purchased for $3 using spare change I found while scouring the sidewalks for months. I had summer jobs in university, but most of my pay went to food and paying tuition fees.  After graduating from engineering and finding a full-time job I went on a years-long spending spree, and the result is what you see in the 2011 picture. I bought game consoles, computers, anime posters, magazines, books, cards, figures, and pretty much anything I thought looked nice. Now keep in mind that I’m not advocating for people to go and spend away their pay cheques. In fact, most of my earnings were placed into a savings account which I intended to use to buy my first house. Some of you might be wondering why I would buy a house rather than more anime stuff; well, I was literally climbing over figure boxes at one point and needed more space.

Fast-forward a couple years to 2013 and I was at a point where I could make a nice down payment on a beautiful house in a nice neighbourhood. I was ready to go house shopping, but then another thought came up: why not go back to school and make even more money so I can buy a bigger house and fill it with more anime goodies? That’s exactly what I did last year – spent my entire life savings (and more) on a degree I’m hoping will pay back many times over. The impact on my room (albeit a different one) is a reversion back to basics.


Since leaving my job and forking over my life savings to my new school, I’ve only purchased 1 figure. The result is a somewhat normal looking room.

So there you have it. In less than a decade, I’ve gone from a bare bones display of my passion for anime to such extremes that it would scare most people, and back down to something moderate. Looking back, it’s pretty interesting how it all reflects my financial situation at the time.

Now that I’ve shared how my room has changed over time, I’d like to hear from you. Has your room changed with your financial situation, like mine, or is it because of something else? A change of tastes? Gradual build-up? Peer pressure? I’d love to see before and after pictures if you have them.

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12 Comments to “Evolution of Anime Fan Rooms”

  1. I believe you saw the recent photos I posted of my room =) As I said in that post, I also have photos of my room in 2008, 2009, and 2012. Not as much has changed between those photos compared to yours here. But then again, I’ve lived in the same house for practically all my life and have trouble getting rid of stuff XD And even when I was living in student housing at university for two years, I brought over a bunch of my anime posters, figures, etc., from home for my apartment there (never posted those photos on the blog but I do have them saved on my computer).

    But wow, that’s kind of risky that you would fork over all your life savings on the off-chance that you’d get a better degree that MAY get you a better job 0_o So did you quit the full time job you had to go back to school? I would be totally content having a job where I’d earn enough to buy my own place and still buy lots of anime goodies. In this day and age having a secure job like that and being able to have a house on your own (I’m assuming you’re not married or will be renting your house to roommates) is really good! But maybe you’re more of a risk-taker and go-getter than I am =P I got my BA in 2009 and since then haven’t been able to find anything better than minimum wage jobs after sending in 100+ applications. I’m planning to go back to school later this year just to get certificates to open up my options. Living on my own is still out of the question unless I want to live in a cheap apartment with roommates, which I don’t XP

    So did you sell a lot of your anime stuff and that’s why your new university room is so bare? Or are you just keeping all your stuff somewhere else and decided not to take it with you?
    Yumeka recently posted..Reflections on Silver Spoon and the use of animals in agriculture

    • Yes, I remember seeing that post a while back, you should do a compilation with a timeline :)

      To answer your questions, I did quit my job to go back to school. As one of the alumni who addressed us earlier this year said after reiterating the fact that we’re in Canada’s most expensive program, “You are the craziest people I know. Most of you have left good careers, are separated from your families, and have put everything on the line to be here. You are the smartest, hungriest, most determined students in the country, and that is why I know you will be successful.”

      As for my anime stuff. Some of it I sold in anticipation of my move, but most of it is with my parents back home. Depending on whether I end up working at home after graduation or in another city I might keep all my stuff or sell it.

  2. nice wall in the new room, are you living in prison now?
    Ningen recently posted..Happy twin tail day 2014.

  3. I’m in the process of animefying my room so perhaps a photo will come in due time :p

    That being said, may I ask how do you stick your posters? Do you use double tape? I bought a few posters myself and is thinking if I should just tape them or go hardcore and frame them, lol. Actually, I have one big ass poster (which consists of 8 separate A3 sized segments) and I had to stick all 8 of them to form the big picture. I have a bad feeling the dividing lines between the A3 pieces is going to look pretty obvious…
    Kai recently posted..Visual Novels and Light Novels – Utilizing Their Own Medium Structures for Unique Storytelling

    • I didn’t want to tape my posters because that would’ve damaged them so I bought a bunch of flat little magnets and taped them to the wall. When I want to put a poster up, I just hold it against the wall and place magnets over the spots where the ones taped to the wall are.

      • I’m using something like gum to stick them on the walls,
        it get’s off the the wall and the poster without leaving a trace
        don’t know how it’s called, but it’s not real gum because I’ve tasted it.
        Ningen recently posted..Happy twin tail day 2014.

        • I think you’re referring to sticky tack, the blue stuff, right? I used that at first too, but after a year or so it starts to harden and leaves a stain on the poster.

  4. mine is neither blue nor does it leave stains on the wall and doesn’t get hard ^_^
    Ningen recently posted..Happy twin tail day 2014.

  5. Thanks guys, that gives me more ideas how to stick the posters. I’m especially looking for a way that I can easily stick them or take them off at will.
    Kai recently posted..Visual Novels and Light Novels – Utilizing Their Own Medium Structures for Unique Storytelling

  6. I was actually laughing when I saw the 2014: in debt. Erm…not in a bad way. After your school & getting back into full-time jobs, your room might be even more elaborated with anime goodies than the one in 2011. I can’t believe how many laptops & PCs you’re running on a single desk!

    As for me, despite being an anime fan for almost ten years, my figure collection is still minimal & I actually don’t have anime posters! Well, I didn’t go out of the way to buy anime magazines because they’re not readily available on our bookstores & the usual anime posters available are One Piece, Naruto, etc. Besides, I like my room to be bare.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Nisekoi: Fake Love Turned Stale


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