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A Wild Nopy Appeared!

July 14, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Personal


I have not been putting a lot of time into this blog over the last year or so. Long absences and erratic posting schedules have caused Nopy’s Blog to decline steadily. The source of these changes can be attributed to my efforts to get another degree, starting 1.5 years ago with packing my schedule with extracurricular activities and volunteer work. After many hours of work outside of work, studying, and writing, I am now winding down and relinquishing many of the responsibilities/commitments I’ve gained over the past year as I prepare to move to Toronto. The bad news is that I’ll probably be absent for a couple more weeks as I start packing and say my goodbyes, but the good news is that after that I’ll return to having only 1 major commitment (to school), much like the times when Nopy’s Blog was something to gloat about.

Now I do have a question for all you readers out there. I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but from my perspective, it seems anime blogging in general has undergone a major decline. I’ve removed more blogs on my blogroll than have added because many of them have disappeared. It could be that I’m just connected to the older generation of bloggers and haven’t had a chance to meet the newer generation, but I have not heard of many new up-and-coming blogs recently. Conversely, I’ve seen a growing number of social media personalities and 140-character anime reviews, perhaps a sign of changing times. I do have a Twitter account, but it has always been secondary to Nopy’s Blog, but I am wondering if that should change. So I ask you, consumers of anime thoughts and opinions, would you like to see more content on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on, or would you like Nopy’s Blog to continue on the way it has?

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18 Comments to “A Wild Nopy Appeared!”

  1. My vote is… stay the same. I think you have a great blog. I have very little time for reading blogs these days but yours is still on my short list.
    Shin recently posted..The New 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon / Sera Myu will be called “La Reconquista”

  2. You should stay the same as you are now. You have a great blog and im sure a lot of ur readers would miss you.

  3. I run RRM just about every week. I make an attempt to find new blogs at least once a week.

    …Yeah, let’s just say anime blogging is just not working out as it used to. It definitely is a sense that it’s on the decline, but there are still established blogs that will probably keep running until the end of time, and then there will eventually be a few that pop up every now and then. Otherwise you’ll get mostly mediocre ones.

    Also, why doesn’t this wild Nopy look like a Missingno? I see what you was going for, and I say it doesn’t work!!! (mainly because you used Red/Blue version)

    • Sometimes I’m amazed at how you can keep reference resource Mondays running for so long, but you’re probably more knowledgeable about the anime blogosphere than anyone because of it. Hopefully some more blogs show up in the future.

      Well, Missingno looks nothing like me and Red/Blue was the easiest to edit :)

  4. The Clockwork Alchemist says:

    Dude(you are dude, right?), stay the same. I say don’t try to cater to what people want cuz if they truely like you they won’t care how long it take to get an update. Plus I, at the least, think that 140 characters isn’t enough to properly review anythink ,other than maybe a sandwich.

    • I actually get this quite often, but yes, I’m a dude. From what I’ve seen, I’m not sure you could properly “review” anything; it’s usually a matter of giving out numbers and letters.

  5. In Peter Pan it says fairies die once you stop believing in them.

    Therefore: Keep on DREAMING !!
    Ningen recently posted..What’s a Carl Gustav?

  6. Maybe I’m just getting old, LOL, but I can’t see a 140-character review of a series replacing a full blog post of one. Even with multiple tweets, it’ll take you forever to get to the average length of a blog post review (1,000 words about?) and from what I’ve seen most people stop after a few tweets on the same topic. Twitter is good for people who have limited time to sit down and read long blog posts and it can give a general idea of what someone feels about a series. But I think there will always be a readership for blogs even if it shrinks a little ;) When I look at Anime Nano everyday, I still see a lot of veteran bloggers continue to get posts out, and new blogs pop up now and then, and that’s comforting.

    So I would hate to see your blog go…it’s perfectly fine to take time off at busy times in your life. But I would like to see you return to it eventually ^^,,,
    Yumeka recently posted..Belated spring ’13 anime reviews – Gargantia, Karneval, OreImo 2, Hataraku-Maou-sama! (plus Little Witch Academia)

    • Anime blogging is by no means dead, but it’s rather disheartening when you realize that most of the bloggers you’ve associated with over the years are now gone. The majority of them just disappeared, but some of them have turned to social media, which is what got me thinking. I do agree that social media reviews are nothing compared to a full-length blog post.

  7. I been wondering too where the new generation of bloggers are. Looking at things like Anime Expo and it’s increasing attendance to me shows that there is an audience, that there is people who are interested in this medium that could potential want to share online their passion. I don’t expect everyone to start blogging about it but to me it seems like there should be at least new people jumping in every now and then.

    I’m thinking that I’m just looking the wrong place. Perhaps what is in decline is format of a blog and new people are finding other ways to share.

    You should do what you want to, that was my eventual decision about blogging. I will just do what I like. If you want to embrace social media go ahead, want to keep doing the same as you have up until now, why not.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Gift’s Akemi Homura – She is just so cool!

    • You’re probably right about the format as I see more and more anime fans over time. Hopefully anime blogs still play a part in the anime community in the future and don’t become a thing of the past like anime webrings.

  8. I don’t think a 140 character limit can replace a limitless full blog post ^^” I would say just keep on doing what you feel best. Even if blogging had been on the decline, I’m also nonetheless planning on continue on, even if my posting speed had been steadily getting lesser, lol. I also dislike posting reviews and things on twitter/facebook etc.. cause there’s no personifications.
    Kai recently posted..Dra†KoI Review

  9. most figure blogs that I “grow up” with turned inactive and a number of fellow bloggers aren’t there anymore. It makes me so sad, especially last year was hard.

    I don’t feel the appeal of using Facebook, tumblr or Google+ maybe Im too old for this shit. While you could use these things for advertising or reaching another audience with your content. But only blogging on these third party services is nothing for me.

    I rather visit real blogs, it feels more personal for me. Well, I like Twitter a lot, it’s short and spontaneous. Interacting with other bloggers gives me more than having 100 of shallow Facebook fans.

    The question is what you want to achieve with your blogging, attention whoring, sharing your thoughts, or because you simply like this kind of activity.

    keep your blog like this, please.
    wieselhead recently posted..Akemi Homura – Dream Tech by Wave

  10. It’s been a short while since I last visited your blog.

    I too felt that there seems to be fewer people blogging nowadays, and that social media have become more of an alternate way to blogging – it’s seemingly more convenient, quicker, and perhaps less formal as well, so I can see why it’s becoming more of an attractive way to share the thoughts and hobbies etc. Personally I still think that blogging has its values, as social media are more of a stream of updates, with a lot of things in the past seem forgotten eventually. But we’ve come this far already, and there are still people who blog and people who still read blogs, so I don’t think the hope is completely lost yet.
    Q recently posted..ACGHK 2013 Part 3

  11. I still mostly blog and only use Facebook to plug my stuff. I care little for Twitter, Tumblr and that other stuff, but if those things will work wonders for ya, more power to ya.
    Overlord-G recently posted..Stella Academy Group C3: There is no “I” in Team


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