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Megami Magazine Vol. 154

May 05, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


Today we have Megami Magazine Volume 154 (March 2013). The front cover features Miho from the series Girls and Panzer on a camouflage background. I actually quite like the cover this time, it’s bright, cheerful, and of a high quality. There’s a good selection of posters this time, which you can see below.


The first poster has some characters from Tamako Market. It’s cute at first, but where are they putting their hands!?


Da Capo III was a bit of a disappointment for me, but I have to admit that the characters were cute. I absolutely love this poster of Himeno with her flower-patterned yukata and lying on a bed of flowers.


This Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai poster is also beautiful. The intricate designs on the qipao and even the couch add to the elaborateness of the illustration and the flowers in the vase maintain it even into the background. The only thing I have a problem with is that Yozora’s face doesn’t look right.


For once Megami has a Sakurasou poster where Mashiro isn’t in a state of undress. It still manages to maintain the cuteness of the series.


I’m on the fence with this poster. The sparkles and flowers in the illustration are eye-catching, but the girls are rather plain and it really clashes.


It’s nice seeing arch-nemesis Nibutani and Dekomari spending time together like this. So far I’ve enjoyed every Chuunibyou poster that has been included in Megami Magazine.


Star Plus One is again featured in this volume. This poster of theirs is by far my favourite; the detail that went into all the frills on their uniforms is stunning.


I don’t know about you guys, but fishing for bikini tops seems like it could be a painful experience for both the fisher and the fished, I’m not sure why these two girls from Senran Kagura are smiling.


I liked the cover image, but I thought Megami dumbed it down a little when it came to this pin-up poster. The camouflage background made it look a lot nicer than the tank tracks.


Considering Star Driver is about a galactic pretty-boy, it’s surprising the number of female characters in it. It seems they’re trying to draw in male fans with illustrations like this, but with something so dull I don’t see it drawing in many people.

Minami-ke posters are cute as always. I never noticed this, but for an elementary school kid, Chiaki is pretty tall, she’s already up to Haruka’s nose and she’s in high school.


Love Live posters seem to have some nicely drawn characters with good clean lines, proper body proportions, and a little blush to give them life, but the surroundings always seem plain and uninspiring.


Masuzu isn’t my favourite character from OreShura, but I have to admit that she looks nice in this poster. Not the best, but nice.


Tari Tari had nice animation and I’m glad to see some nice watercolour illustrations like this one too. The character may look a bit different, but the use of colours and shading is amazing.


I don’t think I’ve seen one Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de poster in Megami that hasn’t had a nude character on it.


This issue features another illustration from Chikaoka Sunao. The scene almost seems like something out of K-ON.


Besides the posters there wasn’t much to take a look at in this volume. There was a page full of Girls and Panzer stickers though. One of the stickers even has the Christmas illustration that was included in a previous volume. These seem like they would be great to stick on a laptop, folder, or notebook if you’re a Girls and Panzer fan.


The back cover of the magazine again has an ad for Puchimas.


The large B2 poster included in this volume features the Railgun and Index at the beach on the first side. It’s cute, but their feet look poorly drawn and the surroundings really don’t add much to their jump. I think adding a bit of water spray or doing something with the background would’ve made it feel more lively.


The reverse side has a nicer illustration of Kurugaya helping Kud learn how to skate. I find it odd that she’s wearing a winter coat as well as a skirt, but I guess that’s anime for you.

Overall this was an excellent volume of Megami Magazine. The first half of the poster line-up was especially impressive with highly detailed and colourful illustrations. My favourites are the Da Capo III, Haganai, Chuunibyou, and Star Plus One posters. It was disappointing that the Girls and Panzer poster used a less eye-catching background compared to the cover, but it was still nice. I definitely recommend getting this volume.

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9 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 154”

  1. The Clockwork Alchemist says:

    Well this seems almost blaspemous to say, but megami is cleaning up pn ecchi posters. An entire volume that only goes as far as risqué in terms of the posters.

  2. Oh you have no megami backlog anymore, it seems.
    Ahaha no ecchi this time, what happened? It’s still a cool volume.

    “where are they putting their hands!?” *scratch* *scratch* XD
    The Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai poster is great Yozora looks a little derpy in an adorable way, though.

    Chuunibyou is cute as always ^^
    Too bad they decided against Miho with camouflage background.
    The Love Live poster doesn’t really capture the style of the show, it appears simplyfied imo.

    I love the Little Busters poster, it’s adorable and visually appealing.
    Wieselhead recently posted..Sena Airi – Garage Kit by Gathering

  3. aideed says:

    this volumes strange there’s no inappropriate posters like there ussaly is

  4. “I never noticed this, but for an elementary school kid, Chiaki is pretty tall, she’s already up to Haruka’s nose and she’s in high school.”

    I’m pretty sure she’s just standing on a stepping-stool or something, as I don’t remember Chiaki being that tall when I watched the anime. She’s much shorter Kana, the middle sister. It’s been a while, but I do vaguely remember her using a stepping stool when cooking in one episode.

    Anyway, this seemed like a pretty good volume overall. Not much ecchi content and nice posters!
    Ariana recently posted..Vocaloid Gumi (Megpoid) Nendoroid


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