Sena Kashiwazaki by Kotobukiya


Sena Kashiwazaki is one of the main characters from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. She’s smart, athletic, pretty, popular, and has no friends, which prompts her into joining the neighbours club. Kotobukiya released this 1/8 scale figure of her in August 2012 for a price of 6800 yen. There are a number of figures out there of Sena, but what made me decide to get this one was the butterfly that rests on her knee.

Pose and Sculpt


Sena is in a sitting pose so she does not take up much vertical space, but the horizontal space needed is a bit more than your average 1/8 scale figure. She’s also in a sexy state of semi-undress with a cute cherry-in-mouth pose.


At first glance Sena looks like one complete figure, but she’s actually made up of a few different pieces that are extremely hard to put together.


One of the interesting things about this figure is that Sena’s hair is done up in a ponytail instead of straight down. This means she doesn’t have her usual butterfly hairclip on the side, but Kotobukiya has replaced it with a larger butterfly clip to hold her ponytail; quite a nice touch.



Before I decided to get this figure, I was a bit hesitant because Sena’s face did not seem to match her character design. Sadly, the final product still doesn’t match the character design. On the bright side, she still looks cute and she has some uniquely pretty eyes. I like the innocent questioning expression that she has; I think it brings out some of her femininity.

Paint Job


A cute figure like this deserves a good paint job, but it’s sad to see that Sena’s paint job was mediocre. While there are no extremely glaring issues, there are a lot of areas for improvement. Paint seems to spill into areas where it doesn’t belong, making a lot of lines appear rough. There are also splotches of paint here and there, the most obvious one in the above picture can be seen in the top right.


The painting on some places like the butterfly hair clip is a bit better, but still not close to even being smooth. As for colour tone and gradients in the hair, there is some, but it seems a bit random.

Fine Details


A lot of figures tend to have seam lines in the hair because of its complexity, but I was glad to see that Sena doesn’t have that. Unfortunately, her ponytail really doesn’t flow naturally and looks like a ginseng root.


The folds in Sena’s clothes do look nice though, and they help to hide the seams between her arms and torso. Her tie also fits snuggly in her bosom. Of course, you can remove it if you don’t like it covering Sena’s… neck.


As I stated earlier, the butterfly was the main reason I bought this figure. The blue parts are slightly transparent and it the black paint job is far superior to the butterfly hair clip. My biggest complaint about it is that it doesn’t stay on Sena’s knees like in the promo shots released by Kotobukiya. Sena came with some sticky stuff that you can use to stick the butterfly on, but it didn’t work very well so I used white glue. The glue held it in place for a while until I accidently bumped it and the butterfly fell off. I finally settled with using a piece of tape.


The basket of cherries wasn’t as impressive-looking as the butterfly, but it’s still a nice accessory.


I had mentioned earlier that there were some pieces that were extremely difficult to put together. Well, here they are. Sena’s skirt pieces do not really connect with anything so I had to glue them in place. Some people have given up on the skirt pieces altogether and enjoyed the panty shot, but I just didn’t think it was right for part of the skirt to be missing.



The base is a plain white with the Boku wa Tomodahi ga Sukunai title on it and a kind of step to allow Sena’s feet to extend down a bit. It’s nicer than the standard round base, but doesn’t do much to compliment the figure.



I got this figure because I liked the butterfly theme, but that seems to be the only thing it has going for it. It’s hard to identify the figure as Sena, the paint job was mediocre, and it’s frustrating to fit pieces that don’t connect together. I recommend only getting it if you liked the butterflies as much as I did. There will be a re-release in June 2013 if you missed the first release.

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    • I saw the new Kobato too, but I’m hesitant to get it because of what happened with Sena. I’m thinking of just holding off on ordering it until I see some reviews and just hope that it’s not sold out.

  1. For the quality, 6800 yen seems a bit steep. I know that these are all massed produced, so not all the figures will be perfect, but…

    The hair, paint job… everything just looks very average. It’s a very nice looking figure from afar. But if you look at it close up (like in your photos) you start noticing all the little faults. It really sucks that the pieces aren’t connected together. That just seems like lazy figure designing to me. Her feet don’t even reach all the way down to the lower part of the base!

    I guess you must really love Sena to get a figure of her. I’m sorry she turned out to be such a mixed bag, though.
    Ariana recently posted..Ultimate Madoka Figma by Max Factory

    • Considering the quality that some other figures have, I don’t think being mass produced is an excuse for Kotobukiya, it seems more to do with lower standards.

      She definitely looks nice from a distance if you don’t mind her face not looking exactly like Sena. I think figures are meant to be viewed closer, within in arm’s length or so, and the flaws are definitely apparent at that distance. I’m not sure if her feet were supposed to reach the bottom, but it would make sense if they did.

  2. It’s been a while since my last Kotobukiya figure, seems like they still offer inconsistent quality. Hopefully my Yui Takamura will be a good figure.

    I still think that a creative illustration has been used and even though the face doesn’t really match Sena, the figure looks quite appealing. From afar she looks great.

    While you mentioned a few more flaws, the ponytail is the most eye insulting part for me, not really finely sculpted. The ponytail hairband broosh should have been equipped with transparent wings.

    seems like Yozora turned out better, hopefully Kobato will turn out better than Sena. as well.
    Wieselhead recently posted..New Preorders part 19

  3. Horizontal figures. I used to buy them a lot but now I’m afraid of them, due to the extra space needed to accommodate them (my room’s not too big after all). It does sound kinda weird that you had to fit all the little pieces together for a scale figure like this, though I guess they are indeed a few exceptions.
    Kai recently posted..Hellsing Ultimate – My New 10/10 Anime

    • Figures that are sitting or lying down do tend to take up more space than one standing up, I’ve had to put in some shelves in order to make room for my figures. Some scale figures are annoying to put together, but you generally only need to do it once and it makes them look better.

  4. I think that Kotobukiya has good sculptors for their figures, though the final product may not always be as ideal, which is quite a pity.

    The paint job doesn’t very sharp, and the hair is a bit too much of a lump rather than flowing hair. I suppose she looks nice from a distance, but hard to say if you look at her close. Again, I’d say it’s a pity. :\
    Q recently posted..Lotteria Ramen Burger

    • I totally agree, when you look at the unpainted prototypes of Kotobukiya figures, they look amazing, but when you actually get to the commercial release, there’s always something left to be desired.

    • My favourite characters in the series have shifted a bit since I started watching. Yozora seemed pretty cool at first, but then Sena started growing on me, followed by Kobato. Now my favourite character is Rikka; she got a lot more likeable in the second season.