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Megami Magazine Vol. 153

April 25, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


Volume 153 (February 2013) of Megami Magazine features To Love-ru on the cover. To be honest, I’ve never seen To Love-Ru and I thought the gray tones in the cover made it look dull so I didn’t really like it. Although this is the February edition of Megami, it came out in January, meaning that this one comes with the annual freebie calendar. First though, lets take a look at the posters included in this volume. Note that very ecchi content is not shown directly on this page, you will need to click on the links to see them.


The first poster has Miho from Girls and Panzer in a nice white bikini. Normally I’m not a fan of plain shots like these, but I have to admit that this one is rather nice. The shading is far better than what Megami bikini shots usually have and the drops of water dripping down somehow draw out Miho’s appeal.


The next poster is also a with swimsuits, this time with Akiko and Arisa from OniAi. At first glance everything looks fine, but upon closer inspection their eyes seem to be off from the style of the anime.


Here we have the same image that was used on the cover. The dullness is more apparent without all of the wording around it.


I absolutely love the contrast in colours in this Little Busters poster. Yuiko almost looks tyrannical here and the streams of light make it look like she’s somehow superior. The only thing I don’t like is the way the perspective enlarges things closer to the “camera” such as her foot, while it shrinks things further away, like her bottom.


Star Plus One continues to show off its lovely character designs with more posters like this one. The shininess in their hair is cool.

K has had some rather disappointing posters, and this one is no exception.


Despite still being a ways off from actually airing, Prism Nana continues to feature their main characters in Megami Magazine. Here we have Kotone holding her blue guitar while lying in bed.


I found this Sakurasou poster to be quite cute; it’s a shame that they decided to put it over a stock background rather than draw one fitting for the situation.


Rikka without her wicked eye? Blasphemy! Megami Magazine has again included a larger double-folded poster in this volume. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai has gotten at least one of the previous ones, but I’m glad to see it get another. Rikka is certainly cute.


The reverse side has Akane and Aoi from Vividred Operation. I think it’s pretty clear what kind of people would enjoy this poster.


I know Busou Shinki have weird-looking joints because of how they’re made, but that doesn’t explain why Hina’s right leg looks like it’s broken. I guess it’s a good thing that she’s a nurse…


I don’t consider Hayate no Gotoku to be a fanservice anime so when I see a poster like this, it’s a bit awkward. Nagi fans might enjoy it though.


If I didn’t like the characters of OreShura, I probably wouldn’t have liked this poster. It’s very plain and is a good example of what I was referring to earlier when talking about the Girls and Panzer poster.


Mmm, <3 Rikka and Charles.

My first thought when I saw this poster was, “where’s that spout of water coming from?” It’s nice to see Senran Kagura try something other than the group shot.


This Love Live poster is simple, but cute.


Some of you may remember a series about a galactic pretty-boy, called Star Driver. Well, it’s back, but this time as a movie. I like the style and atmosphere that this poster was going for, but the character designs just don’t seem suited for the classy and sexy look.


One of Chikaoka Sunao’s illustrations is again featured in this volume. This time it’s of a young girl walking her dog in what looks like a late autumn morning or evening. These illustrations are always calming.


As I mentioned at the beginning, this volume comes with a calendar for the new year. This time it’s a bit smaller than a CD case and features swimsuit illustrations that have appeared in the magazine over the past year. You can see all of the illustrations they used below.








As you can see, the poster comes with a nice variety of illustrations from different series; definitely a good sampling of what Megami has to offer.


The back cover of the magazine has a Puchimas ad again. Cute, but I’d like to see some more variety.


Of course, the calendar wasn’t the only freebie in this volume. Inserted into the magazine was this booklet containing rankings of the top girls of 2012.


Unfortunately, I can’t read what all of the categories are, but I was glad to see that two of my favourites, Akiko and Nyaruko each won in a category.


The large poster this time was another one of these elongated posters. The first side features Momo from To Love-Ru. It’s a typical dakimakura shot, and like the other To Love-Ru poster, rather dull.


On the reverse side we have a sexy illustration of Sena from Haganai in a semi-unraveled kimono. I think the deep red of the kimono contrasts well with Sena’s pale skin and blonde hair. The tatami mats are also a nice touch and something different from the usual bed sheet.

Going by just the pin-up posters, I’d say this was of average quality for Megami, but with the calendar, girl rankings, and the lovely poster of Sena, it’s actually worth a bit more in my eyes. Disregarding the Sena poster, my other clear favourites were the Girls and Panzer poster, Little Busters poster, and Chuunibyou poster. A few of the others could’ve used some improvement, but there was nothing really deal-breaking about them. I say get this volume if you want either of the freebies or like the Sena poster as much as I do.

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6 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 153”

  1. The Girls and Panzer poster is excellent *nosebleed*
    It that Yami’s sister in the to love ru poster?
    Yuiko looks beautiful, but that foot doesn’t fit in this scene.

    Sorry but the K posters are shit, it was an anime with style, but megami treats it poorly with things like that.

    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai is cute again, lovely poster ^^
    Wieselhead recently posted..Ignis – Endless Winter by Orchid Seed

    • I’m not familiar with To Love-ru so I’m not sure if that’s her sister.

      Definitely agree with you about Chuunibyou, all of their posters are pretty cute.

  2. Ah, Vividred Operation. Always with the butt-service. The Girls und Panzer and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai definitely had some the better posters. However, I will give Senran Kagura the most suggestive award, lol. K could of done…sooo much better. Did like the all the calendar pictures though, so I would give Megami a B-.

    • Lol, yeah, the Senran Kagura poster was definitely the most suggestive in this volume. Megami tends to have one or two of those in every magazine.

      A B- sounds about right, this volume wasn’t spectacular, but with the extras it’s a bit more attractive.

  3. Nothing stands out particularly in this volume, but I like the illustration from Chikaoka Sunao the most. The painting style and use of warm colours can be quite comforting.
    Q recently posted..Lotteria Ramen Burger

    • All of Chikaoka Sunao’s illustrations have that calming effect so far. They’re nice, but I’d like to see some different artists soon.


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