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Sayaka Miki by GSC

March 18, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Figures


Sayaka Miki is a character from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This 1/8 scale figure of her from Good Smile Company was sculpted by Ken Kawanishi and was released in July 2012 at a MSRP of 7800 yen. I’m not a big fan of Sayaka, but I had to get this figure to complete my Puella Magi set.

Overall Pose and Sculpt


Sayaka is posed with her arms outstretched and her cape flowing behind her as if she were standing against the wind.



Her overall sculpt matches her character design perfectly. Sayaka’s off-center skirt is even sculpted correctly with the right side slightly higher up than the left.


You can see the folds in Sayaka’s cape more clearly from behind. I have seen a lot of capes on figures that look like they were cut out of a ball with a few dents in it, but the blowing-in-the-wind look is very convincing here. Naturally, if wind is blowing her cape back, then her skirt should be blown back too, offering a little peek common in bishoujo figures.


Sayaka may not be as well-endowed as some of the other Puella Magi, but that hasn’t stopped Ken Kawanishi from trying to accentuate Sayaka’s figure. Sayaka is sculpted with her bottom sticking back quite a bit, probably a difficult pose for a real person to hold, but it does help draw attention to that area. She also has nice smooth, long legs.


Sayaka comes with her signature swords which can be equipped by swapping out her hands. As with the other Puella Magi figures, I think she looks nicer with her weapons, but they increase the area that Sayaka needs to be displayed.



Good Smile Company hasn’t disappointed me with their facial replication skills and they continue their good work with Sayaka. She has the highly recognizable Ume Aoki character design and her eyebrows are raised, which helps set her apart from the other Puella Magi. I would’ve liked if they had included a second sad face considering what happened to Sayaka during the series, but I guess that wouldn’t have been fair to the other figures.

Paint Job


Like with many Good Smile Company figures, Sayaka has a smooth and uniform layer of paint applied to her. Hair is usually a good indicator of a poor paint job as it will contain paint blobs, but you can barely see any on Sayaka.


Unfortunately, the precision with which the paint was applied was not as great as the uniformness. Sayaka’s collar is very rough-looking with gold paint getting on parts where it doesn’t belong.


On the other hand, the paint on her chest is very precise and there was no spatter anywhere.


Moving down to her thighs, there is a bit of blue paint spatter at the bottom of her skirt and along the sides of her legging straps. The painting on Sayaka’s clothing definitely varies from good to bad.


Sayaka’s swords are an entirely different matter with the paint job being extremely detailed. You can even see the waviness at the edge of the sharped side of the swords.

Fine Details


I really liked Mami’s soul gem even though the colour was a bit off so I was expecting the same for Sayaka, but instead Good Smile Company came out with this crappy thing. Rather than use transluscent plastic like before, they went with paint, making it look rather sloppy; the smaller gem in the middle isn’t even coloured blue. On the bright side, at least Sayaka’s belt looks great.


The swords are once again one of the highlights. The attention to detail paid to the hilt and handguard are just amazing, it’s a wonder why the same level of quality wasn’t applied to the soul gem.


I always take a look at how well the hands are done and this is one area where Sayaka trumps the other puella magi by Good Smile Company. Her fingers actually have visible joints and you can also make out her knuckles, making her hand look like a real hand. This is quite a feat given how small figure hands are.



We have seen this base before with Good Smile Company’s other releases; it’s nothing to be impressed by, but it does save space.



Sayaka has a few minor imperfections when it comes to the painting and details, but overall she’s one great-looking figure. If you view her from a foot or two away, all of the negatives that I’ve mentioned become unnoticeable so if you’re thinking of buying this figure and like the pose, then I would say go for it.

If you’re interested in my previous reviews of this series, you can see them here: Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe.

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14 Comments to “Sayaka Miki by GSC”

  1. I loved the look of this figure a lot, she convinced me with her pose and outfit, Sayaka was the only Puella Magica figure that made it into my collection ;)

    Characterwise there was not so much good stuff about her, on overall impression, maybe if she had ended in a better way, but that wasn’t supposed to happen.

    Maybe the quality varied quite a bit from copy to copy, but my Sayaka had no real paint issues like that, on the collar or skirt. Well, it are really small details and from very close there are not many manufacturers that do a better job. From normal distance a little flaw is actually not very noticeable on these 1/8 scale figures.

    funny that Sayaka has the best hands of the group, btw have you also bought the redhead? Which figure of them do you actually like the most, I’d also like to ask?
    Wieselhead recently posted..Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 10 some thoughts

    • I thought you would’ve gotten all of them, but I guess if you only like Sayaka’s pose and outfit then there’s no point wasting your money. My figure probably just snuck by the quality check guys if yours looks fine. You are right though, from a distance it’s not that noticeable.

      Yes, I did get Kyouko as well. I’ll probably be posting her review in a few weeks. My favourite out of the bunch is definitely Mami though, I loved her pose and she’s my favourite character.

  2. The problem with figurines out of the Madoka series is that their faces aren’t wide enough.
    Ningen recently posted..It’s time.

  3. I think your photography skills are getting better–this review and the Mami review had lovely photos!

    I’m probably never getting these GSC 1/8 scale figures of the Puella Magi girls (not interested), but I do have to admire the craftsmanship put into them. I actually think the translucent base works the best for Sayaka. It looks like she’s standing on a puddle of water. Given how often she’s associated with water/rain, I guess it’s sort of fitting?
    Ariana recently posted..Shin Sekai Yori Episode 24

    • Thank you, the reason why there’s such a huge gap between my recent figure reviews and past reviews is because I’ve been reading up on how to do photography.

      I’ve never thought of her base as resembling water mainly because the other Puella Magi girls have exactly the same one but with their own colours. It does resemble water though.

  4. I didn’t really like the character from the original series, but the figure quality is pretty good as usual when it comes from GSC. :D
    feal87 recently posted..Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – So much cheesy drama…

  5. Looks like a pretty good high quality figure. Usually paint jobs are things I’m usually satisfied with, or am I just not observational enough? Lol

    I always have a constant dillema of whether or not to display more cool looking weapons and accessories, .or just make her look normal and save space. I just had one massive scale figure recently (which I’ll keep it as a secret for now for further surprises) which occupy one half of a row of my display cabinet.

    • The paint job on Sayaka isn’t horrible, but I have high expectations for GSC considering their other figures. Like I said in my review, viewed from a distance, you actually don’t really notice the things that I pointed out.

      An entire half of a shelf? That must be a huge figure you have. Now I’m curious to see what you got!

  6. As with your previous reviews, I didn’t take much notice of Sayaka, but your figure review does make look into a lot of details I never took look into before.

    I do like how with this series of Madoka figures one has the option to swap hands with those holding weapons, and neither version would look out of place with characters’ poses. While there are small imperfections on your Sayaka’s clothings, the swords do look very well painted!
    Q recently posted..2013 C3 in Hong Kong Coverage

    • Yes, it is impressive how they can pose the characters with and without their weapons and still make them look natural. Figures typically need to come with another face so that they don’t look awkward.

  7. Here we go, my favorite visual design of the bunch.

    I think out of all the Madoka girls Sayaka could have had a nice chance to be way more interesting. I’m sure GSC could have pulled out some UBW for her. Still it’s a nice figure, the pose and expression make for a more gentle Sayaka which is not something that came out that often in the show.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Kirino looking angry in different places…

    • Actually, I think all of the Puella Magi in GSC’s collection are rather toned down. They could’ve made them in more actiony poses, but I guess they wanted to play it safe.


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