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Megami Magazine Vol. 151

March 17, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


Megami Magazine volume 151 (December 2012) features a lovely cover illustration of Goddess Madoka and “Prophet” Homura against a starry background. I have a soft spot for space shots and I love Madoka so I spent quite a bit of time just staring at the cover. I was expecting a Christmas theme for this volume as they usually do that, but there were no red santa hats this time. As usual, any posters that I think exceed a certain ecchi threshold can be viewed by clicking on the links.


In the past Megami regularly inserted a sheet that was double-folded, making it longer than a regular pin-up poster. This volume they seem to have brought it back with the first image being of the Chuunibyou girls on the beach. I love the composition and choice of swimwear; they fit the characters’ personalities perfectly.

It’s no surprise that Neko is almost fully exposed here, cats don’t wear clothes after all.

I was surprised to see a Girls and Panzer poster without a tank, but it seems almost every series gets a bath scene of some sort in Megami.


This Sakurasou poster would’ve been more fitting in the October issue, but it’s still a cute poster that you could have up year-round.

That is one lucky teddy bear. Considering what kind of posters Muv Luv Alternative gets in Megami, I would never guess that it’s about saving humanity from rampaging aliens.


This is a pretty interesting poster of Frau from Robotics;Notes. I find it amusing that she’s reading BL while lazing around and chomping on Pocky.


While a few months early, Megami already has its first Prism Nana poster. Since it hasn’t aired it I still don’t know what it’ll be about, but judging from this poster it looks a little wacky in a Penguindrum sort of way.


Star Plus One continues its Megami streak with another poster, this time featuring some of the idols in the changing room.


Here is the cover illustration again in all its glory without the text covering anything. Like I said before, I love the starry background, and it’s cool how Madoka’s dress blends in. Homura seems a bit stiff, but overall it’s a nice illustration.


To Love-ru fans might enjoy this poster of Yui and Haruna by the pool. For once Megami actually has a poster where the water distorts things under it.


Himiko from BTOOOM has a round face, but I don’t think it was ever as round as in this poster. In fact, one other part of her body seems a bit too perfectly round as well, perhaps a bit of sloppy drawing here.


Again we have another poster that would have fit in better with the October issue. I don’t recall Nagi and Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku ever dressing up like this, but they do look nice.

This may be a bit too ecchi for some people, but I love Akiko’s facial expression. I think she could wear anything and still look sexy with that sly look of hers.


I’m not following Hidamari, but this has piqued my interest. Why would you have two cat girls lying in a clay bowl?


Sunbathing on a study desk must be something new for Megami. When you remember how small Busou Shinki are, it surprisingly doesn’t look out of place even though one of them is in a teacup.

Nel from Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de doesn’t seem shy when it comes to showing off her body.


This Senran Kagura poster is cute, but I think I would have preferred one with the girls in action fighting other ninja.


Here we have another illustration by Chikaoka Sunao, which was first featured in the last volume. I love how peaceful her illustration is, it almost makes you feel calmer by looking at it.


Within the magazine itself I spotted this ad for the Card Captor Sakura Blu-ray Box Sets. I’d love to own the complete series on Blu-ray but at nearly $800 for all 3 sets I don’t think it’s worth it.


Megami had a little section dedicated to Prism Nana. Here you can see the character designs of the different girls and learn a little bit about them before the series airs.


I haven’t heard of this Aura anime, but from the screenshots alone it looks like it’ll be worth a look.


Another upcoming anime is Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise, which is being written by Gen Urobuchi.


After a couple of years, Weib Schwarz still has advertisements at the back of the magazine, and they certainly know how to grab your attention. You have to admit that Kuroyukihime looks nice.


Once again the back cover has an ad for Puchimas. I have a feeling this will be around for a while longer.


Included as an extra in this volume was a Madoka Magica booklet.


Unfortunately, there are no fancy poster illustrations inside. Instead, it gives information about the movies and includes some screenshots.


The large poster this volume again has the three mahou shoujo from Nanoha posing by a pool, but this time Fate is in the middle instead of Nanoha. I think it’s a bit low to recycle an image like that, but I’m sure Nanoha fans would be happy.


On the reverse side is Kud from Little Busters seemingly rolling around on the floor.

This volume was typical of Megami Magazine with a good balance of posters. My favourites were the Madoka poster and the Chuunibyou poster. The only things I wish they had included was more illustrations in the Madoka booklet and a Girl’s Avenue section.

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12 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 151”

  1. “Why would you have two cat girls lying in a clay bowl?”

    …because the show is just that cute.

    Why cats? Miyako (the blonde one) is connected to cats in the show. Yuno isn’t, but she’s, um, connected to Miyako, if you adjust your yuri goggles just so.

    Why in a bowl? Many episodes involve all four (or six, in seasons 3&4) girls getting together to have dinner and chat, thus a family-size cooking bowl.

    • I see, I didn’t realize there were any yuri overtones in Hidamari, I really need to check it out one of these days.

      • Sae & Hiro don’t really require goggles. The other two pairings do.

        As full-on slice-o’-life, there’s nothing even remotely lascivious going on (between the students, anyway; Yoshinoya-sensei’s outfits are something else.)

        The pic above is more yuri than 99% of the show.

  2. The Chuunibyou poster is super cute and vivid, I like it very much, from his business trip to China my dad brought me a pack of Chuunibyou postcards, pretty nice =)

    The Star Plus One poster is beautiful, is that an anime I never heard of ?
    Wieselhead recently posted..Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 10 some thoughts

    • I didn’t even know there were Chuunibyou postcards, time to Google them to see what they look like.

      Star Plus One is actually an idol game for cellphones, but the characters look like anime characters.

  3. i been looking at all you entries for the magazines and i have come to conclude that

    offers both posters and occasional random things

    offers high quality posters rarely gives out anything else

    Dengeki G’s Magazine
    offers some random thing or figure and a free card per issue

    can you tell me if this is correct

    • I would say that Nyantype and Megami are the same, they both provide lots of pin-up posters and occasionally have some freebies. Nyantype had more in my posts because they were just starting out and needed to catch up to Megami’s popularity. As for Dengeki G’s, it’s a gaming magazine so there are no pin-up posters, but they do provide quite a few small figures and other items.

  4. Rodrigo says:

    Just Wow! I will buy this issue just for the Madoka’s Poster =) thanks for your reviews they’re pretty awesome! (Pd. sorry for my bad english =S)


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