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Megami Magazine Vol. 149

February 24, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


Continuing on with my catch-up of Megami posts, here is Megami Magazine Vol. 149 (October 2012). An interesting fact I failed to mention in my last post is that I now posess over 1/3 of the Megami Magazines released so far. to put that into perspective, that’s over 4 years of subscriptions and tons of posters. After all of this time I’ve come to accept the fact that the majority of you visit my site from home, therefore I have decided to be a bit more relaxed with what’s censored. There will be more ecchi material shown directly on the page, but the questionable stuff will still be hidden in the links.

I’ve never been fond of posters where the character’s face is hidden in a shadow, but this To Love Ru poster actually works very well. The light coming from behind her outlines her body nicely.


Accel World continues to deliver really beautiful posters in Megami. You can’t really see Haru’s face in this one, but I’m sure he’s smiling underneath Kuroyukihime.


Every Megami Magazine has an obligatory Nanoha poster. This one of Fate and Alicia together looks so cute, and I love how bright and happy it seems.


This Dog Days poster also has that bright, visually appealing look, but also adds in some humour and a little slippage.


Ah, the chocolate-covered banana, I wonder if they’re actually as popular at real festivals as they are in anime.

I imagine amagical girl would be able to magically make some clothes appear, but maybe she’s in the middle of a transformation?


Star Plus One continues to make appearances within Megami Magazine. For some reason their limbs don’t look as long in this poster, but maybe it’s because now I can actually see them.


This is the Yuru Yuri poster that was featured on the cover of the magazine. It’s typical Megami fare, good, but not something that stands out.


It’s rare to have two posters from the same series, but I guess Yuru Yuri is just really popular. I like how the water distorts what’s underneath, unlike many other posters.


The Girl’s Avenue featured artist in this volume is Hiro Kiyohara. His art style seems to mostly convey a sense of sadness or overshadowing darkness so it’s surprising that Megami featured one of his works where the character is smiling. You can find his website at


We got a nice Wakana poster last time so now it’s Saya’s turn. Quite honestly, while this poster is nice, I was expecting a bit more considering the quality of posters that Tari Tari had before.


Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita continues to bring some simple, but cute posters into this mix.


Sometimes simple posters like this one work well if you have characters with long flowing hair.


For those who might not remember Haruka, she’s from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, which finally ended in November with an OVA. This poster is a bit disappointing in my view. The Twister pad seems like an excuse to not draw more; I know Megami can do better.


I think this is the first Hagure Yuusha no Estetica poster where boobs haven’t taken up at least half of the page. It actually looks decent too with a dynamic shot.

I thought the wet floor could’ve been done a bit better here. It looks like it’s getting soaked in when it looks like tiles.


Many of the series covered in the Anime Character Catch Up have already made their debut by not, but there are still some series yet to air. I’m looking forward to seeing how Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko and Prism Nana will turn out.


The next page also reminds us that the To Aru Majutsu no Index movie is also coming out this year.


The last pages of the magazine have a bunch of card game ads, one of which was a large Weib Schwarz ad. I really like the artwork on the cards and hope that they translate more decks into English.


On the back is an ad for Plastic Nee-san, which never aired on TV but is available on disc media.

The B2 sized poster included in this volume was again pretty risqué. The first side features Erica from Campione in a seemingly drunken state and ready for some bedroom action.

The other side features two of the girls from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon showing off their assets.

All in all, I’d say this was an average volume. Nothing really looked terrible, but not many posters stood out either. My two favourites are the Dog Days and Nanoha poster, but I have a bias towards the bright stuff.

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10 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 149”

  1. Yes! I love the Muv Luv poster it is really lively and has beautiful girls on it.
    The details as well as the shadows and blush marks are very appealing.

  2. Its becoming more and more ecchi or what lol
    love the saya and junrui posters!
    Fabrice recently posted..Wayback on

    • I think it is, lol. Before now I’ve been increasing the number of posters I’ve had to censor. With so much ecchi stuff I figured I’d just give in and lower the censorship.

  3. I know that ecchi posters are what make Megami popular, but I like it when they don’t just do posters of the girls in swimsuits. A lot of swimsuit-themed posters seem really boring (visually) to me. Megami seems to get more creative when they’re forced to draw something other than a girl(s) on a beach or in the ocean.
    Ari recently posted..Kotoura-san Episode 7

    • Indeed, the ones that aren’t ecchi-focused seem to be far more creative in the artwork. I think almost all of my favourites have been from the non-ecchi ones, though there are a few exceptions.

  4. “This Dog Days poster also has that bright, visually appealing look, but also adds in some humour and a little slippage.”

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the tentacles.

    “Ah, the chocolate-covered banana, I wonder if they’re actually as popular at real festivals as they are in anime.”

    Ahh look at the pic, the symbolism..

    On another note, I had a look around Kiyohara Hiro and it seems she had drawn the manga for Another. Interesting.
    Kai recently posted..Rewrite Review

    • Well they’re not technically tentacles, but that’s what I was referring to when I was talking about the humour.

      I didn’t know Kiyohara did the art for Another. I guess it’s not surprising considering how depressing some of her illustrations are.

  5. Seems like there are more swimsuit ones in this issue, and more ecchi too. I however like the non-ecchi ones more; less deliberate-looking and more pleasant in some ways.
    Q recently posted..Sedov in Hong Kong

    • I think most people who aren’t explicitly looking for ecchi enjoy the non-ecchi ones more because they do tend to focus more on being good art rather than pandering to fan desires.


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