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Why Anime is Better

February 22, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Anime


Kai recently posted an article on his philosophy for watching anime and has asked others to share why they watch anime. Those who remember my history of anime project will know how I got into anime, so I’ll just summarize why I have found anime to be better than other media.

I got into anime at a young age during the early 90’s and that was because anime just plain beat everything else that was on TV at the time. Lets be honest here, would you rather watch pretty girls transforming into battle heroines or an aardvark help his friends.


Moving along, as I grew up, I discovered the other joys of anime. Violence was a big no-no for kids, after all, it would cause them to become hitmen and serial killers, dragging society into anarchy. Naturally, TV was full of shows trying to teach kids that bullying could be resolved through dialogue, which was rather boring so I naturally gravitated towards anime like Rurouni Kenshin. It had amazing sword fights and bloody injuries, and more cool action scenes than anything on TV.


As I hit my teenage years, everyone stopped watching cartoons and started watching teen drama. Lets consider two teen series: The O.C. and School Rumble. Both feature a delinquent “tough guy” from the wrong side of the tracks that tries to get with a girl, but lots of stuff happens to keep them apart. The O.C. has drugs and alcohol, School Rumble has flying fish missiles, which sounds more entertaining to you?


I’m sure romance also plays a big part in everyone’s teen years. The one big heart-throb movie that seemingly everyone my age watched was A Walk to Remember. Now compare that with a series like Toradora. Both series brought tears to my eyes, but A Walk to Remember brought tears of sadness while Toradora brought tears of happiness. Why would anyone want to be sad when they could be happy?


By the time I finished high school, everything was a duller shade of grey. I needed something shocking and exciting to keep me entertained. TV had some options in the form of Survivor and Fear Factor, but when you consider that some people eat rats and worms on a regular basis, it’s not THAT shocking. Hollywood offered the Saw and Final Destination movies, but they lacked “oomph”. I needed something more traumatic; I needed Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I think the fact that a whole bunch of horrible stuff happened to little girls made Higurashi no Naku Koro ni was more shocking than anything else available.


Shocking people only works for a while though and I was again on the search for something different, something fruity. Glee is probably one of the fruitiest shows on TV in recent years with teenagers spontaneously breaking out in song and dance every episode. Compare that with Mawaru Penguindrum, arguably one of the fruitiest anime to air in recent years. I’ve already discussed this series in length, so I’ll just leave you with this screenshot comparison.


Lets summarize everything I’ve just gone through: anime is sexier, cooler, funnier, happier, darker, and fruitier than the other media I had available. From my point of view it just made sense to watch anime, and for these reasons I continue to watch anime and encourage others to give it a try too.

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29 Comments to “Why Anime is Better”

  1. YOU HAVE TO READ THE UMINEKO VISUAL NOVELS, if you liked higurashi you have to read the far superior UMINEKO !!! there is NO excuse that will hold up for not reading it, and DEFINITELY NEVER EVER WATCH the anime FIRST, in fact DON’T WATCH IT AT ALL.

    here is a link to the first novel in english legally for free.

    • It’s too late for that, I’ve already watched the anime. The Umineko anime was a huge disappointment considering how good the Higurashi anime was.

      • The umineko anime is WORSE then DBZ evolution it is a horrible adaption, that destroys the most important truth of umineko. not to mention the major pacing, directorial, and outright running out of funds. the umineko anime sold less then 1000 copies of blurays and dvds because fans of ryus work completely rejected it. that is why after doing 2 seasons of higurashi and one of umineko the director was pulled from all when they cry series. and was then put only on low profile properties that failed miserably like la story del arcana famila

  2. lool. Well said. Although I really love A Walk to Remember, Clannad beats all those feels of sadness hands down. And then it adds to it by giving me feels of happiness too so there.

    There is def a lot more variety in anime which is prob why I keep watching. Everything just seems more fun and possible in animation. And plot wise, I feel Japanese animation has a lot more to offer. Oh and character development too. There are just so many reasons :)
    Cely_belly recently posted..My Top Five Anime Couples~!

    • Clannad was a bit too sad for me, even if the saddest part didn’t actually happen.

      I definitely agree with you that anime has a lot more to offer. There are just some things that you can do with animation that aren’t possible with real actors and western views on animation as something for children really puts a damper on that.

  3. Nice post, I like how you focus specifically on just “how” diverse anime is instead of talking about other aspects^^

    The screenshot comparisons make an obvious choice, and sometimes the choice is so obvious that it makes the comparisons themselves kinda funny. I find some shows aimed towards kids or young teenagers always had people dancing and singing all of a sudden for no good reason, Glee, High School Musical, etc.. Weirdly enough, I find such scenes seem better in anime and where as in real shows or films, it’s just extremely awkward.
    Kai recently posted..Kai’s Philosophy on Watching Anime

    • It does seem rather awkward when people suddenly start singing or dancing. I think it has to do with people associating it to real life more than something that’s animated, which is viewed more as fantasy.

  4. Haha, this is a good one. It’s pretty much the same reason I prefer watching anime. It’s not that I don’t watch other stuff but anime remains no.1 choice.
    hoshiko recently posted..Psycho-Pass: Dark Side of Computerized Society

  5. I actually skipped this very scene in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and YOU put a picture of it online!!! Wahhhhhh!Satoko :( It was a great show nevertheless.

    Well, yeah anime is always better, the problem with most US shows is that they are either lame, canceled after a few episodes, or ruined by too manny seasons. But I still enjoy to watch western movies.
    Wieselhead recently posted..Fauna from Megachu! by ALTER

    • lol, sorry about that, but I needed it to prove my point :)

      The too many seasons problem really ruins tv series for me. It’s like how Naruto/Bleach have so many fillers just to keep the series running longer.

  6. This just made my day.. way to compare anime to cartoons and TV drama / movies
    John recently posted..JLPT N4

  7. I will argue about action shows. If there’s one genre I will freely admit I enjoyed from the West more than the East, it was action cartoons. I won’t deny shounen anime, like the Dragon Ball Saga (Excluding GT) and Samurai X, are legendary, but for me, the really awesome action anime are fewer than the awesome action cartoons. Case and point, I’d rather watch Swat Cats and Batman: The Animated Series over Naruto and Bleach.

    Other than action shows, anime excel (most of the time) in every other genre.

    While I don’t like neither the horror or slasher genres, I won’t deny the fact that Higurashi Season 1 is a classic and superior to Saw, Scream or several other slasher flicks (Excluding the classics like Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises’ earlier movies.).

    Shows like Recess and Arthur’s intentions weren’t bad…they just downright sucked. I don’t watch neither Glee or The O.C.
    Overlord-G recently posted..Yuri Talk: I’m a Yuri Fan, Foo!

    • I guess I never really watched many action cartoons. By the time I grew to the age where my peers were watching action cartoons, I was already into anime.

      Recess and Arthur do have some good messages to convey to its audience and I think parents should show them to their kids, but they just weren’t as enjoyable as anime.

  8. As for me Clannad is the best work of Key(to be honest I cry..),of course AIR,ONE,Kanon are excellent too.In 90’s animes the Yuusha series is important.Such as 勇者警察ジェイデッカー,黄金勇者ゴルドラン,勇者王ガオガイガー and more.They are so exciting,cheerful,powerful,igniting your soul.To my disappointment,new animes can’t give me the same excitement (maybe I have been old _ (:3」∠) _ ) And 秒速5センチメートル might be the most significant anime in my life.Distance and time,and the cruelty of reality result in a sad,sad…end.American movie and TV shows I just saw a little,ex 24hours,Mentaist (like Conan)…almost related to fantasy,crime,love.

    • I never watched those yuusha series, but I do have a friend that’s crazy over Gao Gai Gar and he also says that there aren’t many series nowadays that give off the same feel. 5cm/s really was a good anime, though I was too young to understand a lot of it the first time I watched it. When I watched it again when I was older, it was just so beautiful.

  9. This post is a reminder to me how much anime has taken over my desire when choosing what to watch. Taking last year into account, I barely watched anything outside anime or so called west series. Only a few catch up movies like LOTR or sometimes the series friends but apart from that nada nothing.
    Weird given when I was young I use to watch quite a bit of cartoon network i must admit like dexter laboratory, powerpuff girls or courage the cowardly dog those were good ones! ^^
    I guess when I was re-introduced to anime it kinda changed my perspective moved away from the west shows as it was just silly plot.

    What really makes me continue watch anime is simply because as I learnt more about it and especially the behind the scenes, how much work goes into it, I appreciated anime more, Those in the west saying that anime is like cartoon should just look at the comparison and realise that anime is a whole new level experience!

    • I remember Dexter’s Lab and the Powerpuff Girls too, those were good days but I’ve out-grown them now. Anime does seem to be a lot more intricate than many western shows, especially when compared to cartoons.

      • well thats because cartoons are aimed at kids except for series that push the envelope with the censors. since after all yopottetu can’t give kids something complex you have to really dumb it down for them never mind the break out hits are complex like harry potter, hunger games, twilight (not saying it’s good), avatar, legend of korra, narnia, betting a dead horse.

        I really wish other countries had teen and adult animation.

        • It might not be a fair comparison given that western cartoons are generally aimed at children, but I was just sharing my experience and as a child I had a choice between the two and so compared them directly.

  10. You’ve struck a chord with me. (diminished, no doubt)

    I’ve watched anime off and on since the 60’s. Yeah, I’m really that old. During the time that I lived in Houston, I went to Bond movies with my brother, and watched all the anime and samurai shows I could on TV.

    I always felt that anime (Japanese cartoons, we called them back then) had one thing going for them that American kids shows didn’t – storytelling. Whether it was Astro Boy saving the day, or Speed Racer dialoguing his way to a finish line, the story lines had substance that Hanna-Barbera couldn’t deliver. Maybe HB seemed too derivative to me after I’d read every DC and Marvel comic I could get my hands on. More probabe is the fact that they couldn’t touch the old Looney Tunes that were on from 7 -9, and I switched channels to keep from being bored to death.

    • Wow, I can’t believe you’ve been watching since the 60’s; my respect to you.

      Storytelling does play a major role in helping to maintain anime popularity. I didn’t mention it in my post though because I find a lot of movies and TV series for mature audiences are on par with anime. Of course, as a kid I wanted animated shows, and anime definitely had better storytelling than the cartoons on TV.

  11. Lets summarize everything I’ve just gone through: anime is sexier, cooler, funnier, happier, darker, and fruitier than the other media I had available. From my point of view it just made sense to watch anime, and for these reasons I continue to watch anime and encourage others to give it a try too.

    ^ so much win. :)

  12. Well, the western cartoons shown in my country are mostly Simpsons and Futurama which most young adults know and like, whereas anime shown on TV are usually only aimed at children and usually quite bad (like Yu-Gi-Oh or Naruto :>).

    Also, cartoons for children sometimes can also be very enjoyable for adults. I’d advice you to try watching some Adventure time or MLP ;>

    “Lets summarize everything I’ve just gone through: anime is sexier, cooler, funnier, happier, darker, and fruitier than the other media I had available.”

    I would not generalize it like this. Most (male) teen shift their attention to video games (or parties/alcohol/females..) as entertainment on TV is mostly extremely shitty.
    And games (or a good book ;) ) can also often be more enjoyable than anime. Especially in terms of action and horror video games a far superior, whereas for romance and tear jerker drama anime usually can’t beat visual novels.

    • My generalization was in the context of my experience with media so you bring up a good point that it might not be true for everyone. When I was growing up, the TV stations here were targeting my generation so as our tastes changed, so did the anime that they showed. That was also a factor in getting me to like anime over other media. When they stopped, the internet was already gaining popularity so it was easy to gain access to other types of anime whereas other TV shows were a bit harder for me to get.

  13. Why anime better? Because it is…


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