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Megami Magazine Vol. 148

February 14, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


Feeling a little ronery tonight as you watch all the couples out there celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well maybe some bishoujo pics will cheer you up. For this week’s Megami Magazine post we have volume 148 (September 2012). This volume features characters from the summer and fall 2012 anime line-up so a few of them will still be familiar. As always, you will need to click on the text links to see posters over a certain ecchi threshold.

The first poster is of Erica and Liliana from Campione showing off on a warm cozy bed.


Creepy? maybe. I guess with a title likt Yuru Yuri, there’s bound to be at least one crazy yuri girl. I love the panty headband.

A typical Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon poster. Those scars look painful.


I always enjoy Tari Tari posters, the artwork in them is on par with the animation quality. This particular one has a very bright and cheerful feel and wonderful shading and textures.

Rinne no Lagrange didn’t have much of an impact, and neither does this poster. The art style of the series is too simple so it’s hard to make something eye-catching.


I didn’t recognize this poster at first, but it’s of Fuuko from Accel World in a lovely outfit with a pretty flower pattern on it.


There seem to be quite a few Star Plus One posters recently. This one is of Maya, Yuria, and Ririko having a tea party. Honestly, I still find the characters hard to look at because of their extremely long limbs.


I can’t say I’ve ever watched Space Battleship Yamato, but I’m impressed with the quality of this poster. They managed to keep the 70’s feel in the art style while adding the appeal of present-day anime.


This is the same image featured on the cover of the volume. I love how Milhi, Becky, and Nanami are dressed up in their outfits and how it seems as if they’re standing on some kind of pillar overlooking the courtyard.


Nanoha posters tend to be rather good, but this one was disappointing. Not only is there a lack of colour or action, Nanoha’s left hand looks far too small and deformed.


The 128th artist to be featured in Girl’s Avenue goes by the name of Tokiame. Judging from the works found on his website (, he seems to enjoy adding a bright light to his illustrations. I think it works very well contrasting the different areas and highlighting the subject nicely. The image that’s featured here is pretty, albeit a bit cluttered. I prefer his illustrations with open skies and of the forest.

I think every Hagure Yuusha poster follows a certain theme.


The main character in Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita almost never shows any skin so I thought a beach poster was surprising until I remembered that this is Megami Magazine we’re talking about. It’s rather simplistic, but the fairies add a bit of cuteness.

I can’t say I was very impressed with this Oda Nobuna no Yabou poster. The only part that I think deserves some attention is the tree in the background, where you can almost make out each leaf.


Shining Hearts continues to have characters featured in Megami Magazine. This time we have Amil in a frilly green swimsuit. Considering how well-done some of the previous Shining Hearts posters were, this one is a bit disappointing.

I haven’t gotten around to watching To Heart 2 Dungeon Travellers, but it looks nothing like the romantic TV series.


This Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai poster is one of the better ones I’ve seen. Rikka’s in her signature pose and it’s really highlighted by the bridge in the background. Now if only they would make a poster of her in one of her imaginary fights.


Although the animation quality in Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate was horrid, they somehow managed to come out with a decent poster. I’ve never been too fond of poses where the character’s shadow covers their face though.


This volume covered different aspects of a large number of series, more than usual. Naturally, since it was covering Dog Days, there was no way it could leave out Becky’s transformation.


This volume’s Anime Character Catch Up may be outdated by now, but there’s still some anime that haven’t come out yet. Fate fans will be happy to hear that Fate/kaleid liner will be coming out this year. For To Aru fans, the Index movie is also slated to come out later this year.


I’m sure everyone’s already heard of the other series since they’ve either aired or are sequels to older anime.


I haven’t included any ads from Weib Schwarz lately, but they’re still there. I thought this one was cool, contrasting the two sides like that. If you haven’t played the game, it’s pretty fun. The only problem is that there are only 2 series in English right now.


The back cover once again features To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers. I’m going to have to watch this OVA one day.


Included in this volume was a short booklet with some featured artists and samples of their artwork. You can see the images below. Quite honestly, I think some of these would make better posters than what was in the actual magazine.







My favourite images from this booklet are the Evangelion ones, though the last one by POP is nice too.

Megami decided to get a little racy with the large poster included in volume 148. This time it’s not a B2 size poster, but a thinner, longer one. The first side has Lisara from Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai lying nude in bed.

The reverse side has another nude of Rinka from Kono Kana ni Hitori Imouta ga Iru. If you’re the type that likes these types of posters, volume 148 should definitly be on your wanted list.

Overall this volume had a decent collection of posters. My favourite by far was the Accel World poster, but the Tari Tari and Dog Days posters were also very appealing in a bright and cheerful way. The booklet with different samples of artwork was also a nice addition. Whether you get this volume or not is really up to your preference though.

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6 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 148”

  1. The Yuru Yuri S2 episode was very creepy, I felt sorry for my Akari. Seriously the panty hat makes her sister look like a criminal :(

    Haha yeah a lovely TariTari poster, this is ^^. Well, Rinne no Lagrange does look better than this undetailed, uninspired illustration.

    This is a poster from the new Yamato OVA’s 10 eps arec out so far. Im watching the old Space Battleship Yamato since some, the story is quite epic and makes for some flaws of the 70’s animations.

    Ahhh To Heart 2 Dungeon Travellers was so boring, everything I watched from To Heart was that boring. I don’t understand why OVA’s of it are stilling coming out. Haha, well to be honest I never watched the full anime, but I bet it’s also boring XD
    Wieselhead recently posted..Wonder Festival 2013 Winter part 1

    • I think the panty hat makes anyone looks like a criminal.

      Maybe To Heart 2’s popularity is just a Japanese thing that most other people don’t understand. The OVA doesn’t sound particularly interesting.

  2. I’ll only ever buy another Megami magazine if it has nice posters or a really cool extra (like that BRS OVA DVD), so this issue is a big pass for me. …Which is a good thing since an old issue like this is probably sold out everywhere by now anyway.

    I’m tempted to try buying an issue of another magazine from another company (like Animedia (sp?)) because I found Megami magazine to be a bit too fanservicey for my liking. Sometimes, the posters are actually the least fanservicey thing about the issue because some of the articles have really… questionable screen-grabs.
    Ariana recently posted..Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 4 and 5

    • I couldn’t agree more about the articles. I think they know that it’s the posters that get shared everywhere so they put the ecchi stuff in the content. The extras that some of the volumes come with are pretty cool, but lately they’ve just included a bunch of booklets; I didn’t even get a calendar this year.

  3. Oh boy, I didn’t recognize a lot of the characters here!!

    If I’m to put up any of the posters here, I’ll choose the one from Accel World. I love the combination of colors and arrangements/focus of objects. It’s quite a piece of art.
    hoshiko recently posted..Psycho-Pass: Dark Side of Computerized Society


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