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Nopy’s 2013 Anime Predictions

January 24, 2013 By: Nopy Category: Anime


BREAKING NEWS: Kyoto Animation and SHAFT to form new animation studio, Kyoto Shaft.

That’s something you might see on the headlines of Anime News Network this year… or not. To start the year off, Nadav from Anime Reviews has invited anibloggers to share their predictions on all things anime for 2013. Apparently this can range from new anime that have yet to be announced to anime staff, and even anime companies. I’m not sure if there’s a prize for making an accurate predition, but I’m pretty sure you get bragging rights, and who doesn’t like to brag? So without further ado, here are some of my predictions for 2013:

1. Gen Urobuchi’s next anime will be a disappointment


Gen is known among some anime fans as “Urobutcher” for his gruesome/disturbing scripts. He is the mastermind behind such titles as the vomit-wrenching Saya no Uta visual novel, blood-stained Fate/Zero anime, and the anime that forever shattered the innocence of mahou shoujo, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Gen currently has two anime down the pipes; one is a movie called Rakuen Tsuihou with no details released yet. The other is called Suisei no Gargantia, a series about a galactic soldier that gets transported to Earth where he finds peace (oh, and there’s a mecha too). Gen might have been on a roll with Fate/Zero and Madoka, but with Psycho-Pass’s relatively dismal reviews, I think he’s about to go downhill. Not to mention that now there’s so much expected of him that if either of his new anime don’t exceed Saya no Uta’s level of grotesqueness, people will still be disappointed.

2. Someone from a non-ecchi anime will be tentacle graped (again)


Anime like Queen’s Blade and Kiss x Sis don’t count.

3. A homo anime will air in the Fall 2013 season


Just because of Yozora.

4. Izayoi from Mondaiji (the rest is too long) will “accidently” grope Kuro Usagi


He made a sexual reference, therefore it must happen!

5. More adults will watch the new Sailor Moon than teenagers


Raise your hands, how many of you would watch an anime from when you were born?

6. K-ON season 3 will be announced


Tamako Market was not the huge success that Kyoto Animation was hoping for. Now they have to go back to what works.

7. Nine childhood friends will get rejected


Sorry Chiwa, but you’re going to be first.

8. A hero will NOT die when he is killed


Lets face it, Death Note and Code Geass were the only two anime in recent memory ballsy enough to kill their most popular characters and they got some severe backlash.


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23 Comments to “Nopy’s 2013 Anime Predictions”

  1. hehe funny post.

    I don’t like the hard style of Gen, hopefully he fails with the new stuff and reflects on killing Iri and Illya like that *Muhahahaha*

    Haha I remember that Asuna scene, but beware she bites.

    I watched a few animes which where there before I was even born.
    I love Uchuu Senkan Yamato ^^

    Well, I don’t want to watch any more Tamako Market, I guess it’s the birds fault.
    Wieselhead recently posted..New Preorders part 17

  2. Thank you for participating!
    Now, about those predictions:

    1. I was never a fan of Gen’s storytelling. I prefer Nasu or more obscure writers anyway. I don’t understand why people think a writer is “god-like” after he gets one or two shows right. Psycho-Pass is mediocre and I feel he needs to take some time off to search for a new, fresh, inspiration instead of pumping two new anime this year.

    5. You got that right! So much nostalgia. I know of at least one adult man who is going to be watching the new Sailor Moon reboot…

    6. Tamako Market is a huge step back after the K-ON! movie. I really do hope a third season will be announced eventually.

    8. Well…that depends…someone is going to die in HunterxHunter this year (that is, if they continue along the lines of the manga). The real question is: do you consider a main character a hero or not.
    nadav recently posted..Vash the Stampede 1/8 ARTFX J Kotobukiya Figure Review

    • I don’t know why Gen is considered god-like either. He has had some major success with Saya no Uta and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but some of his other works aren’t even worth looking at. He’s really a hit or miss writer.

      As for 8, I was talking more about a main character being resurrected than actually dying.

  3. Lelouch may have died but Zero lives forever!
    (Just wanted to say that ^^)

  4. fadingwing says:

    As for me I like old animes more,like slayers,robot animes and more.Psycho-Pass is a good works,especially the music(EGOIST is great↖(^ω^)↗).Also I hope to see a new gundam anime this year(2014 has the Origin),and I predict that Fate/Prototype will be announced.Last I expect 蒼穹のファフナー EXODUS

  5. k-on? you mean i can see more of my waifu mio?


  6. My goodness Kyoto Shaft if it does combine would cause havoc in the anime world, there would be many eye popping scenes which then we would have to go to the eye doctor. That would be interesting but scary at the same time ^^

    I just started with the winter series, pretty late but hard when your travelling. Now lets see about your predictions. Gen Urobuchi.. mhmm thats a hard one but I can understand, I think after madoka being so successful, he’s been going over board, now its like we expect at least an anime the short of gory type per season, id really prefer im not suddenly indulging in his involvement with many series, it will become more of the usual than the unexpected :/

    I thought there was always one or two a year homo anime for the girls?

    concerning Oreshura, ye sorry Chiwa its always been the case. Shuffle! comes to mind plus Chiwa doesnt really have like popular type which anime fans will talk about compared to the other one.

    I am a K-ON! fan but please no more, I think ive seen enough for the time being and would like Kyoto Animation to do something different for a change with its genre. I want them to try out horror, gory or action type and see if they can pull it off again like they did with FMP.

    To end, sorry for being away from your blog for a while, i do apologies!
    Fabrice recently posted..Desk Diary 2013/02 – Numbers

    • Yeah, Kyoto Animation and Shaft are pretty opposite to each other, that’s why if they ever did merge it would be epic. I would like to see Kyoto Animation do somethin like FMP again though, they really went heavy with the slice-of-life stuff.

      If there are one or two homo anime every year, either I’ve never heard of them or I’ve forgotten about them.

  7. What anime is the 7th picture from? The girl thats supposed to get rejected? :>

  8. SquadmemberRitsu says:

    I don’t see where you got the ideas that Psycho Pass is getting dismal reviews. I think it’s probably the only truly exceptional show airing at the moment. It feels a lot like something made back in the 90s, but in a good way. I think the old school feel is what makes it stand out for me. I admit that Psycho Pass isn’t quite as good as Madoka Magica or Fate/Zero, but it’s still damn good and definitely one of his better works.

    As for K-On Season 3, I’m going to have to be honest. I don’t want a season 3. Don’t get me wrong. K-On is one of my all time favourites. But considering how great the ending was (And how shit the manga continuation is) I feel like a third season would ruin the show. Unless KyoAni work their magic on it, I don’t see it working. If they do make K-On!!!, I’ll probably never forgive them. They should probably make a new season of something than actually needs a continuation like Haruhi or FMP.

    • I’ve been playing catch-up for the last few weeks so I haven’t seen or read anything past the first half of Psycho Pass until recently. A lot of people seemed to be complaining about the series during the slow periods, it wasn’t delivering what was promised. Of course, that’s all changed with Makishima finally putting his plan in action.

      I actually don’t want a season 3 either, but I predict it will happen since it’s a matter of economics.


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