Sailor Moon 22K Gold Card


I don’t blog about this often, but I am a collector of Sailor Moon trading cards and have been collecting them for 15 years. I won’t bore you with the details of my collecting adventures, but in all of those years I have obtained a few thousand cards (mostly Japanese) and spent a few thousand dollars. The good thing about these cards is that they are now worth far more than I spent on them.

As with every collecting hobby, there is always that one item that every collector wishes he had. In the world of Sailor Moon cards, that one item is Amada’s 5th Anniversary Memorial 22K Gold Card. For those not familiar with gold, 22 carats means something contains 91.6% gold. In order to get one of these cards, you had to have a winning insert card, of which 1995 were printed. You could then mail that card to Amada to redeem your 22K Gold Card. Each card was printed with a unique serial number on the back indicating which card it was on the production line. While there were potentially 1995 of these cards made, I doubt that every winning insert card was redeemed. Even if 1995 were produced, the 22K Gold Card is still by far the rarest, most valuable, and arguably the most beautiful Sailor Moon card in existence.

As you can probably guess from the picture above, I now own one.

I would like to thank Shin from for selling this card to me. In 15 years of collecting, I have never had the opportunity to obtain the 22K Gold Card until now so when I saw it on sale, I jumped on it without a second thought. This particular card has the serial number 672, which is the exact same card as in Shin’s old video:

The card has suffered some minor damage over the years (a few dents and a bit of flaking) but for the most part still looks good. One of the problems with this card appears to be that the gold flakes off, so you must keep it protected. I took the card out of its hard plastic sleeve to take these pictures, but I left it in the regular one so as not to risk scratching it on my desk. It does give off that $$$ aura, and why wouldn’t it? It is GOLD after all.


I’m really happy that I now have the 22K Gold Card. It puts me one step forward to completing my collection and it’s a beauty to look at.

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    • Wow, that IS gorgeous. I have the white insert next to the checklists in my collection. We didn’t know what it was for when we first started collecting them, and, once I found out, it was too late to redeem it. I had four of them at one point, but since no one had a clue what they meant, I didn’t keep more than the one! If they really only made a little under 2000, I must have been really lucky… or unlucky, depending.

      • Wow, I’d say you were lucky if you had four of the inserts at one time. It’s too bad that you didn’t know what they were for back then, a lot of collectors would kill just to have one of these cards.

  1. Wow! That’s an incredibly impressive card.
    I remember you making a post a while back about these cards. Congratulations on getting your hands on the gold one!

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  3. Congatrulations on getting this card. I was an idiot around 10 years ago and sold mine. Being regretting it the last 10 years. Up until 1996 you could still get this card on Japan. That’s how I got mine, if you want I can scan the certificate and the special card you needed to send. If you are interested on having the scans, let me know on my email.

    • I can only imagine what it would be like to sell this card and regret it later, it certainly is hard to get. I would love to see the certificate and special card, I’m sending you an email right now :)

  4. Well, I found you! Right next to me on google’s front page. I’m glad to see it’s found a great home.
    And hey I would love a scan too!

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