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Nopy Answers The Ultimate Anime Questionnaire

August 20, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Personal

A couple of weeks ago, Yumeka put together the Ultimate Anime Questionnaire. She did not elaborate on what made it ultimate, but it’s rather comprehensive and I thought it would be fun to answer all of the questions. You can see her original post here and if you’re a big anime fan, you should try answering the questionnaire too.

1. What anime have you seen? If you’ve seen too many to type out here, link to any list you may have, such as MAL.

You can see the complete list here:

2. Out of those, which ones would you consider favorites?

Martian Successor Nadesico, Toradora, Card Captor Sakura

3. What was the first anime you ever watched and what was your first impression?


I was too young at the time to know that there were classifications like “asian” and “caucasian” and I only saw differences in hair colour. When I saw Goku I thought “cool, a character that has black hair like me” and watched the rest of the episode because of that. The action that followed got me watching the rest of the series.

4. In what year would you say you became an anime fan?


That was the year that Sailor Moon started broadcasting in Canada, and also when I learned what “anime” was from my cousin.

5. Do you read manga as well as watch anime?

Occasionally. Manga has not been a big part of my life due to limited access compared to anime.

6. What genre of anime usually interests you?

Romantic comedies. I’m a sucker for those emotional tear-shedding scenes and I enjoy a good laugh so this is the perfect genre for me. My next favourite is psychological, but a lot of series classified as such bore me so it’s really a hit and miss.

7. What genre of anime least interests you?

Sports, because I’d rather be playing than watching.

8. For your own personal enjoyment, what do you think is the most important factor in an anime?

It has to look pretty. Nearly all of the types of stories and genres in anime can be found in other mediums. What draws me to anime instead of them are the visuals.

9. Which do you prefer, dub or sub?

Sub, because the Japanese voices are usually done by people who have trained for that position to the same level of quality as Disney voice actors. Until anime dubs reach that same level of quality, I am sticking with my subtitles.

10. Who are some of your favorite Japanese seiyuu?

Yui Horie, she has been in like every anime.

11. If you watch anime dubs, who are some of your favorite voice actors?

No comment, see question 9.

12. Which anime do you think has the worst English dub? And the best?

I lack enough experience with dubs to answer this question.

13. What are your most disliked anime?

If by “disliked”, you mean unimpressed, then I can’t answer because I’ve forgotten them. If you mean which anime have made me rage the most, that would be Venus Versus Virus and Chaos;Head.

14. Do you ever try to get people interested in anime? If so, what kind of success have you had?

I don’t actively try, but I have gotten several people hooked on anime.

15. Who are your most favorite anime characters?

Ruri Hoshino

16. Who are your least favorite anime characters?

Shu Ouma?

17. Who are your favorite “non-human”(animal-like) characters?

Kyubey (in a love-hate kinda way), and Potato from AIR.

18. What are some ways you express your anime fandom? (going to conventions, blogging, reading fanfiction, etc)

Going to conventions and blogging I guess…

19. What kinds of anime products do you usually buy?

Looking around my room, I have: figures, DVDs, manga, calendars, cards, cellphone straps, magazines, posters, stickers, tattoos, screen cleaners, clocks, mousepads, desk mats, art books, pencil boards, plushies, and wallscrolls.

20. What are some of your favorite anime songs and soundtracks?

There are too many to name. My anime music folder has over a decade’s worth of music.

21. What anime pairings/shippings do you like?

Ryuji x Taiga

22. What medium to you usually use to watch anime? (buy DVDs, streaming, etc)


23. What is your favorite anime quote?

“Oro?” -Kenshin Himura

24. What are your favorite anime movies?

The CCS movies, Nadesico Prince of Darkness, The End of Evangelion, Bungaku Shoujo, and Pale Cocoon.

25. What other “geeky,” media-related hobbies besides anime do you have? (video games, Western animation, etc)

I used to play video games, but not anymore, so none.

26. What is your most favorite anime of all, and why is it your favorite?

Martian Successor Nadesico, for the reasons listed here.

27. What are some anime you haven’t watched but want to someday?

I have a very extensive backlog of anime I want to watch: Di Gi Charat, Rahxephon, Cowboy Bepop, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, ef – a tale of melodies, Princess Tutu, Jinki Extend, Sekai no Senki II, Sekai no Senki III, Claymore, Himawari, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza, Rozen Maiden, Initial D, Tatami Galaxy, Nodame Cantabile, Mobile Suit Gundam, Saiyuki, The World God Only Knows, Mashiroiro Symphony – The Color of Lovers, and Full Moon wo Sagashite. I’m probably forgetting a lot, but they’re not coming to me right now.

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10 Comments to “Nopy Answers The Ultimate Anime Questionnaire”

  1. “Must watch list: Princess Tutu”

    Yeeeessss please watch that someday! You won’t regret it.
    Ari recently posted..Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita/Mankind has Declined Episode 8

  2. Good answers, one can see you are not just some obnoxious oobaka gaijin weeaboo otaku like FM.
    Though your anime list is a little bit empty(well, mine has five entries…).
    Ningen recently posted..Psychological Studies: Why Cinderella dropped her glass shoe on purpose

  3. Cowboy Bepop, it’s been in my backlog for the longest time ever too.
    And also, I guess “Sports” is probably the least interested genre according to most answers to this questionnaire. For me, indeed I’m not as interested to ordinary sports themed anime like soccer or baseball, unless it’s more of the unique ones like Chihayafuru and Air Gear.
    Kai recently posted..Cage of Eden And My Fascination With Wolves

    • Yeah, sports doesn’t seem to get as big of an audience as other genres, I guess it’s because you can watch actual sports rather than anime.

  4. Thanks for answering the questions…heh, what I meant by “ultimate” is that I think all these questions cover all the basis aspects of someone’s fandom.

    I’m one of the few who never watched Dragonball or Dragonball Z because they aired on cable channels, which I never got until I was already in college in 2005. I did catch glimpses of them at friends’ houses though.

    I’ve always wondered who that character in your avatar was – now I know =P
    Yumeka recently posted..Yumeka’s SoCal travels: Disneyland

    • You should definitely watch DBZ, or at least DBZ Kai, which is the same thing minus the fillers. There’s so many references to it in so many anime, I think it’s one of those series that everyone has to see.

  5. It’s nice seeing someone who can appreciate psychological anime. I also give you points for naming Pale Cocoon. However, I already knew that you’d place Martian Successor Nadesico as your favorite. You tend to mention it as your favorite a lot ^_^
    nadav recently posted..God Eater Burst Alisa Amiella Figure By Plum


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