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Nopy’s Reflections on Animanga Blogs

August 18, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Other Stuff

With summer coming to a close, blogging projects and carnivals seem to be in full swing. Today I’ll be contributing to a blog carnival that Foxy Lady started called Reflections on Animanga Blogs. Participants write a post answering some questions asking for their opinions on anime and manga blogs. At the end of the carnival, all of the posts will be summed up by Foxy Lady. If you would like to join in or learn more about it, please see her post.

What do you like to read and why? (reviews, commentaries, editorials)

Editorials are my favourite because they get you thinking about topics that you otherwise would not have noticed. From my own experience, they are also very hard to write. A lot of time goes into gathering information and presenting different points of view. Commentaries are nice to read if I’m following the series that they are for. Unlike my days in elementary school, I can’t discuss the latest episode of (insert anime here) the next day with my friends any more, so reading commentaries is a nice way of seeing what other people think about a series and where it is going. While I write a lot of reviews myself, I don’t find them to be all that interesting unless it’s for a series that I am considering. Usually at the end of a series, there is no more speculation or discussion, leaving only room for people’s’ impressions.

What do you do when you stumble across a new blog?

First: check to see if I can read it. Yellow text on a light blue background makes it hard on the eyes.

Second: see what kind of blog it is. If the blog is not about anime or anime-related stuff, then I usually leave.

Third: read the ‘About’ section. This is to get an idea of who’s content you’re looking at.

Fourth: read a few random posts. If I like them, then I’ll start following the blog. If nothing catches my attention, then I leave.

What must a good animanga blog have and do?

1. Have good ideas and opinions. A blog that just summarizes anime doesn’t do anything for anyone.

2. Have pretty pictures. I like Japanese animation over Western animation because it looks prettier. When I’m reading a blog, I’d like to see some nice pictures every now and then.

3. Stay focused. Some blogs claim to be about animanga, but have vastly more content about the writer’s personal life or their cat than anime/manga. A few personal posts are fine, but I am not interested in what someone had for breakfast that morning or what their cat did that afternoon.

4. Join the community. It doesn’t matter how good your blog is or how interesting your posts are, if no one knows about you, then no one will visit your blog. Commenting on other blogs, exchanging links, and participating in blog carnivals *hint hint* are good ways of getting your name out there and meeting like-minded people at the same time.

What blogging behaviors annoy you?

1. Incorrect spelling. I am not referring to typos here. What I am talking about is when someone uses a word that sounds the same as (or similar to) the one they want to use, but is spelled differently. Examples: they’re, their, there; to, too, two; your, you’re; accept, except; etc. The differences between these words is taught in elementary school and beginner English classes, there should be no reason for someone to get them mixed up.

2. Continuously apologizing for posting late or being away. When every post begins with an apology, it doesn’t reflect well on the blog or the writer.


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12 Comments to “Nopy’s Reflections on Animanga Blogs”

  1. Certainly a methodical approach as to how you look at an animanga blog. Of course, what you speak of is completely reasonable and IMHO, should be the standard of what animanga needs to have.

    I definitely agree with the “join the community” portion. It doesn’t make sense for a blogger not to want to be able to converse with other people. Readers don’t just “stumble” across a brand new blog. After all, every blogger appreciates comments and page views.

    As for the incorrect grammar…oh god. It’s fine to read one or two errors per post, but when it’s almost every other sentence, then “dat shit drives me cray”. I don’t understand. WordPress does offer a spell check…and it’s not for decoration.

    As for the apologizing, I don’t really mind, as I’m often a victim; thanks to my occasional “one post per month” schedule. It’s not that I’m THAT lazy, but I do have many things to attend to, so I can’t accommodate posting on a fixed basis. Of course, that’s just me. There are plenty of others who do take hiatuses without warning, and then all-of-a-sudden returning to blogging.

    Overall, great post. I think you should post this as a SOP somewhere XD
    sabishiimiruku recently posted..6 Month Mark! Half a year of KANPAI!

    • Spell check is a very useful tool, I’m always surprised at the number of people that don’t use it. I think that if a blogger writes a post every month, that should be their schedule. They shouldn’t have to apologize for being late if it’s the norm.

  2. Not even one apology :D

    4. Join The community

    You may hate or love the community, but unless you are a SEO master, yeah, that’s the best way to go. Also, being with a community might challenge you to do something a bit different, or you’ll find a blog that shares the same views or writes really well.
    Justin recently posted..Great Manga For Beginners

    • I don’t think even being an SEO master will get an anime/manga blog out there. At least from what I’ve seen, Danny Choo is the only one that’s been able to do it and even he did a lot of self-promotion in the community.

  3. HA! Good point. Ya, the spelling “Your”, “there” and similar irritate me as well.

    2. Continuously apologizing for posting late or being away. When every post begins with an apology, it doesn’t reflect well on the blog or the writer.

    I think I can be found guilty on that so I should start apologizing. Keep trying to please people and not myself. Need to explore more people’s blog from the looks of things.
    Arctic_Kitsune recently posted..Mobile Suit Gundam – Battle Operation (PS3)

  4. Sadly, I am guilty of at least two things on this list. But I think I’ve gotten better at not apologizing so much (though I still do occasionally).
    Ari recently posted..Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita/Mankind has Declined Episode 8

  5. I apologize quite a few times too, mostly for posting late and stuffs. But recently, I just post late commentaries (latest example of me posting about old chapters of Cage of Eden when the manga is already 170+ chapters ongoing) without apologies, and without shame :D
    Kai recently posted..Cage of Eden And My Fascination With Wolves


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