Nopy’s Anime Bucket List

As I get older, it seems that time is slowly slipping away and I have less of it to spend on things I enjoy. In all likelihood, there will come a time when it will no longer be feasible for me to continue watching anime every day. I may start my own company, raise a family, or just end up struggling through life trying to make ends meet. Whatever happens in the future is anyone’s guess, but if I do abandon anime for some reason, there are a few things that I hope I would’ve done by then.

@fkeroge from AOIA has started an Anime Bucket List and here is my contribution:

1. Shake hands with Tatsuo Sato (complete)

2. Shake hands with Naoko Takeuchi

3. Get 100 nendoroids (60% complete)

4. Collect all Japanese Sailor Moon cards (30% complete)

5. Start an anime company, acquire the rights to Nadesico or buy-out Xebec, and make Nadeisco 2

6. Help turn Edmonton into a major destination for the North American anime fandom again (in-progress)

7. Spend so much time in Akihabara that I get tired of it (complete)

8. Sit in the cockpit of a life-sized Gundam

9. Watch my anime backlog (in-progress)

10. Get a cameo appearance or reference in an anime

11. Obtain the Card Captor Sakura Blu-ray boxsets (I’ll need ~$1500)

12. Obtain the Nadesico Blu-ray boxset (I’ll need ~$450)

13. Finish my third AMV (on hold indefinitely)

14. Receive free anime or related products to review

15. Attend Comiket

16. Obtain a model of the space corvette Eucharis from Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness

17. Finish reading the Sailor Moon manga and finally watch Sailor Stars

18. Stop waiting for a better release of ‘ef – a tale of memories’ and just finish the series

19. Start an anime blog (complete)

20. Never forget how much I love anime

If the time comes when anime can no longer be a part of my life, then I will be happy if I complete at least half of what I listed above. If any of you have things that you would like to do before you kick the anime bucket, please do share.

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  1. Mhh I can’t see myself watching no anime anymore, anyway back to your question.

    To marry Itou, Kanae at least I could still hear my favorite anime voice everyday ^_^ That would be great (>◡<)♡

    watching Gintama

    watching all the old school anime gems from the past.
    Wieselhead recently posted..How to make a Preorder Roadmap

    • I think you’ll have a lot of competition if you want to marry her. As for watching old school anime, that is something I should add to my list as well :)

  2. ooohh nice. And I like Wieselhead´s answers. I´d like to finish watching Gintama as well and watch all those old anime gems. Also would like to reach and have completed 1000 anime. Just 819 more to go.

    • Well, if you really wanted to reach 1000, you could cheat and watch a whole bunch of OVAs. I don’t know anyone who has actually watched that much anime.

  3. Quite a list there.

    Good luck on number 6 … we’re likely not going to have an anime convention next year at the rate we’re going … quite the bomb to drop on the eve of the 20th anniversary … so to speak.

    • Admittedly, I’m rather critical of the convention scene in Edmonton … being from Ontario I’m used to Anime North … a convention that has shown steady growth since I started attending in 1998.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Edmonton become the Anime North of the Western half of Canada … but I think we’re going to need to do a major reboot of the anime con scene here and start from scratch considering all the crap that’s going on with Animethon these days.
      Shelliac recently posted..… and now the post-con "funk" settles in …

      • I agree with you. After seeing the inner workings of the convention first-hand and some of the problems facing it, there definitely need to be some changes. The good thing is that I have a say in what those changes are so I can help them get going again.

  4. i’v never really counted but pretty surre im over 1000 :D 10.8 tb of anime,
    but would be nice to add would love to create my own anime one day