Blogging Successor Nopy: The Blank of 4 Years

Well here we are, exactly 4 years after I decided to start blogging and opened an account on WordPress. For something that was supposed to be a way for me to pass time until the end of Summer, this blog has vastly out-lived its planned life expectancy.

Since my last anniversary post, I have now fully recovered from the devastating Google Panda update and traffic has since peaked in April to 152% of pre-Panda levels. Since then, however, things have been slowing down and the blog is now sitting at 124% of pre-Panda levels. Part of the reason is because these past 4 months have been the busiest in my life and it’s going to continue on until December. My time management skills have been put to the test and I’m hoping that no cracks show in my other work until the end of the year.

I won’t bore you guys with the dozen or so things that are happening in my life right now, but one thing you might be interested in is Animethon. One of the oldest anime conventions in North America, Animethon is held every year here in Edmonton, Canada. It was also one of the top 10 anime conventions on the continent for a while, but now sits at 3rd or 4th largest in Canada. I want to see it returned to its former glory and have put in a lot of time in event preparation this year. Animethon begins this Friday, August 10 and runs until August 12. If any of you are in or around the Edmonton area, do check it out.

In other news, I’ve noticed that my blog has slowly shifted to a more anime-centric blog. When I started, I kept an equal number of magazine/artbook posts, figure posts, and anime posts. Artbook posts have largely disappeared because it is VERY DIFFICULT to hold open a book and take a picture at the same time and I’m not willing to cut them up and scan them. Figure posts have decreased because it seems to take me forever to take pictures. On the other hand, anime posts have skyrocketed because they’re quick and easy, and people seem to like them more. I may change things up in the future, but for now you can expect mostly anime posts on my blog.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me over the years, whether it be by leaving comments or just reading my posts. You guys are what keep me going and I look forward to another good year with all of you.


If any of you are still wondering, the title comes from Martian Successor Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years.

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  1. Lol, otou-san! *jk*
    And I think you’re even nearing 5 years too. Damn, I gotta take my hats off of your relentless. Actually, I think I would love it more if you continue doing more of magazine, figures and other posts. I always like to see blogs with wider varieties like yours^^
    Kai recently posted..Kai’s Reflections On AniManga Blogs

    • Hey now, I’m not that old :P

      Now that I think about it, there really aren’t that many mixed blogs. Perhaps I’ll try to put in more non-anime posts in the future.

  2. Congratulations on relentlessly writing for 4 years. That’s one hell of a backlog to look through!
    But don’t give up on art books. I know it’s hard to review them because I love buying them and would be grateful if people reviewed more of them. As for how to take pictures, I tend to have someone else hold them open for me with the tip of their fingers, or use a paper weight if I have one at hand.
    nadav recently posted..The Black Rock Shooter Blu-ray Box Review Is Now Available

    • I don’t think I would be able to convince someone to hold open artbooks for me while I took pics. I’ve tried paperweights but with limited success. Looks like I’m going to have to find another way to review them.

    • I’m sure everyone has other things they need to do too, even you. I should commend you for blogging for 2.5 times longer than me, that’s a real achievement.

  3. Congratulations on the 4-year anniversary! Interesting to know how blogging was originally to pass time for the summer :o

    The backlog is understandable; I am sure I still have some stuff that are over 1 year old that I want to post about but never got around to. Just hope I can slowly get around to them eventually… ^^;

    I enjoy the analytical posts you have written, and I do hope to see more of them! Keep up the good work!
    Q recently posted..ACGHK 2012 Part 3

    • Thanks for your comments. People do seem to enjoy the analytical posts, some even join in and offer more points of view which is always welcome.

  4. I’m always happy to see postings on anime and the postermags, since these interest me the most :) figures and artbooks are just to pricey x) (i have quite a collection though). Keep it up nopy! :)

    • Anime and magazine posts are definitely here to stay. Figure and artbook posts will depend on how much time I have to do them, so I guess that works out for you :D

  5. Congratulations Nopy for reaching your four years anniversary. I remember I’ve been visiting your site way way before I started to blog. So cheers for your next milestone and good luck on everything.

  6. Happy super dee duper late anniversary Nopy. I’m sure used to replying to this one in blogs whose creators I know nothing about. No wait, you’re only the 2nd person I congratulated on their anniversary on a late day. Never mind. Congrats either way and keep on racking the mil.
    Overlord-G recently posted..OG’s Fav Anime of 2012