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Totooria Helmold by Phat Company

June 28, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Figures

On June 6, 2012 Phat Company released a 1/8 scale Totooria Helmold figure from the game Atelier Totori. If any of you like cute things and have never heard of Atelier Totori, then shame on you. Totooria Helmold (a.k.a. Totori) is the main character in the game. She comes from a small fishing village and learned alchemy from the “great” Rorona Frixell. Her mother was a famous adventurer that went missing a long time ago, and now that Totori is old enough, she decides to become an adventurer too and hopefully find out what happened to her mother.

Overall Pose and Sculpt

This is my first scaled figure from Phat Company so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After a bit of research, it seems this is the first non-Touhou scaled figure that Phat Company has made. Totori is in a boring standing pose, but it’s all of the accessories and the design that make the figure so attractive.

One of the odd things about this figure is that it is very flat (and I’m not talking about her chest). If you take a look at the figure from the side, it’s less than half of the width than when looking at it from the front. This is actually a good thing in my opinion because the figure takes up less space and you’re really only going to look at it from the front anyways.


The one big problem I have with this figure is that Totori’s face doesn’t look like Totori. I can forgive Phat giving her eyes with a slight blue-tinge rather than grey, but she doesn’t look cute at all. For reference, below are all of Totori’s facial expressions from the game.

By comparing the above two images, it can be seen that Totori’s face in the figure has a few noticeable problems: the nose is too big and long, the mouth is too wide, there is no blush, and the shape of her eyes are slightly off. Phat Company could definitely have improved in this area.

Paint Job

The paint job was good for the most part. With all the pink and baby blue, you might think I’m crazy, but I would’ve preferred even more vibrant colours considering how cute and sugary Atelier Totori is.

Totori’s gold lining along her outfit, for example, was smooth with no spatter or paint outside the lines.

The small designs on Totori’s sleeve were also really well-done with smooth lines and no spatter.

Fine Details

There are a lot of small items to review, but lets start with the staff. The red jewel in the middle didn’t turn out well in my photos, but it looks pretty much like a red jolly rancher. The design around it, though detailed, lacks the precision sculpting I was hoping for. The edges are rough and it’s not perfectly symmetrical.

While Totori is technically what you’re buying, I’m under the impression that more time was spent sculpting the base than Totori herself. It contains a lot of random alchemy items, which helps set the feel of Totori’s workshop.

The stuffed bunny in the corner could easily be its own mini figure if it were detachable.

Unfortunately, I do have to point out that there are some places where the sculpting wasn’t as smooth as it could’ve been. The most obvious part was along Totori’s legs. There also just happened to be a paint spot there.

Taking everything into account, it’s still impressive how many little details Phat Company was able to get right. This Erlenmeyer flask for example looks pretty good, and the same can be said about the test tubes and jar behind it.


Despite the face and rough edges, I still think this is a very pretty figure. Phat Company isn’t quite at the same level as Alter or Good Smile Company, but it’s definitely better than a company like Griffon Enterprises. Based on their Totori figure, I’d put them somewhere close to Kotobukiya.


If you’re wondering why this review seemed a bit short, I’m actually packing for L.A. right now. I’ll be back next week with coverage from Anime Expo.

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20 Comments to “Totooria Helmold by Phat Company”

  1. “Totori is in a boring standing pose, but it’s all of the accessories and the design that make the figure so attractive.” <- Exactly my thought. I spent more time looking and analyzing the accessories than the character herself while looking at your first few photos. Overall though, it's still a really cute figure.
    hoshiko recently posted..The Other Self

    • Yeah, if they hadn’t put all of that stuff with her, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this figure. It would be nice if someone made a Totori figure with a better pose though.

  2. Glad Phat didnt skimp out on the caster figure when it came to the dynamism of the pose and…everything else :P

    The base of the figure and the other accessories also look interesting. Can you separate it from the figure? because it looks like a good stand to use with figmas and nendos as well =D
    duqs recently posted..June Drops

    • You can separate it from the figure, and that’s actually not a bad idea! Maybe I’ll use the base for my next nendo review :)

  3. After playing Rorona I ended up liking her a lot.

    After I played Totori fell in love with her.

    Which is the main reason I did not buy this figure, it does not remind me of the happy, warm feelings, I got when thinking about Totori and playing the game. I was too disappointed that her face looks different than the art from Kishida Mel and gives a different vibe.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Dammit Hollywood! Stop getting in the way of my blog!

    • Kishida Mel’s artwork what what drew me to the Atelier series too. It’s a real shame that Phat didn’t manage to capture the cuteness of the series, but I still think it’s a nice looking figure.

  4. TsukuyomiMagi99 says:

    The Atelier series along with Hyperdimension Neptunia are some of my favorite JRPG’s this gen.

  5. Overall it seems like a nicely designed figure, the colorful dressed Totori is very cute, even though she doesn’t look exactly like in the illustrations.

    It’s always sad if the company applies no blush to figures of characters that should have clearly visible ones. And it happens so often, even with very good figure manufacturers this can happen.
    Wieselhead recently posted..Medaka Box – anime review

    • I guess part of the reason why blush isn’t added to some figures is because it’s so subtle that the manufacturer’s forget about it. I can’t imagine it would cost too much to make 2 extra sprays of some pink paint onto a figure.

  6. Nice review. Can she stand on her own? Because I know Totori herself is detachable, but her standing pose is a bit weird.
    Nadav recently posted..Six Series That Needs To Be Released In The U.S. On Blu-ray

  7. Clearly a great Totori and one of the figures style that I most like. Nice photos as always…

    …can I take her home? :P
    feal87 recently posted..Tari Tari – Touching episode and great music. Konatsu!

  8. Ah i want her!
    I want to get the set of the 3 of them >.< She looks so nice and cute I love the base too.

    • I’m thinking about getting Rorona too, but she doesn’t look as nice as Totori. If the Meruru figure ends up being really good, then I’ll probably get Rorona too so that I’ll have a complete set.

  9. Why all the Griffon hate, man?

  10. aww i still eyeing at this figure, but the 19-year-old ver. totori one are on the make, maybe i’ll just wait for that to be released. but man i cant resist this one too.


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