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Megami Magazine Vol. 145

June 09, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

With the second Nanoha movie soon to hit Japanese theatres this summer, the series has once again taken over Megami Magazine. The cover features Nanoha and Fate in their A’s movie outfits. Of course, they also took up a number of pages inside the magazine, but I won’t be covering those. If you happen to be in Japan this summer, you can check out the movie starting on July 14.

Moving on, the pin-up posters in this volume were pretty good, as you can see below. Note that anything ecchi can only be viewed by clicking on the text links.

The first poster is of course dedicated to the Nanoha movie. Hayate and Reinforce seem to be floating in space for some reason. It’s not an impressive poster, but I’m sure Hayate/Rein fans would like it.

I’m sure Strike Witches + onsens have been done a dozen times by now, but a few of them are actually good, and this is one of them. The characters are properly drawn and shaded, the background and foreground are very detailed, and the steam doesn’t look awkward trying to cover up some parts – it actually looks like steam.

Moeblobs doing moe things. This K-ON poster would’ve been a lot nicer if they had done more shading with Azusa, Ui, and that other girl (what’s her name?). Right now, each of them look like they were each made with only 2 solid colours.

The Fate/Zero posters in Megami continue to focus on motherly love. We’ve already seen Iri and Ilya together in a previous volume, and they appear again here with some roses and hearts in the background. It seems like a perfect scene for Mother’s Day.

Here’s an example of how the skin tone shading in the previous K-ON poster could’ve been done better. I don’t follow Aquarion EVOL, but I’m guessing these two characters are minor since I haven’t seen them before.

I love the contrast between Kuroyukihime’s pale skin and her black hair and clothing. While I can’t tell what the background is supposed to be, it works very well with Kuroyukihime and the butterflies.

This Ano Natsu de Matteru poster was done in a style different from that of the anime, but it looks cool. I especially like how Ichika and her sister’s eyes were done, they look almost shiny, which matches the glowing and glittery parts of their outfits.

Here’s another good poster that works with contrasting colours again. Rea’s hair is almost pure black while her skin is a pale white. Together they help to bring out her zombie eyes, which are blood red. The hydrangea look great, and the overall composition was done in a very deliberate manner. The snail and flowers in the foreground, as well as the umbrella really draw your attention to Rea.

In comparison with the previous three posters, Nagi seems kinda dull. It’s clear that a lot of detail was left out of her hair, there’s an outline but no lines within the actual body of hair.

I believe that the episode in which Kuuko appears in Haiyore Nyaruko-san is where the idea for this image was from. My guess as to what happened behind the scenes was an attempt at some yuri, but I guess it was actually yuri bondage.

Ayumu’s fantasies always seem to involve poor Eu. I wonder if she would actually wear usagi-mimi and a school sukumizu. More importantly, which voice is she using in this scene?

This is a Queen’s Blade poster, enough said.

To be honest, I have no clue what Muv-Luv Alternative is about, but their suits look cool.

I haven’t heard many good things about Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, but if it has awesome posters like this, how bad can it be? This actually reminds me of promotional material for anime from the 90’s, which usually involved one or two main characters in the foreground, followed by a bunch of characters in the background and someone’s huge face right behind them.

This is a poster from one of the new series coming this summer – Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. Considering how ecchi this poster is, I’m assuming the anime will be filled with fanservice.

At least the fanservice in Shining Hearts is surprisingly minimal. This poster sums up the series very well; it’s about cute girls and bread.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was already covered in a previous volume of Megami, but now that it’s finally being aired, there are actually ads for it. This is one of the few anime that I’m looking forward to this season that isn’t a sequel or spin-off.

Other anime of interest are covered in the Anime Character Catch Up section of the magazine. I’m sure most of you have already heard the news, but Little Busters is finally getting an anime adaptation, and will hopefully contribute to Key’s success with anime. There is also an Ore no Imouto 2 coming out, a spin-off Code Geass anime, the Madoka movies, and a slice-of-life called Kokoro Connect. The second half of 2012 is certainly starting to look better.

In case some of you haven’t already heard, Megami Magazine is starting up a new series called Megami Magazine Spirits. The difference between Spirits and the regular magazine is that the Spirits line will focus more on the creators/creation of anime. I do not believe it will contain pin-up posters like the regular magazine.

The back cover once again features one of the girls from Mashiroiro Symphony. I love these ads, and really wish they would have one of them as a poster in the future. For reference, below are all of the ads that have appeared in Megami Magazine.

How can you not like at least one of them?

The large poster included in this volume was nice, featuring the same image of Nanoha and Fate as on the cover. Unfortunately, the background is a plain white, but the sheer size of this poster makes up for that.

This is a B1 size poster, which is a LOT bigger than a regular B2 size poster. For comparison, I’ve put the poster from the previous volume on top of this volume’s. As you can see, it has about twice the surface area.

The other side of the poster has the girls from Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A in their swimwear. This side isn’t impressive in terms of artwork either, but again, the size does make up for it.

In all, I think this volume had some nice artwork. The ones that stood out most were the Ano Natsu, Accel World, and Sankarea posters. Some other notable ones were the Strike Witches and Horizon posters. This is definitely a volume worth picking up.

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23 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 145”

  1. Nanoha and Fate were wearing pretty interesting costumes, I don’t think I remembered seeing them wearing such variation of their outfits during the TV series and the 1st movie. Really looking forward th A’s Movie now.
    Kai recently posted..Guide on Purchasing Figures

    • The movies seem to have different outfits for each of the characters. It’s a nice change from the ones we’re used to in the TV series.

  2. TsukuyomiMagi99 says:

    NANOHA!!!! Love you Nanoha!!!

  3. Fadingwing says:

    Firstly,I am looking forward to the Nanoha’s 2nd movie especially Hayate.I haven’t looked Fate/Zero since 2nd.Next,I think the clothes of Kuroyukihime is a bit strange(personal view).Sankarea also dropped out of my list. I guess I won’t watch Muv-Luv Alternative,I dislike this style.Shining Hearts has been moving so slowly.Finally,I love Mashiroiro Symphony very much!

    • I’m looking forward to seeing Hayate in action too, she doesn’t get much screen time in the series. Mashiroiro Symphony deserves more love, it’s so pretty and nice to look at.

  4. Fadingwing says:

    How can I have the avatar on the comment?

  5. I totally love Nanoha’s posters.
    Phossil recently posted..Nozomi Kiriya

  6. Don’t know much about the series here. And I totally agree that Nagi looks boring. Personally, there are 2 images which catch my eyes, Ano Natsu de Matteru and Muv-Luv Alternative. They have better shadows and highlights I guess and the girls are definitely more beautiful as compared to the rest :D

    megami145-03.jpg is a cheerful and nice image too. :D
    softz recently posted..Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore – A Weekend Getaway

    • The shadows and highlights in those two posters are indeed nice. It’s a shame that some of the other ones have solid shading, they look horrible in comparison. The Strike Witches posters have been a lot nicer recently, they must’ve gotten someone good to illustrate them.

  7. The Mashiroiro Symphony ads seem to have a spring, summer, fall, winter theme going on there! I’d love a poster of one, even if I have no idea what the series is about.

    I’m rather surprised at the quality of the posters this time. They’re all very nice. The Sankarea one is absolutely gorgeous! Has there ever been a Sengoku Collection poster in Megami? I can’t remember.
    Ari recently posted..Sengoku Collection Episode 10

    • The alternating seasons is a nice touch now that you can see all of them together. I didn’t even watch the series, but I love the artwork for it.

      I don’t think there has been a Sengoku Collection poster yet. It’s rather disappointing, since there isn’t even much artwork online for the series.

  8. Nothing much that interested me this time around other than the Nanoha stuff. How vexing that it will be months until I can watch the A’s movie.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Selvaria Bles – Alter’s Bikini Clad Commander

    • Months? more like a year if the first movie is any indication of how long it takes for the Blu-ray to come out. Waiting for it is going to be torture.

  9. Oh another Nanoha Movie, how nice, that reminds me of the Blood C Movie which will be shown this or next month.

    The Muv Luv girls are kinda cute .
    I’ve tried to watch Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, but after some eps I had enough. The poster is cool though ^^.

    The posters weren’t that convincing to me this time, couldn’t they have added a nicer poster of Nagi :(
    Wieselhead recently posted..New Preorders part 13

    • The Blood-C movie looks good, but I haven’t seen the series so I doubt I’d be able to follow what was going on. A lot of people have said that Kyoukai Senjoy no Horizon isn’t very good, but at least they have nice posters.

  10. oh my god, just looking at Nanoha armor, it’s so cool!! Though it vaguely reminds me of Saber’s breastplate but still, it absolutely good !
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Travel to Prague and back.

  11. Interesting to see that the 2nd movie of Nanoha will have Nanoha’s and Fate’s costume to match StrikerS’ counterparts more… Well at least this is the case for Fate since it’s the more obvios one to spot for me.

    Iri x Ilya is my favourite in this bunch. Sometimes it’s not the sexy or suggestive photos that win people’s attention, but perhaps the simple, sweet and adorable love that tends to the best thing… Well for me at least.
    Q recently posted..Observing anime popularity using Twitter – Anime Social Graph

    • The Nanoha movie outfits seem to be closer to the StrikerS designs, it makes me wonder what they’ll look like in the third movie.

      The Iri x Illya poster is nice, I wouldn’t mind more posters like that over some of the ecchi stuff.


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