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Megami Magazine Vol. 143

April 30, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Today we have volume 143 (April 2012) of Megami Magazine, just before the end of the month. The cover this time around features Shinobu from Nisemonogatari eating one of those weird donuts that looks like it’s wrapped in something.

The ecchi level is high in this volume so some of you will probably want to pass on getting this one (or get your wallets out *wink*). As usual, any objectionable (ecchi) images are hidden in the links rather than shown directly on the page in order to protect those visiting from public places from embarrassment.

Infinite Stratos continues to find its way into Megami, with some of the girls wearing matching outfits.

Louise is such a tease. Considering how petit she is, that towel must be tiny.

Guilty Crown isn’t anywhere near being good, but you’ve got to admit that it has some nice artwork. I love the expressions on Mana and Inori’s faces, and the background makes it feel a bit dream-like. My only complaint is that with the angle Mana’s legs come down, it seems like she’s missing some feet.

A bra is showing so I’ll classify this Rinne no Lagrange poster as ecchi, but with such simplistic line art, it’s hard to think of it as such.

At first, Tsubasa looks pretty hot here, but take a closer look and you’ll notice that her body proportions are completely off. Her waist is about the same size as one of her thighs, her arms are not much wider than her sword, and her left breast looks like a deflated balloon hanging off her clothing. Horrible illustrations for a horribly animated series?

I admit it, I have a leg fetish, and Ririchiyo has the nicest anime legs I’ve seen in a while. Not to mention she’s also adorable.


Again, we have the same Shinobu illustration as the one on the front cover. I like how they made a patterned donut backdrop in accordance with the -monogatari style.

Its been a while since Megami included an Amagami SS poster. Like many of the previous ones, it also features a one-piece swimsuit. Not quite to my tastes, but it’s nice if you don’t like bikinis.

Nice tiles. I don’t really have anything to say about this one.

Papakiki confuses me to no end, is it supposed to be ecchi (like shown here), or heartwarming?

This would’ve been a nice poster if it weren’t for the fact that all three girls are covered by shadows. Couldn’t they have drawn the sun shining in front of them?

The featured artist in this volume’s Girl’s Avenue is Hirano Katsuyuki (a.k.a. Tsuyuki, 津雪). He has worked on illustrations for games such as Record of Agarest War and Blazing Souls. The majority of his illustrations seem to have a fantasy theme and his style has what I would describe as a watercolour-look, as you can see from his illustration above. You can visit his website at

Colourful and dynamic, I like it.
This is rather mild for this series.

This is one of the nicer Highschool DxD posters in my opinion. It has a classy look while still keeping in line with the main selling point of the series.

There was nothing interesting in the anime section of the magazine, just some series which have already started airing and Sword Art Online.

The figure section was significantly reduced, only consisting of a single-sided page. Featured figures were all seen during the last Wonder Festival.

The back cover picks up where previous volumes left off and continues to advertise To Heart 2’s Dungeon Travellers OVA.

The saving grace for this volume is that it comes with a nice Nanoha poster for the upcoming second movie. I love Nanoha with her hair down.

On the reverse side is an illustration of Gertrud and Erica from Strike Witches. It’s a but dull since they’re not doing anything.

Overall, this was a disappointing volume. The Infinite Stratos illustration was high quality, and I personally like the Guilty Crown and Inu x Boku SS posters, but the lack of detail and low quality of other posters really dragged down my impression of this volume.

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14 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 143”

  1. The Louise poster is nice I ordered the big bath poster of this illustration on Hobbysearch.

    The GC poster is very well done, nearly as nice as the one from Ririchiyo.

    The Rinne no Lagrange poster looks a bit off with so little detailing on the other hand the Papa no Iu Koto wa Kikinasai! poster is too bold in that regard ;p

    The Hirano Katsuyuki illustration is nice and very pretty, I would like to see more of him/her.
    Wieselhead recently posted..Naoe Kanetsugu – Hyakka Ryoran by ALTER

    • I would like a big poster of Louise too, but those usually cost more than I’m willing to pay. The Papakiki poster is rather bold, I was a bit surprised considering the series isn’t like that.

      I’m sure if you just searched for Hirano Katsuyuki, you’ll find more of his illustrations.

  2. It’s been while since I had the change to look at one of these.

    Louise, Shinobu and Nanoha made it for me, time to find the digital versions of that.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Let us commence with an All-Out Attack! Alter’s Aegis – ART WORKS ver.

  3. I see that Nanoha’s characters are always popular in this kind of magazines…*_*
    feal87 recently posted..Competition, drama and bad seeding. Is this really worth it?

  4. Wow, the poster quality is pretty low this time. Sure there’s more fanservice, but it looks like there’s a lot more anatomical problems in a majority of the posters. That Symphogear poster especially! What’s wrong with her everything?!

    I’m glad that the Inu x Boku SS poster was nice, though. It looks like one of the best ones this issue.

    • Tsubasa really looks terrible, I was surprised to see such low quality in Megami, they’re usually good at keeping ones like that out. I’m also fond of the Inu x Boku SS poster, but mainly because I like Ririchiyo.

  5. I’ve similar thoughts as Ari. The quality of the poster is pretty low and I’m not captivated by any of them. Even the ecchi images didn’t look special :(
    softz recently posted..Din Tai Fung @ Marina Sands Bay

  6. Yay Shinobu made it in the cover of the magazine :)
    fabrice recently posted..Holo au Chateau de la Bretesche

  7. I like the Louise poster, but I would agree that this one seems to be a bit on the low-grade side of the fence. I know tons of people that would love that Papa no Iu Koto wa Kikinasai! poster however.
    kgods recently posted..NTR Radio Gaiden: The POMFing in 306


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