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Anime Screenshots 3

April 16, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Anime

Since I abandoned the anime screenshots project a few years ago, I’ve received several comments from people wanting it back. After much deliberation (amongst me, myself, and I of course), I’ve decided to start it up again to see how it goes. This time instead of weekly posts, it will be seasonal, covering some of the more interesting screenshots of the past few months. For those new to the Anime Screenshots column, it’s basically a collection of screenshots that I took while watching anime that I felt were worthy of sharing, as you can see below.

Screenshot 1:

Anime: Ano Natsu de Matteru
Episode: 3
Comments: Has anyone else noticed Japan’s odd fascination with Tommy Lee Jones?

Screenshot 2:

Anime: Guilty Crown
Episode: 18
Comments: I swear that the creators of Guilty Crown just wanted to draw in some Starcraft fans by making Inori more Kerrigan-esque.

Screenshot 3:

Anime: Guilty Crown
Episode: 22
Comments: Baby Funnels!!! No really, having daddy and mommy robots give birth to baby robots is just weird.

Screenshot 4:

Anime: Hayate no Gotoku – Heaven is a Place on Earth
Episode: Movie
Comments: From my experience, ant karma is not something you want to mess with, even in an anime.

Screenshot 5:

Anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Episode: 11
Comments: Oh deary, you should take a good look in the mirror.

Screenshot 6:

Anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Episode: 11
Comments: For anyone who has ever wondered why girls get stronger with less armour, the answer is simple, they have bullet-proof boobs.

Screenshot 7:

Anime: Mirai Nikki
Episode: 19
Comments: Remember folks, running down a hill is considered obscene in Japan.

Screenshot 8:

Anime: Mirai Nikki
Episode: 21
Comments: If you draw a scene badly enough, no one will bother censoring it.

Screenshot 9:

Anime: Another
Episode: 8
Comments: Admit it, Izumi is hotter than Mei.

Screenshot 10:

Anime: Inu x Boku SS
Episode: 5
Comments: I wish all girls wore nightwear like this.

Screenshot 11:

Anime: Inu x Boku SS
Episode: 6
Comments: The sheer brilliance speaks for itself.

Screenshot 12:

Anime: Bodacious Space Pirates
Episode: 8
Comments: *turns down brightness*

Screenshot 13:

Anime: Nisemonogatari
Episode: 8
Comments: Don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Screenshot 14:

Anime: Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai
Episode: 1
Comments: Because that is all that matters.

Screenshot 15:

Anime: Zero no Tsukaima F
Episode: 12
Comments: I have been waiting to see Louise in a wedding dress forever.

Screenshot 16:

Anime: Shakugan no Shana III
Episode: 13
Comments: Sophie is the world’s most awesome grandma/nun!

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10 Comments to “Anime Screenshots 3”

  1. I guess these old american actors are very popular over there, reminds me of Bill Murray in “Lost in translation” :D

    Mhh I haven’t noticed the baby robots in GC, what the hell ?

    A few times Mirai Nikki looked a bit odd, it’s always strange in anime if there are animations of different quality in one episode.

    Izumi is NOT hotter than Mei, no way in hell is this evil twintail monster hot ! :p

    The nun against the fish denizen was awesome, unfortunately the whole season wasn’t even close to it :(

    • I hope that the DVD/Blu-ray releases for Mirai Nikki are better than the broadcast, I’d hate to buy it and find out it still looks horrible sometimes.

      Izumi > Mei

      It’s sad how Shana was so lacklustre, the series had way more potential back in 2006.

  2. Haha bullet proof boobs…that’s funneh!

    Baby robots…how is that possible?!

    Aw I miss these shows already…
    Cely_belly recently posted..Sankarea 01, 02: First Impressions

  3. Thats nice of you to bring back your project you started before for you readers. Haha I burst out laughing at the screenshot one. Heck how can i not realise it too that the guys looked like tommy lee jones. they should have made the other look like will smith :)
    fabrice recently posted..Akihabara

    • I don’t think Will Smith is as popular as Tommy Lee Jones (he has his own coffee), but it would’ve been cool if they did that.

  4. “Don’t forget to brush your teeth.”

    This one cracked me up the most! :D
    Kai recently posted..Mirai Nikki Review

  5. A lot of the screenshots with captions made me laugh, be it the bulletproof boobs or the one in Mirai Nikki, even though I haven’t watched them.

    Since so many people talk about the teethbrushing in Nisemonogatari I had to give that scene a watch, and wow, it is… Hard to forget lol.

    Gotta admit Sophie’s upward Kamen Rider Kick really kicks ass though!

    • It’s scenes like these ones that make me enjoy anime. Even though some of them are just strange, it’s what makes anime unique.


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