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April 2012 Updates

April 10, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Announcements

Nopy Returns Triumphant!

As most of you already know, I’ve been spending the last few weeks preparing for the GMAT which is why I’ve been absent for a while. Last night, I dreamt that I was preparing to do battle with a dark and powerful enemy. This morning, I ate Shanghai Noodles to keep my stamina up, and after a 4-hour long battle, I defeated the GMAT.

I scored in the 96th percentile so I don’t have to worry about that part of my application anymore. Once I get everything else done, I’ll be able to get back to blogging.

Calling All Blogs

After receiving several messages and encountering the topic at work and during my GMAT study time, I have decided to offer advertising on my site and recommend other anime blogs to do the same. I’m not talking about filling your sidebar with a bunch of anime companies, but advancing the anime/figure/bishoujo artwork industries and spreading the fandom. This includes promoting non-profit groups, services, products, and events. You can see what I’ve done on my Advertising page.

Aniblog Tourney II

News is that the Aniblog Tourney is back. While I was excluded from the first one, it seems the organizers decided to include me in the second. It’s basically a popularity contest, but also a great way to discover new blogs and content, so go out, have fun, and enjoy!

Catching Up

I currently have several dozen comments to reply to, a new season of anime to check out, and over 400 blog posts to read so I will be doing a lot of catching up this week. Regular blog posting may have to wait a bit longer while I get stuff done.

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24 Comments to “April 2012 Updates”

  1. good that your weeks of preparations paid off in the end – maybe wishing you good luck also helped a bit =) I guess your happy that GMAT is over now.

    You really have the motivation to catch up with over 400 blog posts? wow ^^
    Wieselhead recently posted..Artbook review: Xa Colors

    • I think a bit of luck did reach me that day, a lot of good things actually happened besides the exam.

      I’ve caught up with a backlog of 400 posts before, it’ll just take some time.

  2. Good to have you back, hopefully since you were feeling great on the actual day you did well on the GMAT.

    I given the idea of advertisement some thought before but always have a hard time deciding on it. Where would I put them? To benefit the most they would need to be front and center so to speak. However, I would prefer not to do so and put them elsewhere but that makes it harder for people to buy them.

    As for the Aniblog stuff I have nothing but disdain for it. I’m not a big fan of the editorial type blogs with very few exceptions. Which seem to be the type favored in that kind of thing. Also, no photography blogs? Cosplay, figures, etc are just as big part of showing your love and fandom as writing fancy posts about anime is if you ask me. Alas, I should not rant about this and move along.

    Oh boy 400? I cringe when I have 30-40 posts to catch up on, even then I end up commenting on whatever is the newest most current post than going back to comment on every single thing.

    • Ads don’t have to be in the form of banners, they could also be blog posts or just an announcement on Twitter. I was thinking of advertising more for smaller companies and non-profit organizations that will benefit the anime industry rather than big successful companies.

  3. TsukuyomiMagi99 says:

    Que the victory music and congratulations! LOL

  4. Victory!! Good to hear. Back to anime…yay. Didn’t you just miss it? :)
    Cely_belly recently posted..Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead: First Impressions

  5. Welcome back! Glad you’ll be joining us in the Aniblog Tourney this year ^_^
    Yumeka recently posted..Sexuality versus violence in anime

  6. Yo yo yo! Or something like that :D Glad you did well on the GMAT, and welcome back. I think!
    Justin recently posted..Anime Review: Chihayafuru

  7. Fadingwing says:

    I like your blog and see some interesting things.I’m glad to see you back.

  8. Welcome back and congrats. Looks like you won’t have to worry about any number filtering with that score :P. Also, Di-swords work on GMATs?

    400 blog posts to catch up on, urgh that would destroy me. I’m struggling to keep up with a few a week let alone 400. Plus I’m now adding to your comment pile, sorry.

    • Yes, in my deluded world, Di-swords do work on GMATs :)

      It’s always nice to get comments, don’t worry about adding more. In fact, I’d like to see more comments on my blog.

  9. Great to see you back and congratulations!

    haha funny enough is that me too I tend to east Shanghai Noodles before a big test ^^

    Dont worry if you have to skip some of my posts I dont want you to feel oblige since you have like 400 blog posts ^^”’ the main thing is that we know your back and you can start again :)

    Thats a great again to help promote various anime related things, I myself is trying to spread my project holo but its really difficult to reach the audiance for some reason.
    fabrice recently posted..1/8 Scale Shinobu Oshino

  10. And btw dam you have so many views! good on you :)
    I only have a fraction of what you get.

    The advertising idea should be worthwile for anyone considering it! :)
    fabrice recently posted..1/8 Scale Shinobu Oshino

    • Views aren’t everything though. A lot of them are just from people who randomly stumbled upon my blog. I’d like more of them to be regular readers.

  11. Never tried Shanghai noodles to improve my stamina, instead, I just drink the good old coffee.. it doesn’t help at all though. This weekend, I drank it, and still slept damn early.

    Anyway, I can see you’re already full of energy now that you bested the GMAT. Welcome back nopy! It’s good to have you back.
    Kai recently posted..Random Musings on Shakugan no Shana III and Zero no Tsukaima F

    • Coffee doesn’t help me either. It’ll keep me awake for an hour or two, but then I feel really tired afterwards. For a 4 hour exam, that wouldn’t have been good.


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