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Megami Magazine Vol. 142

March 26, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Hello everyone, here is Megami Magazine volume 142 (March 2012), the last post I will be making on my blog…

until I write the GMAT of course. I am falling behind on my study schedule so I will be going into hermit mode for the next few weeks, but I will return by mid-April.

This volume once again features Idolmaster on the front cover, though the series is nowhere near as prominent as Nanoha. There were surprisingly fewer pin-up posters in this volume, which you can check out below. For newcomers, links to images are ecchi and may be assumed to be NSFW.

To honour the upcoming Strike Witches movie, the yuri couple of Sanya and Eila makes an appearance here.

Despite Guilty Crown’s shortcomings, I have to admit that they do know how to pander to male audiences without being too obvious. Any nurse lovers here?

I’m surprised that they have hamburgers in Louise’s world; I guess Saito told everyone about them. I’m kinda upset that Siesta took the spotlight from Louise in this poster.

Symphogear isn’t what I would call yuri, but it tries to give off that feeling between the characters. I doubt you would see Miku eyeing Hibiki like that in the anime though. Does anyone find it odd how twig-like their fingers are?

Not quite sure what’s going on here…

I liked this poster because it only showed the half of Charlotte’s dream that matters. It’s rather late for Valentine’s Day though.

If this poster is any indication, the upcoming K-ON movie will have NINJAS! Everyone knows that ninjas make everything 10x better, especially if they’re female ninjas.

Here is the cover image without the text covering up everything. While I’m not an Idolmaster fan, I have to admit that this poster is very nice. I love the outfits and the mix of spotlights, graffiti, and star-sphere thingies makes it more attention-grabbing.

This poster would’ve been excellent if it weren’t for the fact that they forgot about light refraction with water. Megami is usually good about these things, but I guess they wanted to preserve the appeal of the characters.

Sometimes I can’t tell if Milky Holmes is for kids or perverted men.

A typical girl on bed shot. She’s cute, but there’s nothing really special about this poster.

Here we have a poster with a stunning illustration by Namamo Nanase (なまもななせ) of the circle Kaitsushin. You can visit her blog at Nanase creates some stunning artwork, and this illustration is a perfect example. The girls have cute expressions, long wavy hair, the right proportions, and highly detailed (and stylish) outfits. Add to that a surreal background that looks like a crossing of dimensions and you have one incredible poster on your hands.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Ikkitousen was long over. I never understood the attraction to cyclops girls.

I hear Queen’s Blade is making a comeback. A treat for all the naughty folks out there.

The concept of To Heart 2: Dungeon Travellers is interesting, but after seeing the first episode, not my cup of tea. It was too plain and boring, the same goes for this poster.

A nice little extra that came with this volume was a Nanoha promotional card. I like to keep these things sealed for value’s sake.

The Figure StyleS section didn’t have anything that caught my interest other than the Kyouko nendoroid.

The anime section covered some sequels like Saki, Yuru Yuri, and Queen’s Blade. One new title that caught my eye was Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (人類は衰退しました) at the bottom of the right page. Based on a novel by the same name, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (or Jintai) takes place in the future when humanity has declined to the point where we are no longer the dominant species on Earth. Instead, the world is dominated by little faeries about 10cm tall. One day, a girl takes a few of them home (through kidnapping) and soon finds out that they evolve much faster than anything else. Over the course of a few days she witnesses the rise of a people, the building of a civilization, and experiences what it’s like to be God. It certainly sounds like a cute and funny series with a deeper meaning, just my type. I couldn’t find more information on it, but from the description in Megami (which I wish I could read), it has some relation to Angel Beats and Steins;Gate.

Seeing this ad in here was surprising. I can’t remember how many years its been since I watched Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, but I still remember hating the blue-haired girl for what she did.

On the back cover is a cute Mashiroiro Symphony ad. I wish there were more posters from this series instead of just ads.

The B2 poster from this volume featured a lovely poster of Nanoha and friends on a ski trip. Those are the tiniest snowboards I’ve ever seen.

The opposite side features nerd-Homura with what appears to be a cheesecake. Personally, I would’ve liked a poster of yuri-Homura instead.

There were some very nice posters in this volume. My favourite one is definitely the one with Nanase’s illustration, followed by the Idolmaster poster and Ano Natsu poster. Guilty Crown and IS are tied for 4th. The ecchiness wasn’t too bad, though I did omit one poster entirely. Overall, a pretty good volume.

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16 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 142”

  1. good luck with the GMAT thing, see you in april.

    I like no nurses, but cute girls look nice in everything, so its a nice poster ^^
    The Rinne no Lagrange poster is my fav since Lan is always so nice
    Oh there was a funny Ikki Tousen OVA recently, well but the poster shows nothing from it.

    Kimi ga Nozomu Eien was my first drama anime, the blue haired girl had a somehow rotten personality, it was so mean as they didn’t tell Haruka the truth after she woke up.
    Wieselhead recently posted..Astraea – Sora no Otoshimono by PLUM

    • Ah, if there was an OVA, that explains why there’s an Ikki Tousen poster in here. I can sort of understand not telling Haruka what happened, but the blue-haired girl shouldn’t have just taken the guy like that.

  2. You scared the crap out of me for a moment there when you said this was going to be the last entry on your blog…hahhaha
    Dreaming artemis recently posted..Many new happenings

  3. Got worried you were leaving for good :/
    Good luck buddy, me too Im falling behind but I blame my time management. I know I can balance it.

    Lovely pictures The K-ON! one will always bring me smile as I love Ui!
    How jealous of Yui i am ^^
    fabrice recently posted..Entrance Ceremony

  4. The “typical girl on a bed” is Asia from Highschool DxD, and for fans of the character, it’s a pretty awesome pic. ^_^ It’s a great anime, btw.

    • I’ve heard quite a few good comments about Highschool DxD, but I still can’t get over how much it seems to be a pure fanservice anime.

  5. I would enjoy having that Strike Witches poster and I’m not even a fan of Eila. As always, a nice overview of a classic magazine.

  6. Thanks for the link to Namamo Nanase. Never heard of the artist, but the artwork is just so good to ignore. Also good luck with your studies. Always been in hermit mode, but need to revert back, so I can finish up school.

    • I always try to introduce some new artists here, though it’s hard to find information on them when it’s all in Japanese.

  7. Wow, Guilty Crown really has good art and character designs.
    SnippetTee recently posted..Polar Bear Café and Coffee Culture

  8. I’d certainly be delighted to hear a comeback about Queen’s Blade. Also, Ikkitousen.. Kanu is not a cyclop girl :D…
    softz recently posted..Watami @ ION Orchard, Singapore – Lunch


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