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Taking a Breather

March 07, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Announcements, Personal

Some of you may have noticed a lack of posts in the last 2 weeks; that has been due to some decision-making in the real world. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember when I talked about trying to get into graduate studies. Unfortunately, the program that I wanted to get in to is only really available in foreign (mainly American) schools, making it harder for me to get in because I have no connection to them, no money, and my GRE scores were only slightly above the entrance averages for top-tier schools. Getting those rejection letters hurt :(

I do not believe a single post-secondary degree is enough to get you through life comfortably though, especially considering half of people my age have one or are in the process of getting one. Thus, I have decided to apply for an MBA program and work at the same time. I will just barely meet the minimum work experience required to apply, but I’ll send in my application anyway in the hope that they don’t reject me for lack of experience. This means I will also have to write the GMAT within the next month to meet the application deadline. In order to make time to study, I will be taking a breather from my blogging activities. I will still be making posts, but instead of 2-3 every week it’ll be around 1 every week, and I will still be leaving comments throughout the aniblogosphere, but less frequently. Things will return to normal sometime in April.

Until then, I’ll probably be in this condition most nights:

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16 Comments to “Taking a Breather”

  1. Good luck with the GMAT and app! We’ll be waiting for your “full-time” return!
    TWWK recently posted..Fruits of the Spirit: The Kindness of Vash the Stampede

  2. Good luck Nopy!

    P.S. That Kyubey is so cute! *_*
    feal87 recently posted..Shining Hearts – Misty! I’m trusting you Production I.G.!

  3. Good Luck with that, you can do it =)
    Wieselhead recently posted..SONICONICOROCK Tribute To VOCALOID – CD

  4. As long as you have outstanding results for your first degree, I think getting into MBA even without enough working experience should not be a problem. I was accepted to the program when I had less than a year of working experience.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best! Studying and working at the same time can be taxing, but the things you’ll gain is worth it.
    Hoshiko recently posted..The Place Promised In Our Early Days: Of Friendship & Love

  5. TsukuyomiMagi99 says:

    Best of luck! I hope you make it!

  6. Good luck with your studies~ I know I never could have afforded to get my B.A. were it not for a fluke scholarship/grant I got that pretty much paid for my two years at uni. I’m finally debt free now though still jobless, so graduate school is out of the question…but I hope you have awesome luck with getting your MBA program, and whatever else comes your way!
    Yumeka recently posted..What is a guilty pleasure?

  7. Hang in there Nopy! Don’t sweat it. We wish you the best :) Good luck!
    Cely_belly recently posted..Bleach Ch. 484

  8. Hang in there Nopy! Don’t sweat it. We wish you the best :) Good luck too!
    Cely_belly recently posted..Bleach Ch. 484

  9. I really hope it all goes well and you get accepted. Good luck :D
    Marow recently posted..Are Funding Platforms a Possible Future For Anime?

  10. Good luck with your studies nopy. I get a lot of “rejection letters” myself so I can understand your pain^^”

  11. Good luck! I’ll cheer for you from the hellish internships I’ll start in one week.

    For which I got a handful of rejection letters too -__-
    Kuuki recently posted..Sengoku themed anime for everyone’s tastes.

  12. All the best Nopy! ^^
    Xine recently posted..Make your LEGO wishes come true

  13. All the best. Hopefully you get onto the MBA (Master of Business?) & can continue to work, since that would give you a second degree & continued experience.

    Wait so you’re going to change gender and write with a quill most nights o.O.

  14. Thank you for the kind wishes, everyone!

    lol, I think I would be worried about other things if I changed genders.

  15. >I do not believe a single post-secondary degree is enough to get you through life comfortably though, especially considering half of people my age have one or are in the process of getting one.

    I agree with you. I have always thought it was fiction that there were always more jobs requiring college grads than there were graduates. That situation is also intensified by the large number of foreign university graduates entering the USA job market. Heck, a foreign metallurgist just immigrated into my neighborhood recently. Now that I’m in management, I find my beliefs vindicated via our HR department which hires anyone qualified (as long as they meet homeland security and other requirements). So, USA grads must compete with grads from foreign countries that also apply for jobs in the USA.

    In the USA, your sentiment is also becoming ever more obvious to those university graduates just entering the job market. So, it’s good that you’ve noticed the trend in your country as well, given that you’ve probably heard plenty of stories about how most everyone in South Korea goes on to secondary education. Still, a college education is good enough in the usa as long as the person has a little ambition to keep using it and has no mental illness which is devastating towards job security.

    USA college grads vs jobs:

    To help your admissions in a USA school, if there is any way whatsoever to hide your ethnic asian background from school admissions, then do so. If it’s optional, don’t mark your background as ethnic asian; it’s too bad it wouldn’be be legal for you to mark “black” as that category has the least strict requirements for post-graduate admission. Ethnic Asian category has the highest admission requirements at post graduate systems such as the university of california. It’s too bad you can’t spoof the system with you changing your name to “Wilhelm Jaegermeister Engelhardt” and having your parents also be “Conrad Engelhardt” and “Ursula Ingeborg”. But they run names thru the computer to check for homeland security reasons now since those with criminal records or homeland security records are supposed to drop to the low priority, lose scholarships, etc. I don’t know if they update your ethicity from such searches though.

    USA Gov’t Bureau Labor Statistics:

    One survey of current USA employees showed over 1/3 of the employed college graduates have degree accredation beyond a bachelor’s degree. This implies a lot of college graduates are not working (which may be the case for women who had children and thus became housewives). So getting a college education doesn’t mean you’ll have enough money to retire on your own without help from your children to delay the time of entering into assisted living for the infirmity years which basically costs from $4,500 up or to nursing homes which can be $8,000 and upwards (based upon your condition) a month now, and in the future will be far more as medical costs have been zooming up faster than inflation at the time George Bush became president in 2004 for the 2nd term and made it clear he would oppose any national medical reform or implement cost controls; let the market set the rates. Anyways, you have to be rich to have a nursing home take care of you in your senile years in the USA and I fear a lot of people haven’t planned for that; being senile and homeless is going to be pretty common in the USA. But the press seems to deliberately avoid publishing news about the homeless (some have been murdered and that doesn’t even make the news), so people here are not nearly as scared about the future as they should be. In my area, the pauper/homeless death count is trending towards equality with the death counts of people who still have positive finances at death. This proves that the more recent generations haven’t been preparing as well for retirement as the older people. But as I told my kids, work hard, save up a lot, don’t count on inheritance to pay your way through life even though they’ll be getting it, etc.

    Anyways, if you do study and complete your degree in the USA, you would be allowed under the Student F-1 type visa to find employment for up to 12 months as job-related study. You can thank the republicans for passing that legislation to ensure usa companies have the best qualified pool of job applicants. It’s not a beneficial law for usa citizens seeking jobs, but laws benefitting corporations/rich vs normal citizens are two separate issues in american politics. The way the USA is heading to a culture benefitting mainly the wealthy means there is a lot of pressure to succeed now or else become a wage slave merely surviving a frugal existence until dying off. Anyways, my suggestion is you might actually sidestep your existing non-usa bachelors by taking on another bachelors degree (using your existing bachelors to eliminate or prequalify usa university courses). Thus, you could be entering effectively your junior year in a technical usa university baccalaureate program. The reason why you’d do that instead of applying for a masters is that someone who graduates with a bachelors degree will have an easier time to qualify for post graduate study at the same institution AS well as being qualified to obtain 12 months of post bachelors employment as your Optional Practical Training (OPT). This work time is also your useful time delay if you fail the first time for masters degree admission. This approach would thus give you at least two separated-in-time solid chances at admissions and developing contacts while remaining on USA soil and having legally valid usa coroporate job experience on top of that. If you come to work at a corporation such as mine, once you reach the end of your OPT time limit, the company can sponsor them for an H1-B Temporary Worker Visa which means you would need a middle level manager’s approval (like mine). This allows you to to continue working for that company another 3 to 6 years.

    USCIS Student Info:

    USCIS forms F-1 & I-765 info:

    Also look at other requirements such as Form I-94:

    So, your chances to be admitted to USA university graduate programs can be improved by using other approaches such as the OPT example I described above. Anyways, I hope I have managed to give you a new idea about methods to go about improving admissions chances.

    I would not have taken the time to write this if I didn’t appreciate what you have been doing for anime fandom all this time. So thank you. Your positive attitude reminds me of when I was just starting to be a fan in the 1980’s. So, from a long-retired fansubber, thank you for keeping the fandom light burning.

    • Thanks for the information, I really appreciate the research you’ve shared. I was unaware that American schools had different standards for people based on race. If a school in Canada did that, they would’ve been taken to court and ordered by the government to stop or lose their accreditation. I guess I’m lucky that somewhere along the way my ancestors gained an English family name even though I’m of Asian descent.


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