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Ruri Hoshino Nendoroid Petit by GSC

February 23, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Figures

I don’t normally review nendoroid petits since there really isn’t much about them to review, but since this is Ruri we’re talking about, I’m making an exception. Ruri Hoshino is the youngest member of the space battleship Nadesico from the anime Martian Successor Nadesico. She is the only survivor from a genetic engineering experiment to create individuals that are highly effective at interfacing with machines. She was purchased by Nergal Heavy Industries to work with the Nadesico’s supercomputer, Omoikane, to run all of the Nadesico’s systems.

This nendoroid petit is an exclusive figure that comes with the 4th volume of Monthly Anime Style. The magazine itself contains some illustrations and rough sketches from Nadesico, but I will just be covering the figure. The listed sale price is 1500 yen, but given its exclusive status and shipping costs, this figure ended up costing me 35 CAD.

Overall Sculpt and Pose

Ruri was created with a simple pose, having her hands behind her back and feet pointed slightly inwards. I’m not sure if they were trying to go for a shy pose or a military pose here.


I was pretty happy with the details on Ruri’s face. There are no areas where paint has been scratched off or splattered on, and it does match Ruri’s look. Her expression is also very characteristic of her at the start of the TV series – cold and largely emotionless.

Paint Job

I’ve never been impressed with the paint jobs on nendoroid petits and Ruri is no exception. The edges are rough and there are a few areas with paint splatter. The red spot on her hand-held device is also missing a bit of paint.

The Nergal logo on Ruri’s shoulder was nicely done though. I wonder why they couldn’t have applied paint as smoothly as this on other parts of the figure.

Fine Details

When it comes to nendoroid petits, there aren’t many fine details to look at. The only one here is really the Gekigengar doll that Ruri is holding behind her back. I was actually very impressed that they were able to make something so small and still have distinct arms, legs, and a head. Unfortunately, the painting here is also a bit rough.


As far as nendoroid petits go, Ruri is average. There are no special accessories or extra faces, and all she can really do is move her head from side to side and her arms up and down. Is it worth the $35 to get her? Probably not.

She is great to have if you’re a Ruri fan though, and I am a huge Ruri fan. I like Ruri so much that I ended up getting three of her.

With these in my possession, my Ruri collection is now only rivaled by my Louise collection.

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24 Comments to “Ruri Hoshino Nendoroid Petit by GSC”

  1. When I saw this online a few days/weeks back, I knew you’d buy it up, but I didn’t think you would buy two more figures!

    She looks very adorable here!

  2. despite that she can’t do anything special, she’s still very cute ^_^

    these logos are always machine printed, I guess the rough areas show where real people used a brush, they probably have to be rather fast at their job than doing a clean paintjob.
    Wieselhead recently posted..Super Soniko Bondage – Candy Pink by Orchid Seed (nsfw)

  3. Ha ha. Seeing how you are a big Ruri fan, you have made me want to see the anime.

    It’s always nice to blog about our favorite things :)
    Cely_belly recently posted..Bleach Ch. 482: Final Arc, Movie, now TV Ending?

  4. Wow, you bought three! Nendo Petit is one of those things that is pretty from a distance although there are a few that had good paint jobs.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Heartbreaks in Honey & Clover

  5. Is it only to me that the first comment looks like bad spam? :P
    feal87 recently posted..Senki Zesshou Symphogear – Chris is an ally now? Love polygon?!

  6. Cute. But I also hope that nendo petits will have improved paint jobs. That Gekigengar doll is a nice touch. ^^
    Xine recently posted..Make your LEGO wishes come true

  7. It would probably be better if it comes with more accessories and the likes. I don’t have any nendoroid petits yet but I find the Majutsu Index ones pretty nice.
    Kai recently posted..Visual Novels I Had Been Messing Around With – Part III

    • Regular nendoroid petits actually have quite a few accessories, but I guess since this is an exclusive from a magazine, they just went with the basics.

  8. I haven’t collected Nendoroid Puchis, but I did hear that the qualities can be a bit mediocre, like the stereotypical trading figure kind.

    Ruri seems to be the norm in the puchi line in terms of quality. I’m impressed that you got 3 Ruris! That sure is as lot of love! ^^
    Q recently posted..C3 in Hong Kong 2012 preview

    • Yeah, she’s average in terms of nendoroid petit quality. They’re certainly not the same level as regular nendoroids, which have much better paint jobs most of the time.

  9. That so cute! I still didn’t think it would be made so well considering their size. Sure it’s $35 but you have to admit, could you have done better given the budget?

    After seeing this, I might pic up a nendo petit, now the question is, which one should I get? ^_^
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Going off to Sri Lanka!

    • I probably could’ve gotten more nendoroid petits for $35, but none of Ruri.

      I’m not a big nendoroid petit collector so I’m not sure what to suggest, maybe one of the Fate/Stay Night sets?

  10. I guess you are a Ruriholic, I can only imagine what your collection of Ruri figures would have been like if Nadesico aired in the 00s.

    I’m always surprised with petit nendos, they look so much better than I would expect from something their size.

    • I’m sure there would be a ton more merchandise if Nadesico had aired in the 00’s, and I’d probably be broke from buying everything with Ruri on it.

      Nendoroid petits are a lot better than say gachapon toys, but they’re still not quite the same as a regular nendoroid.

  11. It’s Nopy’s avatar!! How cute. ^ ^ And I like that last shot with all of them together. So many Ruri~

  12. Nendroids are just too cute! >.<
    Tene Robert recently posted..Robert answering 50 questions about himself.


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