Undoubtedly the Best Anime of All Time

Now that I have your attention, I have a question for you: what do you think is the best anime of all time?

While I could look at the numbers at any anime list site, I want to hear directly from you. Back in the late 90’s practically everyone would tell me “Evangelion”, but times have changed and people change. Please leave a comment with your answer and reason, or if you’d like, write a blog post explaining your answer and link to it in the comments. Ask your friends what they think too.

For the record, here’s my answer.

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  1. I will give all these anime a try :D
    I really like Angel Beats. I recently watched it very much. It is from the same creator as Clannad and Kanon, so the theme is very similar. But this one, I think, is the funniest.
    Cely_belly recently posted..Bleach Ch. 481

  2. My answer will be a subjective one of course. For me it’s Eureka Seven – I loved the characters, the setting, the little romance and the extreme good music.

    Clannad and Cardcaptor Sakura would also be titles that I would nominate as best anime ever.

    I could also state that Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is the best anime, but they should have already animated more of the books, it feels undone like that.

    in the end its hard to decide, there are many very nice anime…

  3. I have my list of favorites but I don’t know if I’ll call them the best anime of all time. But if I must name a few, I’ll say Lucky Star, Nodame Cantabile and Skip Beat!. I’m a huge fan of these three series.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga

  4. I’m not the type to act like what I like everyone likes and that what I don’t like no one else likes and I won’t claim that this is the best anime ever made (though it might very well be, in my opinion), but my very favorite is Eureka Seven.

    Code Geass is really good too.
    Rukishou recently posted..Quantum Conundrum Gameplay

  5. I’m inclined to still pick Evangelion, even though it has some large and obvious flaws, simply because it was the first to do so many things, and the anime world today owes it such a debt. But if you want sanity and consistency with your brilliance, I’d be looking at Princess Tutu, Utena, maybe Haruhi. My personal favourite; Lain, deserves to be somewhere near the top too, but the pedestal I put it on is rather affected by my own personal tastes and needs.

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  7. I never ever liked Evangelion, dunno why it was so hyped back then (I watch anime since around 1996).
    My all time favourites would be Death Note, Lucky Star, Kanon (remake), Clannad and newly Mirai Nikki. Oh and ofc Welcome to the NHK is great too.

    As for the most balanced anime and the one I would objectively rate the highest, that would have to be Bakuman 1+2 , bause there was not one single episode that bored me :>

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  9. Do have a favorite, but using it as the “best anime of all time” would be a bit much. Far from it, but close enough to me in some regards. Besides the unmentionable title, I do have various others, so it hard just to pick one XD

  10. It’s hard to nominate a “best” for me. Tastes can change over time, to me the best sounds objective. Nevertheless I do very much like a few of those you have mentined in the big picture in this post (and I am currently watching Monster with my sister).
    Q recently posted..C3 in Hong Kong 2012 preview

  11. Gonna have to go with Robotech…yeah it’s a combination of 3 anime, but every time I go back, I cry great nostalgic manly tears.

  12. I would say Clannad is the best anime! Not just the first one but add the after story and it is amazing!! It’s clean and will tear your heart to shreds by the end of the show! Though honestly i will say Shuffle! has the best ending of any anime. There are a lot of great animes but Clannad is just a once in a lifetime kind of amazing show!

  13. My favorite anime of all time has to be evangelion it connects to me in a special way that no other anime has to me i like the apocylipic setting the ominous nature of the angels with the best elements of sci-fi mythology and human nature. I like how each of the characters have thier own strengths and weaknesses and how it shows how fragile the human syke can be.