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Megami Magazine Vol. 141

February 07, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Volume 141 (February 2012) of Megami Magazine once again features Nanoha and Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. The cast of Nanoha has been absent from the last few volumes, but with the second movie coming out this summer, we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of them soon. This volume contains a few goodies, but first lets take a look at the pin-up posters. Ones with more racy images are hidden in the links, so click at your own discretion.

The first poster in this volume features Laura and Cecilia in some miko outfits. It seems more fitting for a fall issue, but I like miko outfits so I’m not complaining.

This was an odd poster, it looks like Sena, Kobato, and Yozora somehow managed to get tangled up in a ton of ribbon. If you’re going to have fanservice, might as well use the 3 most popular girls from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

I swear that there’s at least a half dozen other posters from previous volumes showing Yui hugging Azusa in a similar fashion. I know that small hands is part of the K-ON animation style, but I still find it really awkward looking.

Megami has been featuring a lot of “happy” Fate/Zero posters, with this one showing Irisviel enjoying herself in a kimono at a shrine. I’m starting to wonder if they’ll ever have a dark poster for this series.

I was impressed with the composition in this poster, even if it is really fanservice-oriented.

I’m happy to see Nadeko and Tsukihi in the same poster, but I’m disappointed in the line art here. It looks like Tsukihi’s knee has a tumour.

Yuru Yuri may not have been very entertaining (at least for me), but at least it still looks cute.

Despite Symphogear’s animation quality issues, at least their posters look really nice. This one would’ve been on my wall instantly if there was a larger version; it kinda reminds me of Panty and Stocking without the panties.

Idolmaster posters always seem to look good for some reason, I think it’s because most of them are done like a photoshoot or on stage.

Remon is the final character in the Ano Natsu de Matteru lineup of posters, which combine to make the following image:

I think Kanna has the best pose, followed by Ichika, then the girl whose name I can’t remember, and finally Remon. Remon’s smile is actually a bit creepy looking here.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this girl, but it doesn’t look like she can close her mouth properly.

I’m loving this Zero no Tsukaima poster, it’s flashy without being dirty.

The Girl’s Avenue featured artist in this volume is Alpha (有葉) and you can find more of his works on his website (NSFW). I couldn’t find much information on Alpha other than he works for the eroge company Akabei Soft2. Most of his artwork seems rather generic, but I am very impressed with the image used for this poster. While it’s rather revealing, I like how everything is in the right proportions and the shading is simply amazing. The glow that the character gives off is also something you don’t see often.

This Shana poster seems like a tribute to the famous Toradora china dress poster from volume 109.

I don’t think there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind what draws people to watch Highschool DxD, and this poster seems to reflect that.

It’s weird seeing Holmes in Arsene’s outfit, she’s way too loli-looking to pull off that look.

The previous volume of Megami didn’t come with a calendar like I expected it too, but luckily, this one did. Unfortunately, it involves cutting it out of the magazine and I’m not sure how it’s supposed to go together since the instructions are in Japanese.

I think I’ll probably just leave these in here and wait for my Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai school calendar to arrive.

And yes, if you didn’t already notice, all of the images for each month are bikini shots.

Something that caught my eye in this magazine was the K-ON jacket on the top left of this page. It looks really shiny and strangely cool even though there are a ton of moe faces on it.

The Anime Character Catch Up section covered some new and to-be-aired anime. One title that caught my eye was the To Heart Dungeon Travellers anime. To Heart is widely known in the anime community as a major harem anime, so it’s amusing to see them put all the girls into RPG roles.

Another title I would like to point out is Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. It’s based on a visual novel which I haven’t played, but I love their school uniforms so I’m looking forward to seeing the anime.

The back cover has a beautiful illustration of Airi from Mashiroiro Symphony with some pink snowflakes. I would’ve liked to have a poster of this image, but sometimes things just don’t go the way you want.

One of the extras in this volume is a sort of mini Nanoha guidebook.

Inside was some information on the characters in the anime series and games.

There was also a short section on some Nanoha merchandise. Strangely enough, they have some Dog Days merchandise in here too.

The back cover isn’t as exciting as the front, but it’s still nice.

Also included was a pencil board substituted for a large poster. On one side we have Nanoha and Fate in their school uniforms.

On the other side we have Hayate’s friends from Nanoha A’s.  Personally, I would’ve liked a poster, but these pencil boards are actually quite nice. The only problem is that they get scratched up really easily and I can’t find a good use for them other than for looking at.

Several posters stood out for me in this volume: the Symphogear, Idolmaster, Zero no Tsukaima, and Alpha’s posters were really well done and I wish I had larger versions of them. The lewdness in this volume is about as mild as Megami gets, having nothing that’s too in-your-face. Replacing a large poster with a calendar, mini book, and pencil board was nice, and I’m sure Nanoha fans would appreciate this volume a lot more than others. The only downside is that the calendar didn’t come separately as in previous years, otherwise this was another good volume from Megami.

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22 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 141”

  1. Ahahaha knee tumor XD

    That Yuri yuri poster is the cutest. I must have that Remon one. She did have a creepy smile. I’d prefer a poster of Remon with one of her conniving looks.
    Cely_belly recently posted..Guilty Crown 15: Oh The Irony

  2. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this girl, but it doesn’t look like she can close her mouth properly.” BEST COMMENT EVER.

    Back on-topic, the posters in this volume are actually pretty nice! I quite like the symphogear one too. As for the Nanoha fanbook including some Dog Days stuff; the only thing I can guess at is that the artist who does the art for the Nanoha Vivid manga is the same artist who’s doing the art for the Dog Days manga. His name’s Takuya Fujima, and he’s actually one of my favorite artists.

    • I was thinking that the artist was the same, but I wasn’t sure and I didn’t feel like looking it up. It makes sense now though.

  3. Louise and Tabitha are…are…LOVELY…:Q___
    feal87 recently posted..Ano Natsu de Matteru – Remon knows everything! Be careful Kanna!

  4. Really awesome images there, obviously all of em are poster material XD.
    duqs recently posted..Otaku Expo 2012

  5. The girl from Lagrange just made me lol. That show really has the habit of making their heroines go bare naked at the bottom. I like Fate/Zero and Yuru Yuri. They are drawn nicely a bit better than the others.
    SnippetTee recently posted..Journal Eight: Ano Natsu de Matteru Inspired Short Summer Ode

  6. I guess I like the Yuri Yuri poster the most, I don’t know the anime but it’s a cute combination.

    It’s nice that the Ano Natsu de Matteru posters fit together like that.

    The water drooling girl seems to be Madoka, It slightly looks like she’s wearing no pantsu, quite bold. Should have made a poster more befitting to her character.

    theres a lack of posters and figures of Mashiroiro Symphony, gk kits don’t count ^^

    The pencil board is a nice extra
    Wieselhead recently posted..Sonicomi Art Book – normal edition – review

    • Parts of the Ano Natsu posters overlap each other so if I end up taping them together, I’ll have to cut off a tiny bit from the edges. It is nice though, since you can display them separately or together.

      I would really like a large Mashiroiro Symphony poster. While I wasn’t too interested in the anime, the character designs were nice.

  7. Megami has been nice lately, I been liking so many posters.

    I really liked to see my favorite IS girls as shrine maidens, the nice Haganai poster, Symphogear, Louise and Tabitha and Nanoha goodies. So nice.
    Miette-chan recently posted..A loli with a gun – GSC’s Henrietta

  8. You have an interesting point on that Fate/Zero has a lot of “happy” alternate scene posters / pictures. Does Megami actually do much of dark and solemn pictures?
    Q recently posted..figma Insane Black Rock Shooter preview

  9. I must say, Megami’s posters are getting less risque and becoming more artistic. Definitely an issue that I missed out on T_T

    • Sometimes they go to one end, but other times they go to the other end. It’s really variable how much ecchi vs artistic posters you get.

  10. I really like this issue’s images. So much yuri potential. ^ ^ Love the K-On! and Fate/Zero ones. ♥
    Yi recently posted..Fashionable Nudity in Mawaru Penguindrum


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