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Ruri Hoshino -Way Back From Bakery- by Kurushima

January 22, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Some of you may remember a post I made last year on whether to purchase one or both versions of a particular figure. The figure in question was of Ruri Hoshino, my all-time favourite anime character and unofficial mascot of Nopy’s Blog. Originating from the 1996 anime Martian Successor Nadesico, figures of her are extremely hard to find, which was why I was elated to hear that a company called Kurushima would be releasing two versions of Ruri, titled “Way Back From Bakery” and sculpted by Keiko. As you can see above, I bought two of these figures, one is the polka-dot dress version and the other is the pink-dress Miyazawa limited version. They come in exactly the same box with only a couple of stickers identifying which version is inside. Each figure retails for 14200 JPY, making them the most expensive in my collection.

Unlike most figures, which are made out of PVC, this line of Ruri figures is made out of cold cast resin. While PVC figures are generally soft and pliable, cold cast figures are hard and brittle, making them extremely fragile. Enough description though, below you can see my review of the actual figures.

Overall Pose and Sculpt

I was originally going to write two separate reviews for each version, but thought that it would be redundant and combined them into one. As such, these comparison photos are not actually of the figures standing next to each other and were taken from slightly different angles.

As you can see from this first pose, Kurushima has generally done a good job delivering production figures that match their promo shots. The polka-dot version features a white dress with light green and magenta dots and matching yellow hair bands and shoes. The pink-dress version has a white and brown stripe near the hem and matching red hair bands and shoes. At first glance, it appears that both versions use the same sculpt, with the only difference being the colour scheme, but the polka-dot version actually has her head tilted down while the pink-dress version has her head slightly higher.

The colour and design of their bakery bags also differ; each one is designed to match Ruri’s outfit. One of the less noticeable differences that you can spot here is the colour of her underdress. In the polka-dot version it’s blue, and in the pink-dress version it’s white.

One of the advantages of cold cast figures like these are that there are no leaning issues. Due to the hard and brittle nature of resin, it will not bend under normal conditions, allowing figures to stand on a single leg.

The sculpting on Ruri’s backside, arms, and legs is smooth with no visible seam lines.

Her dress was also nicely done, with folds around her waist to show that she has just spun around and the waviness of the bottom of her dress adding to her pose.

In general, I was very happy with the pose that Kurushima decided to go with, and the sculpt did not have any major problems. I think that the slightly lowered head of the polka-dot dress version looks better than the pink-dress version, but they’re both still cute. You may have noticed that Ruri seems rather pale in these pictures, that’s not because of the lighting. Ruri is usually described as having pale, almost white skin because she is a result of genetic experimentation and mutation. It’s odd that the promotional pictures show her having more pinkish skin, which does not match her character design or the actual figures.


In the anime, Ruri had very thick and pointy eyelashes. These figures got the thick part right, but her eyelashes aren’t as pointy as they should be. She is still identifiable as Ruri, which is what matters most. I was also happy to see that they decided to give her a happy expression, which is rare for the mostly emotionless electronic fairy (Ruri’s nickname among personnel of the United Earth Spacey and other military groups).

Unfortunately, my pink-dress version came with an obvious quality issue: part of her left eye is missing. The eyes are not painted on, but are on some sort of adhesive plastic film. This means that they can be torn off if you’re not careful. My figure came out of the box like this so there was nothing I could do.

Paint Job

The dots on the polka-dot dress appear to use the same film as the eyes rather than paint. That leaves the pink dress, which is actually painted. There is only a white and brown stripe on the pink dress and no complex pattern, so I would be shocked if Kurushima managed to mess that up.

Sadly, I dropped one of the bags; it does not stay on Ruri’s arm very well. It was then that I discovered that paint does not adhere very well to cold cast figures. As you can see above, a bit of the green paint has chipped off.

Looking at these two figures, I’ve come to the conclusion that while cold cast may offer a cleaner sculpt, it causes major problems when trying to apply an adherent paint or film.

Fine Details

Oddly enough, the most detailed thing on these two figures are the French baguettes that they are carrying. They have amazingly realistic texturing and a superb paint job.

The bows on Ruri’s shoes are decent, but not anywhere near the best I’ve seen. There is also some problems with toenail paint getting on other areas.

One of the big things I look for when judging the attention to detail in a figure sculpt is how accurate the hands and fingers are. If you look at your hand, each finger (minus the thumb) clearly contains three sections with two joints no matter what position you have them in. Ruri’s fingers look like little sticks rather than fingers, which is very disappointing.

Something that I have to mention is what happened with Ruri’s left twintail on both figures: they arrived broken. The fact that this happened with both figures from different suppliers and shipped at different times indicates a problem with Kurushima’s design or packaging. The pink dress version has the twintail partially detached, but it took out a piece of Ruri’s head with it.

The polka-dot dress version had the twintail entirely detached, and it managed to scratch up some of Ruri’s hair as it was tossed around inside the box. I did manage to reattach it without much trouble.


For 14200 JPY, I expect near-flawless and high-quality figures, but I was very disappointed in Kurushima’s quality issues. While the general sculpt was fine, blocky bows and stick-like fingers show a lack in effort. Figures missing a part of their eye should not make it into a box and the packaging should be designed so that pieces can not rub against each other if they do detach. Good Smile Company, for example, places plastic film in between removable parts. I do not recommend buying this figure from Kurushima unless you are a hardcore Ruri fan like me. If you are a hardcore Ruri ran though, this might be worth your while because Ruri figures like these only come around once per decade.

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28 Comments to “Ruri Hoshino -Way Back From Bakery- by Kurushima”

  1. I remembered your post last year asking which to buy. And then now you ended up getting those two, awesome. It’s surprising to know that the most detailed one is the French baguette. I think those mess on the hair are the most unforgivable.
    SnippetTee recently posted..Smeyesing, The Senjougahara Fanservice

  2. Ehh, I was never a big fan of cold-cast figures. Far too fragile, and not that many pluses when taken with their minuses (ie. stable but easily broken, etc.) Also, the price tags on those things are scary. @_@

    Congrats on getting them both, though. I know what it feels like when characters from your favorite series don’t get many figure incarnations.

    • I avoided cold cast figures for the same reasons, but I just couldn’t pass up on Ruri, especially since I’ve been looking for a figure of her younger version since forever.

  3. Oh, she’s here! And you bought two of them. =)

    Ah, that broken twintail is painful to see. T.T
    Hoshiko recently posted..Kimi ni Todoke Manga: Volume 1

    • My heart nearly stopped when I saw her twintail had broken off. It’s a good thing that I was able to put it back on without any problems.

  4. Oh it’s a shame that they came in such a bad shape. I really have no experience cold resin but it seems troublesome. But they really look pretty nice apart from the damage. I especially like the ridiculously short dress that lets you see just enough.

    But for those prices are a little too much haha. But I guess if it’s for your favorite characters it’s a little easier to dish out that kind of cash.
    exilehero recently posted..Kirino gets in trouble with the law!

  5. I think of out the two I like the special edition more, even though that one was the one more beat up.

    Still, resin seems too risky for the price, I don’t think I would give it a go. Unless of course this situation presented to me where it was a character I love.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Kirino gets in trouble with the law!

  6. Thas was a nicely written figure review and the figure(s) are very cute.
    My favorite is the polka dot version, but the pink is lovely as well.
    I really like the casual pose of cheerfully bringing home the bread ^-^

    The face is very pretty with the blushmarks and a happy open mouth.

    From my impression the legs could have been sculpted a little bit rounder
    But the damaged twintail flaws are the really dissapointing part, I’ve heard that cold cast figures might get damaged when they are shipped, but that red ribbon twintail crack looks scary :(

    thx for the review, so far I couldn’t see another one of her, but good to know how both versions turned out.

    • I guess the backside of her legs are a but flat, but it’s not too noticeable. I’ve also heard about the problem with cold cast figures getting damaged during shipping, but I thought that figure companies would have a better way of protecting them.

  7. Nothing seemed too terrible to me until the hair stuff…jeebus. That’s just bad. It would be one thing if it happened to one of them, because then maybe you could blame the source you bought it from instead of the design, but since it happened to both…eeech.

    They’re still really cute figures though.

    • My heart sank when I opened the second figure and found the same problem. I had been considering returning the first one, but if both of them were like that, then all of them will probably have the same problem.

  8. Awesome, you decided on both! While the price and quality issues are quite a huge turn-off, I can really understand why you got them anyway. It’s really a pity that they both came broken, I guess this pretty much stains the Kurushima name, aside from the fact that they chose to make a character who doesn’t get enough love. Glad you were able to at least get the twintails back on, and hopefully you can enjoy them still regardless of the problems.
    Persocom recently posted..Kaai Yuki

  9. That figure of yours is even more expensive then the my most pricy one I bought… I mean, plan to buy. The Saber Motorbike figure that is :D
    Kai recently posted..Patience is A Virtue

    • Oh, don’t remind me, it hurts to think about how much it cost. The Saber figure on the bike is pretty cool, I hope you take some pics when you get it.

  10. Hey, she looks really cute! and expensive >.< I'm sorry you weren't all that satisfied with your purchase. Buying figures looks like a serious risk – not knowing how they'll turn out and all.
    Cely_belly recently posted..Casshern Sins: Anime Review

    • It’s not that much of a risk if you buy from reputed companies. Kurushima, on the other hand seems to be rather small and I had never heard of them until last year so I took a big risk in buying their figures.

  11. I really don’t know about this character, is she very old? the face reeks of ’90! :D
    feal87 recently posted..Competition? Witty titles? Pure inner rage? I’m still not sure…

  12. Interesting to see you picked up both the limited and standard release. Expensive though $_$. I think I prefer the pink version, unlike you I prefer the raised head. Plus the pink dress / blue hair combo makes her look softer.

    I was going to say her skin looks quite white compared to the promos. But if that’s how she’s meant to look that’s cool. Dunno if it was intentional though xD.

    It’s a shame she’s been damaged quite a bit. The circle missing from her eye is quite bad and should have been picked up on. But the damaged hair on both, that just plain sucks.

    Cold cast can be quite scary. I’m always anxious when lifting my Rei polystone figure just in case I find a limb or something left behind. Not to mention their price is excessive compared to PVC figures.

    Hopefully these defects haven’t hampered your enjoyment of her. On the whole she still looks really cute I’d say.

    • Yeah, Ruri’s skin is incredibly pale in the anime, and it’s also pale on the figure. If it was intentional, they did a good job, if not, then it was a mistake that just happened to work out.

      I still like the figures even with the damage and quality issues. That’s mainly due to it being Ruri though and not anything to do with the actual figures.

  13. You really went for both variations at the end. That surely costs a hefty amount!

    Ruri figures are hard to come by. It’s a pity that the quality of the figures are not that fab abeit the price. The chipped paint and the crack are especially painful to look at. What shocked me was that the limited one had more problems over the standard version!
    Q recently posted..figma Insane Black Rock Shooter preview

    • I was expecting the limited version to be a bit better too, but I guess it was just my luck that it had more problems than the standard version.

  14. Having spend money on figurines that are less then perfect of are your favorite character is disappointing. Being your favorite character you expect them to flawless because of your love for them.

    It is sad to see figures in such conditions out of the box. Personally we do not own any cold casts, that I know of… I don’t know the details of every single figure since my husband had purchased a fair amount before me… but if they are easily chipped and broken like these ones it would be hard for us to commit to purchasing them.

    • I had heard a lot of horror stories about cold cast figures before I bought these two, but I didn’t think they would be that bad. Unless there’s another Ruri figure that comes out that looks amazing, I don’t think I will get any more cold casts after this.


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