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Momoka’s Future Death Diary

January 12, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Anime, Random Wonderings

A while back, I was compiling a list of the most powerful books in anime. I didn’t get very far because quite frankly, there aren’t many popular examples. Instead, I had another fun idea: who in the world would be most suited or likely to possess the most powerful books in anime? A few days later, a huge news story swept the Korean peninsula: Kim Jong-il dead from a heart attack. For one of the most popular (not in a good way) villans of our time to die of a simple heart attack sounded suspicious to me… like something out of Death Note, wouldn’t you say?

If you haven’t heard of a Death Note before, see the below image for a run-down of how it works:

Obviously, the easiest way to kill someone is to write their name and wait 40 seconds for them to die of a heart attack, which is exactly what happened to Kim Jong-il. The world may think that Mr. Kim died of naturally, but that’s exactly what people thought when Kira started his purge. So the question is, who was it that used the Death Note? An impoverished North Korean? a maligned South Korean? Kira himself? To answer this question, let us consider another high-profile death in the past year: Osama Bin Laden.

Everyone has heard the story of Osama’s death, a group of America’s top Navy SEALs (the cream of the crop if you will) crossed into Pakistan in the dead of night and stormed into Osama’s fortress home and killed everyone in sight. They then disappeared into the darkness with their trophy and zero casualties without anyone (except for 1 Twitterer) having a clue as to what just happened. Sounds a little too perfect, wouldn’t you say? Almost like someone had a Mirai Nikki, or Future Diary, to tell them exactly what to expect.

Now, who would gain from these two high-profile deaths? None other than one of the most public figures in the world, U.S. president Barack Obama. Am I saying that Obama has a Death Note and a Future Diary? In a word, yes. Some of you are probably wondering why he didn’t use the Death Note on Osama if he has one. Let me ask you this: has anyone actually seen Osama’s face under all of that facial hair?

What about that crashed helicopter during the Osama raid? Future Diaries exist in order for their owners to fight against each other. If Osama had a Future Diary, he could’ve taken down one of the helicopters, but was out-witted in the end. Proof of Osama possessing a Future Diary lies with the fact that he was the world’s most wanted man for nearly a decade.

But wait, what does Momoka have to do with all of this? Well, if Obama has a Death Note and Future Diary, it’s entirely possible that he also has Momoka’s Diary, which has the power to alter fate.

To see when he used Momoka’s Diary, we just have to go back to his election campaign. Here was a relatively young black man who no one had heard of (at least not where I live), and he somehow managed to become the first black person to become president, not to mention the 5th youngest. Until that point, America seemed destined to be ruled by old white guys, so it’s not hard to believe that Obama used the power of Momoka’s Diary to alter fate and change destiny.

One big question that comes to mind after considering the possibilities is: where exactly does Obama keep his Death Note/Future Diary/Momoka’s Diary? Just think of the one thing that Obama always has with him: his BlackBerry.

As seen in Mirai Nikki, it is possible for a Future Diary to take on the form of a cellphone, so why can’t a Death Note or Momoka’s Diary? In fact, why can’t they all three be combined in a single godly device?

This makes Obama the most powerful person in the world in more ways than one, and he knows it. Just take a look at all the pictures he has with apples:

Of course, we all know the relation between apples and power:


This conspiracy was dreamed up by a crazy anime fan with too much time on his hands. Any relation to true facts and/or real objects is purely coincidental. You’ve got to admit though, a BlackBerry that combines the powers of Momoka’s Diary, a Mirai Nikki, and a Death Note would be pretty awesome. To get all of the references, please watch Death Note, Mirai Nikki, and Mawaru Penguindrum, all highly recommended by Nopy.

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26 Comments to “Momoka’s Future Death Diary”

  1. You’re nuts XD

    But that was hilarious. And well thought. Probably my favorite conspiracy theory ever.

  2. This is genius. You may be on to something.

    It’s a conspiracy.
    dai1313 recently posted..Nisemonogatari 01 – [Sold without warranty or returns, for $3.87]

  3. This is funny! lmao.

    Books and apples always come together
    I definitely want that “godly device” as well :D You could probably take over the world, or even the galaxy with the powers of all three books combined in it :D
    Kai recently posted..Blog Carnival – What makes a 10/10 anime?

  4. Nice combination of anime/rl to make a humorous post XD If only Obama’s Blackberry was those three combined lol. Welcome to the USA/NHK style.
    Persocom recently posted..Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

  5. Not Marines. Navy SEALS. (With deference to the men of the Corps)
    Still, awesome, funny post.

    Or maybe you’re serious? You’ll never tell. :)

  6. Wow. Better start eating more apples. Thanks for the recommendations.
    Cely_belly recently posted..Kimi To Boku 13 – [Final] Impressions and S.2

  7. *goes and buys apples

    Btw you forgot to put Holo! she loves her apples ^^
    Fabrice recently posted..Holo at The Merlion

  8. Made my day ^^

    Oh damn, a Death Note app. It’s a conspiracy…in truth Obama has another phone. An iPhone. An APPLE iPhone!

  9. Bahaha. In my head all the world leaders are secretly trying to kill each other. I imagine Obama sneaking into Kim Jong-il’s palace to assassinate him haha.

    This reminds of that manga, The Legend of Koizumi. Where world leaders decide the fate of their countries by playing mahjong. Perhaps ol’ Kim lost one match too many!
    exilehero recently posted..Griffon Marisa Kirisame – My god, it’s made of stars!

    • I watched one of the anime episodes of The Legend of Koizumi, it was unique to say the least. It would be pretty cool if all the world leaders were playing a “game” with each other.

  10. Oh well, you just reminded me with this post about the title of a friend’s blog. “Tomato Conspiracy. Because deep down, you know anything red is evil.”

    feal87 recently posted..Ano Natsu de Matteru – Kanna is wonderful, even when drunk!

  11. Cool story, that was really funny Nopy =)

    Too bad Obama can’t get rid of some members of the republican party as well with his device XD
    Wieselhead recently posted..Nekomura Iroha – Hello Kitty to Issho by Griffon


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