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Megami Magazine Vol. 140

January 06, 2012 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to present the January 2012 issue of Megami Magazine, or volume 140. There are a few winter and Christmas-themed posters in this one as you can probably guess from the snowflakes on the front cover, though not as many as you would think. As usual, text links to images are ecchi and/or NSFW, so click at your own discretion.

Here we have all of the puella magi alive and well at a skating rink. I love Mami’s prominence in this illustration, but it’s strange that Kyouko and Homura were barely given a second thought.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon gets the ecchi started early on in this issue…

Compared to Horizon, IS is actually rather tame, usually only going as far as some beach poses. I’m actually surprised that Charlotte isn’t in this one.

We didn’t get to see much of the Araragi sisters in Bakemonogatari, but they seem to have the leading roles in Nisemonogatari. I thought they were just playing around in this illustration, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that their brother is getting crushed under there.

Trying to piece together that C3 is about based on these Megami posters is not working. So far it seems like Fear is a regular cosplayer, sporting a Santa outfit this time.

K-ON continues to promote their upcoming movie with UK-related posters in Megami Magazine. Azusa’s shirt has Japan and the UK highlighted in red, and I thought the chibi characters on the plane were adorable.

Ika Musume always goes for the cute look in her posters. Does anyone else wonder if the cats are thinking about eating her after they’re done with the shrimp? She is a squid after all.

I love artwork from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, but I thought this poster was a bit plain.

I’m not a big Idolmaster fan, but I loved this poster, the outfits, the poses, the photoshoot-like backdrop; it’s all nicely composed.

I thought this illustration was done in good taste. Although a bit of the “wet tshirt” fanservice does show through, it’s not to the point where I would consider it ecchi. Is anyone else also impressed with how well-drawn Sana’s hair is?

Once again, we get another Ano Natsu poster, and as I suspected, they all combine to form one image.

It looks like there will be at least one more poster in the next volume of Megami Magazine in order to give that soda-holding hand a body.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that they don’t like the character designs in Last Exile ~Fam, The Silver Wing~, but it’s not that bad. Unfortunately, this poster doesn’t showcase the animation quality, with Millia’s legs seemingly shrunk and dislocated. I do recommend watching the anime though.

Pure Yukie Mayuzumi fanservice here.

This Shana poster is cute, but I do have a problem with it being completely out of sync with the anime.

This volume’s featured Girl’s Avenue artist is Hinata Momo of the circle Alice Garden. You can check out her website at (NSFW). I’m not too impressed with how the limbs of her characters look like they’re disjointed and just hanging there, but at least she designs some nice outfits.

Personally I didn’t like this poster, there’s nothing that really stands out.

I swear that there are at least a dozen other Zero no Tsukaima posters like this one.

Highschool DxD looks like a very fanservice-y anime if its posters are any indication.

In this volume’s Anime Character Catch Up, we get to see one of the new characters in Zero no Tsukaima on the bottom left of the first page. We also get a glimpse of Louise and Tiffania in their priestess outfits. On the following pages there was also an announcement of a second season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka.

Advertisements like this one make me wish that Megami had used different illustrations for their posters. I would have preferred a poster of Yozora in this pose rather than the one of her and Sena.

More ads show off some more wonderful artwork, this time for the Victory Spark franchise. If these cards were available in English, I’d probably buy a few sets, especially from the Atelier series.

On the back cover is an ad for a rather unique anime: To Heart 2 Dungeon Travellers. It’s interesting how they turned the characters from a school harem into your typical RPG cast.

Fortunately, this time around, Megami Magazine included a large poster again. The first side features the heroines from teenage-fantasy anime Guilty Crown. Group shots like these should make everyone happy so long as there’s one character they like.

The reverse side has Sena from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai in a very saucy Santa outfit while licking a strawberry. To say this is a racy illustration is an understatement.

I found this volume of Megami to be average. The posters that stood out were the Puella Magi and Idolmaster posters, with Ika Musume coming in third for me. The rest were typical fare for Megami.

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12 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 140”

  1. “Guilty Heroines” – sounds a bit weird.

    As for the Ika Musume poster, no I don’t think the cats are thinking anything about eating her but I do think the black cat is dying to free itself from her.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Complete, Is It Really Complete?

    • I know, I thought so too, it’s like they’ve done something shameful.

      The black cat could also be reaching for that tentacle holding a shrimp.

  2. That poster of Sana is beautiful, the characterdisgn in this anime was always so nice.

    hehe they have nice underwear in Last Exile XD

    mhh the Shana poster seems to totally ignore the 3rd season, where we have not much of comedy or moe fanservice.

  3. something does stand out in that “working!!” poster, the eyes! the EYES!
    dreaming Artemis recently posted..Happy New year 2012!

  4. I really like those Madoka posters of the girls together, hope there are more of them. Probably that one and the K-On! were my favorites from this set.

  5. Asuza feels different with her hair undone. Mami took the spotlight on the Madoka poster, though it’s strange why Kyouko and Homura look rather secluded outside the rink.

    I agree with Wieselhead on the Shana one; I almost overlooked it and not knew that it was actually Kasumi & Shana @_@;
    Q recently posted..FREEing ex:ride American Bike


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