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Megami Magazine Vol. 139

December 17, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

The cover for the December 2011 issue of Megami Magazine (volume 13) is one of the nicer looking ones with Sena and Yozora from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai against a fall  background. Considering the level of quality seen in some episodes of the anime, I’m glad that illustrations don’t suffer from the same problem.

For the most part, the posters in this volume were average and mainly contained series from this season with a few from the upcoming season. Any images not shown directly on this page, but are linked are ecchi and NSFW.

Charlotte from IS seems to be “the girl” from the series. Considering her looks, I don’t see how anyone can mistake her for a guy.

Once again, we get another Fate/Zero poster showing the beauty of family. For such a dark series, I’m surprised that Megami is displaying it in such a positive light. I love Rin’s yukata.

This K-ON poster wouldn’t have been too bad if Yui didn’t look like some kind of troll.

A great collage poster for Ritsuko fans.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in C3, but this looks nothing like the comedy that I saw in episode 1.

Inori fans will surely like this poster. It’s interesting that they actually took the time to write out some stuff on the booklet she’s reading.

We rarely got to see the puella magi in regular clothes, so this illustration is a treat. The downside is that the bench they’re sitting on looks like it’s just floating in another dimension, I would’ve preferred a park.

As cute as squid girl is, I’m sure she’s had that same smile for almost all of her posters.

The detail in this Working poster is rather nice, it’s disappointing that Aoi’s fingers look like they’re broken.

If you recall the previous Megami Magazine, there was also another Ano Natsu poster with some random limbs on the sides and the same background. I’m starting to think that they go together.

This is a massive Penguindrum spoiler if you haven’t already seen it.

You can always count on VN adaptations like Mashiroiro Symphony for some fanservice.

A standard bikini/beach illustration.

I wonder why Horizon is wearing her clothes into the hot spring, I thought that was taboo.

The 120th edition of Girl’s Avenue features the artist Mutsumi Masato (むつみまさと) whose site you can find at Masato is a doujin and eroge artist and has worked on titles such as Love-Bride Eve and Big Bang Age. From what I’ve been able to find, he was a doujin artist in the late 90’s and then disappeared before releasing works again in the late 00’s. Naturally, all of his works are of sexy girls and are NSFW.

This character is Rias Gremory, a devil from the upcoming anime Highschool DxD. Based on this poster, I’m going to assume that the series will be fanservice-centric.

Shana seems to have taken up the damsel in distress position in the first part of the final season, and this poster reflects that. It’s a bit sad, I liked the cool Shana illustrations from the past.

I’ve been seeing Louise in a priestess/nun outfit a lot since the announcement of the final season of Zero no Tsukaima. It kind of reminds me of Index, but I doubt she’d  be doing anything like this.

Moving on to some actual content. Eri Kitamura and Yuka Iguchi have released the first and second volumes of Megami Radio on a pair of DJCD’s. If you aren’t familiar with Megami Radio, it discusses upcoming anime and you can listen to the latest broadcast on their site: Of course, if you want a copy of Eri and Yuka’s voices to keep forever, that’s what the CD’s are for.

Besides the obvious, Megami’s Anime Character Catch Up covers some information about other less-known releases. Ones that I’m looking forward to are Accel World (Spring 2012), Dog Days 2 (TBA), and the brand new Toradora episode (December 21, 2011).

The Figure StyleS section was extremely small this time, only covering a single page. Half of it was detailing the stretchable cast-off clothing on a new Kudryavka figure.

The back cover contains an ad for the BD/DVD release of Mashiroiro Symphony.

At this point I usually go over any extras that came with the magazine, but sadly, there were none. I was looking forward to this volume because Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai was going to be featured on the cover, only to be disappointed with average posters, a condensed Figure StyleS section, and zero extras (not even a large poster). I really don’t recommend buying this one unless there’s one poster in here that you absolutely must have. Hopefully the January issue will include a calendar like in previous years.

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24 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 139”

  1. I like the Fate/Zero poster the best. It looks alive.
    Hoshiko recently posted..UN-GO Episode 10: Rinroku Kaishou’s Funeral

  2. Hope the Ano Natsu poster is not a preview of what to expect from the artwork. Other than that, very nice edition of Megami. Would be more adventurous to pick one up myself, but the shipping is not too friendly nor economic for me at this time.
    tsurugiarashix recently posted..YuruYuri – 2nd Season Officially Confirmed

  3. What, no big poster this time?! And with no extra to make up for it. Sounds like kind of a rip-off…

  4. I kinda stop after watching the first season of shana. I did watch some eps of the second season but it was for me such a turn off that I soon stop after words……
    Dreaming artemis recently posted..Mistakes and lessons while traveling

    • It did take a big drop moving on to the second season, and it seems an even bigger drop in the third. I’m just hoping it’ll recover by the end.

  5. This is a lovely set. But I liked the Fate/Zero the most and next is K-On image. As for the Penguindrum spoiler, that’s very luscious, hehe. Thanks for sharing!
    SnippetTee recently posted..5th Day of Anime: Cuteness Galore of Ikoku Meiro No Croisée

  6. If Ano Natsu de Matteru is as good as the artworks imply, we’re in for some treat this season…:P
    feal87 recently posted..Cube X Cursed X Curious – The end! Now where’s the second season?

  7. The F Zero poster is the best one I would say, if Sakura could live with her kind sister instead of an old sadistic geezer a with bug fetish TT

    The C3 illustration is also very nice, haha what an outfit ^o^
    The show isn’t as bad or generic as the first ep showed

    I also like the illustration from Mutsumi Masato.

    Mhh Louise you naughty girl XD
    Fabienne recently posted..Sonicomi – Gameplay

    • It really would be nice if Rin and Sakura could be together, but on the other hand, it makes the story more intriguing.

      Everyone has been saying the same thing about C3 so I’m thinking of marathoning it during Christmas.

  8. Oh this volume is quite nice, so many posters of the currently airing season. I think form this bunch the Fate/Zero is my favorite poster. Probably because it kinda feels like a “what if” kind of deal.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Alter Fate Testarossa Summer Dress

  9. The girl Rin walks with in the poster almost makes me thing it’s a younger version of Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. That would actually be an interesting character crossover thing for Type-moon’s own universe.
    Q recently posted..Gunpla Expo World Tour Hong Kong 2011

    • It’s not surprising considering that all of the Type-moon characters have similar features. The carnival phantasm anime has crossovers of characters from the different series that they’ve made.

  10. Hahaha, yeah i know how it feels to be disappointed with sub-par content which fell under the set expectations D=

    Speaking of calendars: (Advance) Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!
    duqs recently posted..Saber Fate/Extra Sega Prize Review

  11. Just wanna say, I really appreciate you doing this. It makes it all the more tempting to buy the issues when you know in detail what content you’re getting. I’mma start following this blog, please keep doing these reviews!:)

  12. I have to say… Compared to the other issues, this one is a bit lacking in its posters. The one that really caught my eyes is the Penguindrum one. (Which is super lovely!!!) All the others seem fairly bland. But it could simply be that I’m a bit unfamiliar with most of the anime featured, or it’s just not my week.
    Yi recently posted..An Act of Love ~ A Gripping Connection!

    • How did I know that you would like the Penguindrum poster :)

      This issue was rather disappointing, I’m hoping that the next one is a lot better to make up for it.


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