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Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière Gothic Punk Ver. by Alter

December 14, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Soon after getting my new camera, I realized that it’s not the equipment that determines how good a photo is, it’s the skill of the photographer. For the past few months I’ve been (very slowly) leveling up my photography skills, and after a few tips from Aka of I finally have something presentable. That explains in a nutshell why I haven’t posted a figure review in 4 months.

With the final season of Zero no Tsukaima set to air next season, I thought it fitting to review a figure of my favourite pink-haired tsundere. Before the re-release of this Louise figure by Alter was announced, I bought a pre-owned one from MFC, making this my fourth Louise figure. She was originally released in May of 2009 for a retail price of 6800 yen. The pose is based on an illustration of Louise that was used in a cardboard cut-out included in Megami Magazine’s Zero no Tsukaima artbook (I will also be reviewing this before the season starts).

Overall Pose and Sculpt

There are a few slight changes between the illustration and the figure. The most obvious is that Louise’s undies are not visible in the figure version unless you go really low. Alter also decided to give Louise a more generic facial expression rather than an embarrassed look. Her hands are also in a more lady-like position on the figure, which I thought was a nice touch.

Besides those few changes, Alter has stayed true to the original design, as you can see from the shots below.

The overall look and feel of the figure is cute and attractive. The sculpting is perfect, with slim arms and legs like how Louise should be, and her long flowing hair does not suffer from the problem that most figures have of looking like a big blob. The base is nothing special, just pink and flat with a magic circle on it.


Going back to the face, while I would’ve preferred the one in the illustration, she still looks decent and recognizable as Louise. Thinking about it though, the face on this goth punk version is almost identical to Alter’s bustier version of Louise. The only difference between the two is that they’re facing opposite directions.

Paint Job

The paint job on Louise is nearly perfect. I did not see any obvious overlap or paint splatter anywhere. Two types of finishes were used on different parts. The dress and Louise’s hair had a more matte finish whereas her stockings and boots had a glossy finish. I actually found that decision to draw my attention to her legs and the ever popular zettai ryouiki, one of the big selling points of the figure.

There was one paint mishap though. On the back of Louise’s hair, I found what I believe is a small glob of paint, probably left by a brush. Normally this wouldn’t even be worth mentioning, but I was desperate to find something. That just goes to show what a high level of quality Alter put into this figure.

Fine Details

This is where I was most impressed with this figure. It’s the small things that often distinguish a good figure from an awesome figure. Bows often look disfigured because of their small size and relatively complex shape, but Louise has perfect bows with no sharp corners or squares. You can even see all of the folds in each one.

The cat skull on Louise’s boot is also very detailed, just look at the stitches on its mouth.

This is a combination of fine details and good painting, but you’ll also see that the painted laces on Louise’s boots never go past the outline, and the ring is almost of equal quality.

I think the hands are the most well-done detail on the figure. The fingers are individually sculpted so they are not stuck together, and they look like actual fingers with joints and bones, not sticks or nubs.


While I did pay more than the retail price for this figure, I’m still glad I got it. Alter did an exceptional job in everything from the sculpting to painting and the fine details. I was hard-pressed to find anything wrong with it and definitely recommend it to any ZnT or Louise fans. She’s available for preorder again and will be re-released in April so make sure you have your wallet handy :)

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26 Comments to “Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière Gothic Punk Ver. by Alter”

  1. Nice item ^^
    She’s a beautiful figure, the detailed punk maid dress of her looks great.
    These black, heavy boots are a very nice part of her outfit as well as these different types of stockings. From the backside this figures also delivers some eye candy with the many ribbons on her pink hair.

    From the Louise figures which have been made, this gothic punk version is my favorite.

    I like the anime character of Louise a lot, unfortunately so far I hadn’t bought a Louise figure, a few of them are quite nice, but they just don’t show her face like I would like to have it. In case of this gothic punk figure…
    well, you can clearly see that this figure is Louise, but the O mouth doesn’t really convince me enough to buy her. Aside from that her face is pretty and also the fringe part of her hair looks nice with this attention to detail.

    I hope there will be a new figure of Loiuse after the new season has aired, maybe with a happy face :)
    Wieselhead recently posted..Sonicomi limited edition – Whats inside?

    • I agree, a lot of the Louise figures don’t show a very expressive face, this one included. At least the rest of her looks great, which helped me make the decision to buy her.

      I’m also hoping that more figures will come out with the airing of the new season.

  2. Beautiful photos! I always love close-up views like that. I just can’t get mine to work like most professional photographers and I always blame my own digital camera. Well, mine isn’t the most expensive camera out there but yeah.. D;

    I love this figure as well <3 Love the details being sculptured on it. Seems like she's going to be re-released even before the new season aired ;D Weird.. since I never even seen any new or re-release figures for Shana when Shana III is airing.
    Kai recently posted..Ani Bloggers Choice Anime Awards – Kai’s Top Anime of 2011

    • I attribute the close-ups to my macro lens, one of the few things where equipment actually does make a difference in.

      A good Shana figure would be nice too, I’ve been waiting years for one but haven’t seen any that I like.

  3. It’s true. They say give a normal camera to a good photographer, he/she will take beautiful pictures and I believe that.

    You’re doing well so far. These are lovely photos of Louise.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Musings on Yozora and Sena, Kobato and Maria

  4. nice figure and nice review, you are the man
    Ningen recently posted..I too was a villain once, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  5. I prefer the little less risque pose with the skirt that they did. But i’d rather have louse’s face be embarrassed, she’s way cuter that way.

    But man, this figure looks damn near perfect. I really like Louise so this is definitively in my to buy list for the re-release.

    Also, zettai ryouiki FTW!
    exilehero recently posted..It’s Working!! time Yamada!

    • Lowering the skirt does add a bit more class to the figure, and it also turns it from a panties-centric one to a zettai ryouiki-centric one.

  6. Argh, you tease me, I been wanting this figure for so long. Now that I finally get to see some nice pictures of it after so long only reinforces my desire to acquire it. Well, good thing Alter is doing a re-release so I wont have to pay those silly second hand market prices.
    Miette-chan recently posted..It’s Working!! time Yamada!

    • Re-releases certainly are a good thing for anyone who missed out on the original release. I sorta wish I had waited now, but when I bought this figure I thought it was the only chance I was going to get.

  7. Great shots! I hope to see more stuff from you soon!
    Dreaming artemis recently posted..Mistakes and lessons while traveling

  8. Nice closeups. A macro for something like that seems to be a must, I’ll need to consider a purchase (of both the figure and a lens).

    You should do reshoot of your other Louise figure you referenced to see the change in quality and style of photography. I love the improvements and hope to see more.

    • I’ve thought about doing a reshoot of the other figure, but I have so many unreviewed figures that I don’t think I’ll be able to get to it.

  9. I can certainly see the improvement in lighting in this figure review from your Xiao Mei one – not to say that Xiao was bad. I’m still hopeless with white/bright backdrops. Your Ruri and Azusa shots on MFC look just as good too. Can we expect to see them sometime?

    I’ve never watched Zero no Tsukaima although Louise is so popular it’s hard not to recognise her character. I’m kind of glad Alter made the tactful decision to lower her skirt instead of having her flaunting her knickers to the world. The illustration is a bit ‘in your face’ in that respect. It then makes sense they removed her beamer and repositioned her hands.

    The fine details look top notch as expected from Alter. I especially like the cat skull, it really suits the goth vibe. The ribbons – in particular the ones in her hair – and buckles also look great. Her face is cute but I’m a little unsure what her facial expression is meant to be showing. Either way she still looks great overall.

    • I have about half a year’s worth of figures backlogged, so it might take some time before I get to Azusa. I intend to move Ruri up the queue since she’s my all-time favourite character so you can expect to see her in a month or so.

      Lowering Louise’s skirt was indeed a good decision. I’m sure a number of people would be turned away if her undies were showing, especially if they live with others or have guests over often.

  10. Dat Face! Must maintain composure, must not give into the…HNGGG!
    tsurugiarashix recently posted..YuruYuri – 2nd Season Officially Confirmed

  11. Awwww, I was thinking about picking up this figure, but…but….there are so many that I want to buy…ç___ç
    feal87 recently posted..Fate / Zero – The dark lord Sauron is with us! Run away Iris!

  12. I like Alter’s rendition of Louise more than the original art that it is based on; the art’s pose was a bit too deliberate IMHO, but the figure ALTER made has removed the stuff that I don’t like about.

    The shadings are pretty well done which is something I like about this figure – be it the hair, the foldings in dress, or the ‘shadings’ of stockings. A pity that yours has a slight smudge on the hair as ALTER is well known for their quality.

    It’s interesting to see that you have brought this figure up shortly before the next season is to air. Heard that the light novel’s author is in serious medical condition. Just hope he can hang in there with his cancer…
    Q recently posted..Gunpla Expo World Tour Hong Kong 2011

    • Alter’s version is a lot more classier than the original illustration; good judgement on their part.

      I didn’t know that the writer was fighting cancer, I hope he makes it through ok.

  13. Nice photos and adorable figure! I really love her costume, her boots especially. That skull is just too adorbs. And I am glad the figure kept it a lot more classy than the original illustration. She looks more as if she’s doing a curtsy than showing off her panties. It’s a lot cuter this way.
    Yi recently posted..Life, Love, and Things in Between – An Usagi Drop Approach

    • The curtsy pose is a lot nicer than the panty-flashing one. It’s also a lot more tsundere, which matches her personality perfectly if you’ve seen ZnT.


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