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Life Lessons from Anime

September 05, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Anime

A while back, I was thinking about what I had accomplished in my life and compared them to the goals I had set in grade 3 and in grade 12. Needless to say, achievements such as “make $1 million by the age of 22″ and “walk on the moon” were destined to lead to disappointment.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I eventually reached a point where I realized that between the time I thought I could take on the world (around 16) and now (8 years later), there were a lot of life lessons that I would not have survived without if I had decided to take on the world at 16. That then got me thinking about all the different places I’ve gained wisdom from, and that eventually led to the question: what have I learned from anime?

Below are just some of the tidbits of wisdom that anime has bestowed upon me over the years and I am now sharing them with you.

1. Never Outshine the Main Character(s)

If you are not one of the central elements of an anime and happen to outshine the main character(s) for even a moment, you might as well kick the bucket. Side characters only ever become awesome just before they die. This is a way of making things seem more dramatic. So if you like living, make sure never to do anything cool or awesome (unless you’re a main character).

Example: Martian Successor Nadesico

2. Get a Childhood Friend

I’ve already explained this in my childhood friend post, but for the sake of your future love life, get a childhood friend of the opposite gender. A childhood friend will create jealousy among other members of their gender, who will then flock to you in hordes. Whatever you do, do NOT get a childhood friend of the same gender. In all likelihood, you will become bitter rivals and end up killing each other.

Example: Shuffle

3. Teenagers Make the Best Pilots

Are you in charge of a top secret, highly advanced, and very destructive military weapon that can turn the tide of war in your favour? Do you need someone who can pilot it for zero wage and obliterate anything in his path? Well look no further than that high school kid that just walked by. Stick any high school boy in the cockpit of any maneuverable weapon, and he’ll be able to defeat all of your enemies without a single training session.

Example: Gundam Seed

4. God is Probably a Cute Girl

We all know that God is an old guy with a white beard, right? Wrong, She is probably a cute schoolgirl that lives in Japan. Time to change the way you pray and worship lest you bring about Her melancholy.

Example: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

5. You Always Have Time For a Special Move

Time waits for no one, but apparently bad guys are polite enough to let the good guys finish their special moves (this also applies to transformations). If you have a special move that you want to use in a fight someday, don’t worry about it being too long because no one will interrupt you.

Example: Sailor Moon

6. She’s How Old!?

Remember that little girl on the park bench you bought ice cream for because she lost her balloon? Well, it turns out she was actually 30 years old. Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a person’s age by their looks.

Example: To Aru Majutsu no Index

7. Befriend Your Enemies

If you’ve ever wondered what the best way to make friends was, worry not, for anime has the answer. If you beat the crap out of your enemies and stop right before they die, they will automatically become your friends when they wake up. There is no need to worry about starting a conversation or giving them gifts, just blast them with a starlight breaker.

Example: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

8. Sit in That Seat

If you are still in grade school, then you have an opportunity to star in your very own anime. To do so, you must first meet two conditions. First off, make sure your homeroom has windows on the left side when facing the chalkboard. Secondly, you need to sit in “that” seat, the one right by the windows and second from the back. If you manage to score the “hero” seat, then congratulations, you’re probably being watched by thousands of people from the next dimension right now.

Example: Card Captor Sakura

9. There are Always Strings Attached

A lot of people have been given magical powers by cute furry animals, but there are always strings attached. Before you sign a contract with the next talking animal you meet, make sure you read the fine print.

Example: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

10. Tentacles Love Young Girls

One of the more interesting things that anime has taught me is that anything with tentacles is instantly attracted to young girls. If you ever find yourself being invaded by tentacled creatures, make sure you have an ample supply of young girls to distract them while you come up with a battle plan.

Example: Every tentacle hentai series

11. Girls that Magically Appear in Your Room are Good Luck

The natural thing to do when you find a stranger in your house is to call the cops, but if that stranger happens to be a beautiful girl wearing weird clothing, you might want to reconsider. More than likely, a girl like that is a magical being that will end up helping you with your love life (or lack thereof).

Example: Ah! My Goddess

12. Only Date a Single Child

When you go on a date with someone for the first time, you might ask them about their hobbies or their favourite colour, but you should consider asking them if they have any siblings. If you’re dating a girl and she has an older brother, there’s a higher chance that she’s more interested in him than you, same goes if you’re dating a guy with a younger sister.

Example: Yosuga no Sora

13. Drills can Pierce Anything

The most powerful tool in the universe is the drill. It can be used to pierce anything, from dirt to the heavens. The next time you need to get something done (like saving the universe), just bring your trusty drill. Sometimes I wonder why the military spends so much money on tanks and fighter planes when they can just buy a bunch of drills from the hardware store.

Example: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

If anime has taught you some other life lessons, feel free to share.

EDIT: I just realized that this was my 300th post. What a coincidence that it involves some reflection on anime :)

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27 Comments to “Life Lessons from Anime”

  1. you know what.. i never noticed the window is always on the left side of the chaulk board. that is strange.

    well, if you don’t want to die.. just dont be the minority lol.
    alucard13mm recently posted..Onegai Twins! Karen Onodera dakimakura by Cospa

  2. LOL! Those are wonderful life lessons from anime. I bet you had fun writing them.
    Hoshiko recently posted..What’s On My List This Fall!

  3. The “hero” seat just cracked me up. Too bad I’m not in high school, so we don’t use desks anymore. I almost succeed in #2, had we not moved before our friendship could blossom. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll transfer to Tokyo U and see her again.
    MkMiku recently posted..Why I Love Hatsune Miku

  4. that was a very good and refreshing post I had to roar with laughter at most of your lessons from anime.

    Get a childhood friend actually nearly works this way, a few girls may get jealous ^^

  5. LOL at “make sure you have an ample supply of young girls to distract them while you come up with a battle plan”

    and “So if you like living, make sure never to do anything cool or awesome (unless you’re a main character).”

    I’ll have to tell my friends this one, since I’m obviously the main character. lol
    Jacksonite recently posted..Review: Angel Beats!

  6. Loving #13.

    “If you’re dating a girl and she has an older brother, there’s a higher chance that she’s more interested in him than you, same goes if you’re dating a guy with a younger sister.”
    Ohhhh crap.
    Seinime recently posted..introspectives: retrospective without sugar

  7. Wait…wait…what? This…information…so…detailed…and…true?
    Justin recently posted..Notes of Usagi Drop Episode 9

  8. Here’s a couple that might save your life:

    Never talk about your family. You will die a horrible death and leave your significant other to raise your child alone.

    Never eat, mention or look at pineapple (especially if it’s in salad form) before going out somewhere. No matter what you do, you won’t come back.
    exilehero recently posted..BRB going to Canada

  9. this post is brilliant…
    marthaurion recently posted..Kamisama Dolls Episode 10

  10. I’ve noticed that window thing too! It’s so odd! It’s like every single school in Japan faces that direction or something, and yes, always the second to last seat in the back! Why is that?!

    And with the childhood friend thing, I can tell you that it doesn’t work. I have a childhood friend of the opposite sex. Nothing ever happened between us, even though there were definitely opportunities for it. Just didn’t feel right, ya know? I could tell that our parents were hoping for it though hahaha.

    The special move one doesn’t work either. I remember trying to go all Captain Tsubasa during soccer while I was a kid. Lost the ball in the blink of an eye.
    Radiant recently posted..Happy Birthday Miku!

  11. @alucard13mm:
    Maybe the Japanese think left windows are conducive to learning.

    Yep, I had a few laughs myself as I was brainstorming.

    If you do transfer to Tokyo U, make sure you stay at a dorm that used to be a hot spring inn.

    I’m glad you enjoyed, sounds like I achieved my goal.

    @Dreaming artemis:

    That would be a good idea, you wouldn’t want them dying on you now.

    Don’t worry, it’s not an absolute fact, it just means you have to keep an eye on his/her sibling.

    Of course, would I ever lie to my readers :)

    The family thing is so true, you might as well commit suicide if you do that. I don’t recall a pineapple anywhere though…

    Why thank you.

    I’m not sure why they do that, the classrooms I’ve been in have had windows on every side of the room. It’s too bad what happened with your childhood friend and special move, maybe you just needed to claim the second seat from the back first in order to gain hero status?

  12. My seat was always the one right behind the hero seat =( I wanna be the Mai char for once >.< This post cracked me up btw xD goo job~~!!

  13. Ouch, this was HILARIOUS! I loved especially the 3,6 and 7 (the seven is so true, I thought the same while watching Lyrical Nanoha XD)

    Not impressed about the 9th. I am a good mascotte character that makes people happy! :[
    feal87 recently posted..Steins Gate – I was blown up by Okabe’s monologue this time…

  14. @Ristlin:
    Ah yes, the back seat was always the favourite in my classes too. Little did people know what would happen if they moved up one seat.

    I’m sure Kyubey made a lot of people elsewhere in the universe happy.

  15. LOL. What an amusing 300th post XD This just reminds me of how fun and silly anime can be. I wish I had that hero seat *sniffle* 13 is one of the scarier ones, especially if it were true.
    Persocom recently posted..Busou Shinki Moon Angel

  16. @Persocom:
    Fun and silly is right, it’s the reason why I’m still watching anime after so long. I think 13 is more cool than scary though.

  17. Your 300th! I was smiling the whole time while reading this post. Very insightful realizations Nopy. Lol. I think I’ve sat on the ‘hero’ seat a couple of times but I don’t have a childhood friend. ^^;
    Xine recently posted..Raise your hand if you like steampunk!

  18. Man, how I wish I had a childhood friend of any variety, my love life would be secured if that was the case.

    One thing that worries me though, is that I’m the kind of person who would shove pictures of their children and so forth. Usually a death flag, only thing worse if my wife or children gave me a pineapple salad.
    Miette-chan recently posted..BRB going to Canada

  19. Drills are a man’s soul.

  20. @Xine:
    It must’ve been fun sitting in the hero seat. Even if you don’t notice anything exciting, at least you get a nice view.

    Well, I’m sure if you were in an anime like Usagi Drop, then showing pictures of your children would be fine. If you find yourself in a battlefield, that’s the last thing you want to do.


  21. Amusing. . . . I don’t even know if you’re serious or not, but these seem legit. Haha.
    Valence recently posted..A personal note

  22. @Valence:
    I guess you could call it a serious post with a touch of sarcasm.

  23. Loll at get a childhood friend. I fear it may be a little too late for that, but if anime’s taught me another lesson, I may just have a childhood friend waiting for me whom I’m totally unaware of.
    Yi recently posted..Learning the Art of Love: Yuri versus BL

  24. @Yi:
    You’re right, maybe one day a mysterious person from your past will suddenly reappear in your life, but you don’t remember them. Perhaps you’ll get into a love triangle ^.^

  25. What is the anime in picture 12#?
    It looks interesting ;3


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