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The Disappearance of Nopy

August 24, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Personal

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the last few weeks, I’ve been stuck in the real world. A combination of local festivals, dinners, get-togethers, more dinners, and lets not forget work, means I haven’t been able to get online much. Every time I try to sit down and read some blogs or write a post, it seems someone always manages to drag me out somewhere. Sometimes I wonder how Batman/Superman/Spiderman manages two lives at the same time.

I also bought my very first car, a used Chrysler 300, which has taken a bit of my time cleaning and checking for any problems. Some of my friends think I should’ve bought a small Japanese car since I’m an asian male, but I’ve never liked following stereotypes. I think I’m one of the first out of my friends to actually buy a car myself instead of being given one by my parents so I’m proud of myself for that.

Things in the real world should die down soon since the leaves are already turning yellow, meaning winter is now approaching and everyone around me will go back into hibernation mode. That means I’ll finally be able to get back to my regular online activities. With that said, I have a question for all of my readers. I have 20 draft posts sitting around, most of which are just titles and ideas, but I don’t know which one to post next. This is where you guys come in, what kind of post would you like to see next: anime review, anime analysis, scale figure review, nendoroid review, artbook review, megami review (when it arrives), top/best of post, or other?

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22 Comments to “The Disappearance of Nopy”

  1. Yeah sometimes 24 hours a day aren’t enough to keep with everything.

    Anyway Woah nice car, congratulations a really nice one ;)

    I would like a review of your muscle car^^, or of an nice artbook.

  2. Nice car Nopy!
    Haha Wieselhead, a review of the car would be amusing. That or a nendo review would be fine by me.

  3. @wieselhead:
    Haha, if only I knew how to review cars, I don’t think I’ve driven enough of them to tell what’s good or bad.

    Well, I do have about a dozen nendos that I haven’t reviewed yet.

  4. ballin’. lol i can’t say i’ve seen an asian drive a crysller in the last year or two.

  5. Nice, I know how you feel, just bought my first car too a couple of months ago. The joys of tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

    As for me, I will vote for you to do something that involves taking photos.

  6. Figure review buddy! Yeah paying for your own is so sweet! I remember when first bought my first one. In fact, I’m still driving it, love my car! without it, I cant go anywhere

  7. Time certainly waits for no one. I end up having these sort of problems more often than not where I’ll disappear for a week or two at a time even though I have tons of things to post about and lots of figures to review. That’s quite a nice looking car you got there, and all the better that you got it yourself. As for what to post, just about anything is welcome, perhaps artbook review would appeal to me the most as I love to learn about artists I didn’t know about and see their works.

  8. That is one pimpin’ ride that you got.

    No worries, we are all lacking in time lately lol! At least enter my caption contest tho! :)

    Artbook reviews please. You know me and art and all that. :)

  9. Sounds busy, but at least it’s keeping you active. I find sitting down and trying to read through blogs takes a heap of time. Even longer if I try to leave a comment. I try to dedicate a weekend to it now and sometimes a few weekdays. I’m kind of glad there’s hardly any anime I’m trying to follow this season.

    Neat car. It’s much chunkier looking than cars here in the UK. I bought myself a car as well about month or so ago. I only use it for getting to and from work at the moment, but the potential to go places is there. Yeah who am I kidding, like I’m going anywhere xD.

  10. @alucard13mm:
    I don’t think I’ve seen one either, except for myself of course.

    Mine was used so it didn’t cost that much. I was able to pay for it in full.

    @Dreaming artemis:
    I just hope mine lasts until I decide I want another car.

    Yeah, I wish I could just stop time sometimes, I’d be able to get so much done.

    If I think of something, I’ll send it in. I’m not very good with captions though.

    I usually spend an hour or so reading blogs after I get home from work, but with so much stuff happening, I haven’t been able to do that. In order to catch up, I just spent all day today reading everything I missed.

    The car is relatively big, I wouldn’t feel safe in a smaller car because a third of the people here drive those huge Ford trucks.

  11. Uggh, I hate these lame-ass stereotypes. But damn, that Chrysler looks so manly I wouldn’t be surprised if it grew a pair somewhere down there ;)

    As for what post I’d like to see…hmm, an anime review. Well, actually just surprise me (us)!
    TRazor recently posted..Inochi ~ Review with a side of Moonlight

  12. @TRazor:
    Yeah, stereotypes are horrible, especially if they negative ones.

  13. Often we felt there are too many things going on at once and that we really want to have some time to ourselves. Not getting to do my own stuff over a long time makes me feel like I can’t wind down at all.

    Whoa that’s quite some car you’ve got there.

    What kind of post would I like to see from you? I think I tend to like to feast my eyes on figures and artbook/Megumi magazines, but that’s my opinion. Now that you’ve mentioned it I still owe you my history of anime post LOL OTL
    Q recently posted..figma WRS review

  14. @Q:
    Finding time to relax is also becoming a problem for me nowadays. Don’t worry about the anime history post, take your time :)

  15. Welcome back, and congrats on the new car! Lol, yay for not following stereotypes.

    I really don’t mind what you post. The fun of me reading so many blogs is not knowing what to expect. Although, I didn’t get much personal time this summer, so I’m kinda looking for new things to watch.
    MkMiku recently posted..What is Loli?

  16. @MkMiku:

    I have a surprise in store for next month, so look forward to it :)

  17. Very nice car. Hope you get good gas mileage unlike myself.

    Still haven’t emailed you back about the project we were going to work on, but I have been busy like you. Focusing my time on updating things…
    tsurugiarashix recently posted..[Impression] Carnival Phantasm Episode 4

  18. I know how you feel, real life is a busy busy life. 0_o

    I hope you’ll have an artbook review or an scale figure review. Anime analysis would be nice too. Oh, and nice car, Nopy.
    Xine recently posted..Hey Hey Thursday #01 – Zettai Ryouiki and Twintails

  19. Yea, it’s super hard to juggle a dedicated hobby like blogging and real life. I’m having a difficult time myself recently as well. There just seems to never be enough time, and I find myself always running out for some errands right when I’m about to watch anime or write a post or something.

    Anyway, very very nice car! And you bought it yourself. That’s incredible!!
    Yi recently posted..Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradox~ Review

  20. @tsurugiarashix:
    Hopefully we can get the project up and running again, time seems to bog down everyone at some point.

    I think it’s been a while since I’ve done an anime analysis, so I may do one soon.

    Your life sounds a lot busier than mine though, judging from your tweets. I’m amazed at how you can keep up.

  21. I think I can relate how it feels like when real life obligations hit you. That’s why having long weekend is such a bliss. Before I will usually go out with friend and drive out of town, but lately I just prefer staying at home.

    Btw, welcome back and congrats on your new car.
    Snippett recently posted..Motherhood, a Biological and Social Construct — Idea from Usagi Drop

  22. @Snippett:
    Long weekends are a good time to get back on track. I actually got quite a bit of writing done this weekend.


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