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Hinagiku Katsura Nendoroid by Max Factory

July 20, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Figures

front view of Hinagiku

I’ve had these pictures for months and Hinagiku for much longer, so I think it’s about time I finally wrote up a post. For those of you who don’t know, Hinagiku Katsura is a popular tsundere from the anime Hayate no Gotoku. She’s the student council president and excels at sports.

This nendoroid is my first from Max Factory. All of my other nendoroids have been from Good Smile Company or Phat, so it’s interesting to see what differences MF adds to the mix. Below are usual 360 shots.

side view of Hinagiku

back view of Hinagiku

side view of Hinagiku

There are a few things that you’ll notice about this nendoroid that’s different from regular ones. First of all, she has jointed arms, allowing you to bend her elbows. Unlike articulated figures though, they aren’t ball-jointed, to bend her elbows you have to twist the arm around. While it’s not very obvious, Hinagiku’s skin tone is rather gray compared to most nendoroids. It’s not much of a problem in photographs, but when you look at her in real life she just doesn’t seem right.

Hinagiku's base

The last big difference is the base. Almost all of my nendoroids have come with the regular circular base and support. Hinagiku comes with this W (or M) shaped base that holds her by the bottom of her skirt.

Hinagiku with cat ears

Hinagiku comes with a pair of cat ears and a cat tail. She looks cute with them on, but you may notice something around her waist.

Hinagiku with a cat tail

To my dismay, MF decided to attach Hinagiku’s tail by using a piece of plastic that wraps around her waist. Personally, I think it looks ugly and gets in the way. I’d much rather have a hole somewhere on her back where the tail can be attached. Her hair is long enough to cover it up when you don’t want the tail too.

Hinagiku with a wooden sword

Besides the cat ears and tail, there’s also a wooden sword and an annoyed face. The two of them together make for some great poses, and I’m sure they’d look even better with Hayate in the picture.

Hinagiku with bamboo sword

A bit redundant, but Hinagiku also has a bamboo sword. She could potentially dual wield her swords, but I would rather have a different accessory. Her last face is an angry/shouting expression, which again I think is redundant. Hinagiku is a tsundere so besides the default smiling face, I was expecting a tsun face and a dere face, instead I got 2 tsun faces.

Hinagiku's broken arm joint

One big problem I encountered with my Hinagiku nendoroid was that one of the pegs on an arm broke and got stuck in a slot on the torso. Luckily, I have had experience with this problem before and was able to get it out without damaging the torso piece. Upon investigating, I found that the part of the peg that got stuck actually solidified at a different time from the rest of the arm piece. What does that mean? Either the same mould was used twice and there was some leftover plastic in there, or a piece of plastic fell into the mold before it was used.

Hinagiku's face doesn't fit

Another problem I had was that the faces didn’t fit perfectly into Hinagiku’s head. This leaves a pretty big gap when you try to put on her front hair. The easiest way to cover it up is to just put her cat ears on.

a close-up of Hinagiku

I think Max Factory could have done a far better job with this nendoroid, especially since they’re borrowing from Good Smile Company (as evidenced by the logo on the ball joints). While the paint job is fine and I like the elbow joints and the base, some of the accessories seem redundant, and the manufacturing quality is poor. Taking Hinagiku’s character type into consideration and perhaps having more QC staff would have made a better nendoroid.

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10 Comments to “Hinagiku Katsura Nendoroid by Max Factory”

  1. She’s very cute and the angry faces seem to be very nice for creating interesting poses ^^. The elbow joints are a cool idea, but on the other hand the attachment of the neko tail is pretty weird, what were they thinking ?

    If I would like her anime character a bit more I’d probably bought her instead of the Hayate Nendo from Max Factory. My Hayate seems to have a better manufacturing quality, nothing broke off so far, aside from his falling off the desk accident XD, and the hair shows no gap.

  2. Hmm… such a shame Hina ended having these issues, odd considering Max Factory’s usual fare with the figma line.

    Still, very Hina like with the faces and accessories. The addition of the elbow joints caught my attention when it was first announced since it meant a bit more poseability for the usual stubby armed nendos.

  3. She’s adorable! Although her design feels a bit bland, she’s still very lovely. The clear base is nice and unintrusive as well. Sorry to hear about the issues though. :(

  4. First thing that came to mind was she’s very pink. >.<

    Ahh..that sucks – the problems you have encountered with Nendoroid Hinagiku. I'm not sure how much is a Nendoroid in Canada but for me, it's pretty pricey so I'll be very mad to be paying so much for this kind of problems.

  5. Well, I learned stuff about the nendo I didn’t know before. I had no idea she had jointed elbows. It’s a bummer she had quality control issues, and just what were they thinking with the bulky piece holding the tail? Ah well, she looks good otherwise but I think Max Factory needs more work in the future.

  6. @Fabienne:
    I know, it’s like the tail was more of an afterthought than something they were going to incorporate with the nendoroid. I got the Hayate nendoroid too, and he does look better than Hinagiku. When I haave time I’ll write up a post about him as well.

    Perhaps they were trying too hard to emulate Good Smile Company’s success rather than relying on their experience with figmas. The jointed elbows are a great idea though, nendoroids have been pretty limited in the past because of the solid arms.

    The base really is nice, it gets rid of the problem of having the round plastic ones get in the way of trying to make a certain scene for a photo.

    True that, but Hinagiku is very pink in the anime as well. Nendoroids usually cost me around $40 when I factor in the shipping cost, which isn’t too bad considering the MSRP is usually around 3300 yen.

    I played around with her elbows for a bit just to see how many different poses I could get and I was really impressed with it. The fact that it doesn’t stand out as much as ball joints is also a plus. It’s a shame the rest of her wasn’t of a very good quality.

  7. She looks rather pale, maybe because of the skin color you mentioned. She’s still cute though, I like the first tsun tsun face, it would have been nice if they include a dere one also.

  8. @Xine:
    I think it may also be because of my lighting, I’m still getting used to taking better photos.

  9. hiya…!
    I have a max factory figma but I broke the left elbow joint, anybody know how or where to get a spare joint?


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