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Megami Magazine Vol. 133

June 29, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine

It looks like I remembered about the June 2011 volume of Megami Magazine just before the month ends. This volume came out in the midst of the Spring anime season, so if you’ve enjoyed the anime recently and want some posters, you might want to consider ordering. The cover features the Shana clone, Aria, from Hidan no Aria. I thought it was great how they used bullet holes to feature some other characters.

The posters you’ll find in this volume are shown below. As usual, ecchi content isn’t directly shown on this page, click the links if you want to see them.

The first poster is of a couple of the girls from Infinite Stratos. Megami usually has no problems with body proportions in their posters, especially for bath scenes, but I found the hands here are too elongated, and Houki’s knee looks unnaturally sharp.

The reverse side has Erio and Ryu-ko/shi sleeping with a very lucky futon. I’m glad to see that Megami is starting to bring back these larger pin-up posters.

I can only imagine what Ohana is thinking right now.

The colours in this Houkago no Pleiades poster seemed rather dark to me. I think it would’ve looked nicer if they made the uniforms and skin a lighter tone.

I’m not particularly fond of the stick-figure style character designs in A Channel, but this poster is beautiful. You can tell a lot of work went into the drawing, colours, and shading, especially in the water.

I laughed when I saw this poster. Ruka, the one on the left, is either a girl or boy, but you don’t know which one because he/she is different depending on the timeline. The sarong around his/her waist keeps Ruka’s gender a mystery.

A lot of Madoka images try to capture the essence of the anime, but that’s more than a difficult task. This one was a good attempt with the long stairway and where the girls are looking, but the round disc and the white pillars just don’t seem to fit.

This Fate Zero poster looks nice, but I miss the older version of Rin.

Here’s the cover illustration of Aria again. It’s nice to see that they kept the bullet holes in the background, it makes it feel more like an action scene.

I have two complaints about this poster: missing lines, and missing Kirino.

I thought Idolmaster was a singing game, but hey, cat girls are fine with me.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi probably has the hottest girls this season, so it’s to be expected Megami would include a poster of them in lingerie. I’m a bit  upset they left out Ibuki though.

Considering Anaru’s attitude towards Menma, I was a bit surprised to see this poster of them together at first. Then I remembered that Ano Hana was an anime about understanding and forgiveness, and suddenly this poster just seemed so much better.

More cat-girl/guy?

This illustration was done by the 114th artist to be featured in Girl’s Avenue, Yu Narumi. She’s not as popular as some of the other featured artists, but anyone who has played/watched 11eyes would be familiar with her work. I love how she blends the colours in her characters’ eyes.

I love Aoi Nishimata’s character designs, so I was hapy to see an Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai poster in here, but it’s so typical that they would make it so the oil looks like something else.

I know the animation style for Softenni has more to do with this than the quality, but I think this poster is just ugly.

This is my favourite pin-up poster from this volume. It has my two favourite characters from Dog Days, and I don’t see anything wrong with the illustration. The marble table and designs on the floor were a nice touch.

Clothes swapping is always fun.

Once again, I’m amazed that Megami has not once come out with an ecchi Kami Nomi poster. They always make Elsie look cute though.

On the other hand, Seikon no Qwaser always seems to get ecchi posters. This one, surprisingly, looks pretty good despite the lack of any clothing or objects.

Megami once again manages to keep up its tradition of including at least one Nanoha poster in every volume even though all of the series and 1st movie have ended, and the second movie is still a long time away.

Megami covers some nice figures in their figure section, but the only one they cover that I’ve ordered is the support Miku nendoroid. Yes, I bought it despite the crazy shipping and against my conclusions about GSC’s profits.

The anime section covers just about every upcoming anime for the next season. Some titles that have caught my attention are Blood-C, C3, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, and Dantalian no Shoka. One rather disturbing title is Baby Princess 3D; it looks like a super-harem of girls ranging in every age under 18.

On the back cover is a reminder about the Steins;Gate blu-ray release. While I’m currently enjoying the series, I don’t think the animation quality warrants a blu-ray.

No Megami magazine volume would be complete without an extra booklet or large poster. This time they included Fate in her usual blue bikini.

On the reverse is Victorique from Gosick. I absolutely love her long flowing golden hair. While there are a couple of odd spots like her protruding cheek and elongated palm, I still like it enough to stick it on my wall.

While there were no posters in this volume that were absolutely terrible, there was also nothing that really jumped out at me. Overall, I’d say this was an average volume with some good posters for fans of this year’s anime so far.


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14 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 133”

  1. Ooh love the Hanasaku Iroha one. So pretty, and Nako~♥
    Victorique is also really cute.

    p.s. Seems more daring with the images this time?

  2. Oh another megami update post :9
    something to rejoice i guess, now lets look at the pictures,
    IS poster = my 2 fav characters so yes!
    denpa = erio is kawaii,
    Houkago no Pleiades is cute too and at first i thought it was Houkago tea time XD
    Victorique is woa, like you said love her golden hair!

  3. @Yi:
    Oops, I forgot about the ecchi ones, I was really tired last night. That’s all fixed now, thanks :)

    @Fabrice Requin:
    I like those ones too. Victorique probably has the best hair out of all the characters this season.

  4. I like the Oreimo and Hanasaku Iroha the best from this set. Both are happily in my iphone.

  5. Where do you order/buy your Megami from?

  6. @Miette-chan:
    If I had a smartphone, i’d probably have a bunch of anime images loaded on there too.

    I’ve added a link at the end of the post to where I get my magazines from.

  7. I absolutely love it when you post photos of your magazines. I like checking out what’s new and the artwork within. :)

  8. I like that Victorique poster. Very cute.

    As for the Madoka poster, the long stairway is distracting. It takes up a huge portion of the poster, and characters look so small.

  9. @Radiant:
    Glad to hear that you do, a lot of people like seeing what each volume has to offer.

    I agree, they should have put more emphasis on the characters in the Madoka poster rather than the stairway.

  10. rather nice entry you made here, good quality

    if people are interested in the mag
    You can see some other pictures of the mag itself
    in one of my latest $get$ posts at my blog

    this is the link:

  11. I’m an Elsie fan but they REALLY gave her a pear shaped looking body in that poster. I don’t need all bikini bottoms to be string or itty bitty but I think they could have done better on her.

  12. @Ningen:

    Her bottom is a bit wide compared to the rest of her body, maybe they were trying to go with a perspective view.

  13. Now this issue is more like it. I think quite a few of them suit my tastes and would be wall worthy. Too bad I don’t subscribe to these things out of paranoia and such. If I could get over that my walls would be covered XD

  14. @Persocom:
    I ended up covering every white space possible at one point. One day I thought to myself that it was just too much and cut back to something more reasonable.


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