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Flandre Scarlet Nendoroid by GSC

June 05, 2011 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Flandre Scarlet is by far my favourite Touhou character, so getting this nendoroid from Good Smile Company was a must for me. Flandre is the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet and is also a vampire. She lives in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and has immense destructive powers. Her first appearance was in Touhou Project: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil as the extra boss. This nendoroid of her was released in January 2011 and like all of the other Touhou nendoroids, is a “For sale in Japan only” item.

Flandre has blond hair, red eyes, and wears a red dress. The nendoroid is true to her appearance, but one little gripe I have about it is that there is a small gap between the top and bottom half of her body.

On the back is a nicely sculpted ribbon with no noticeable seam lines or excess plastic. There are also two small holes where you can insert her wings. You’ll also notice that her hair is not just one solid colour, but has some shading to add some depth to it. Some of GSC’s other nendoroids don’t have shading on the back, which makes the hair look bland and flat, so it’s good to see they didn’t forget about it here.

Flandre’s ponytail on her left side appears like it is movable, but is actually glued in place. It’s not really a flaw, but when other nendoroids have movable hair pieces, I just expected Flandre to have it too. You can also clearly see the gap between the top and bottom half of the body here. This is as far as you can push the two pieces together.

I think the most attention-grabbing feature about Flandre are her iron-prism wings, and I’m glad to see that GSC did an excellent job creating them in 3D chibi form. Despite the small size, they managed to still make the iron portion look jagged and the prisms are the right shape. Not only that, but the colours and the order in which they appear are also correct. From her back to the tip of the wings, the colours are: light blue, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and light blue. There are other figures out there that either have the colours in the wrong order, or have colours that shouldn’t be in there.

Like her sister, Flandre also wears a mob cap, but her ribbon is on the opposite side. The bottom of the cap is contoured to fit on top of Flandre’s head so you don’t have to worry about it falling off when trying to set her into the perfect pose. Personally, I’m not a fan of the cap though, it just feels like something poor people in the past would wear.

Flandre also comes with her iron wand, the Leviathan. Unfortunately, it tends to fall out of her hand because it’s not an exact fit.

Up till now I’ve only shown her with the default face, but she also has a smiling face showing one of her fangs.

Her other face is a more mischievous look, as if she’s plotting something or about to blow someone up. The claw hands fit perfectly with this expression, but they are limited in the things/poses they can do.

I haven’t talked much about the paint job other than the hair, but this nendoroid has one of the best paint jobs I’ve seen. The lines are smooth, there’s no splatter, and the shading is excellent. The only flaw I could find was some rough edges on her shoes.

As with the other Touhou nendoroids, Flandre also has a painted base. The design on it shows the prisms of her wings on what appears to be a moon background.

One major downside that I found with my nendoroid was that the inside of one of the faces was cracked. It doesn’t affect the outside appearance at all (thank goodness), but I have to be extra careful when removing or inserting the neck peg, just in case it breaks. I guess it could easily be fixed with super glue though.

Design-wise, Flandre is one of the highest-quality nendoroids I own. GSC managed to get everything about her right, from the colours to the clothing and wings. Production-wise, while the paint job was near-flawless, the one thing that really bothers me is the gap in the middle of her body. If the peg connecting the two pieces was just a  little bit shorter or the slot was a little bit deeper, it would’ve been perfect. Overall, I am very happy with how this Flandre nendoroid turned out.

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16 Comments to “Flandre Scarlet Nendoroid by GSC”

  1. I don’t know anything about Touhou Project, which seems to be very popular, but she’s cute! I like her wings. Very colorful and pretty.
    Hoshiko recently posted..Bootleg Trouble

  2. Oh man, I love this nendo, Flandre was my first favorite Touhou girl. Flandre was one of the many Touhou nendos I almost bought. Specifically because of the face you used in the 8th picture. Speaking of which nice lighting bright and even.
    Miette-chan recently posted..Such a busy and fulfilling weekend

  3. BioToxic says:

    I don’t really follow Touhou but Flandres character design reminds me of Marisa. I like her mischievous face most out of the three options, and those crystal wings are neat looking. It’s unfortunate the inside of one of her faces is damaged. Is the body/legs gap common to all Flandre nendos or just your one?

    I liked your earlier photo of Flandre and Remilia mirror reflection too ^^.

    • Anonymous (not really) says:

      All nendoroids have differences, even if you don’t notice. But no, there’s no way that all nendoroids are exactly the same lol

  4. She. Is. So. CUTE.

    I want her. And I don’t even play Touhou.

  5. I love the evil grin and the claw the most. I also like how they painted it. Really, seeing your collection amazes me and tempts me to start collecting too. However, one of the things why I’m hesitating to buy some nendos is because I’m scared of the defects.
    abscissa recently posted..Journey to Kissuiso- Sightseeing Hanasaku Iroha

  6. Key-Fan says:

    abscissa: which defects? Out of my personal experience (I’ve got around 15 Nendos + around 15 Nendo petit) I only got one single “defect” and that was the thing between Base and figure that broke on a Nendoroid petit. And this isn’T really a problem for me, as many Nendo-petit-Sets come with some extra of them ^^

    I haven’t had any cracks or sth. like that (obviously there might still be defects on others, like on nopys :( *poor nopy* but I don’t think there are more defects on Nendoroids than there are defects on prepainted / scaled figures. Just think about BRS with the missing star :P).

  7. @Key-Fan I’m talking about any defect whether it’s minor or major, just like what happened to Nopy… To be honest I haven’t bought any nendo yet, maybe that’s why I’m still so hesitant.

    Btw, that’s another thing I’m scared of, having a “BRS without a star” :(
    abscissa recently posted..Journey to Kissuiso- Sightseeing Hanasaku Iroha

  8. Key-Fan says:

    Yeah, I know what you meant. Was just to tell you I didn’T have any problems. I don’t think defects like nopys are “common” on Nendos ;)

    Are you a figure collector, or not? Just to make sure^^ And yes, stuff like the starless BRS is way to scary xD especially considering her price 8[

  9. @Key-Fan I’m not really a figure collector, once in a while I buy toys and figures given that I have the chance. I have tight monetary restriction that’s why I have to think multiple times if I really like the figure. >_<

    Btw, thanks for you advise though, it's really convincing to buy. ^^
    abscissa recently posted..Journey to Kissuiso- Sightseeing Hanasaku Iroha

  10. @Hoshiko:
    All you need to know is that it’s a shooting game where all of the characters are girls. Pretty much everything else is fan-made.

    I was really happy when they announced a Flandre nendoroid, and I’m glad that it turned out so well. It took me a while to learn, but I think I’ve got lighting down pretty well now.

    Her wings were what drew me to her at first too. I’m not sure if the gap is just something wrong with mine or if it’s present in other Flandre nendoroids as well. From my experience, some nendoroids have gaps because a peg is too long, so I’m assuming it’s a manufacturing defect.

    @Arianna Sterling:
    She’s definitely one of the cuter characters.

    There will always be defects, either from the design process or manufacturing. I think the only way to be sure a figure is defect-free is to actually examine it in person before buying it.

    You’re right, the defect on mine definitely isn’t common, but it does happen sometimes.

  11. I didn’t know Flandre is your favorite character! I like her a lot too (though my favorite is probably Alice). Anyway, super cute nendo. I love her mob cap and her glass wings. And that’s really nice she’s so high quality.
    Yi recently posted..A Touch of Battle Girls – Textures in Sengoku Otome

  12. Flandre is funny and cute, she somehow appears more evil than her sister :D
    I like her the most in full gear, the colorful wings and the mop cap look very good on her. too bad that you are no fan of the cap :p.
    The shading on the hair you’ve mentioned looks very pretty.
    I also like the additional fang face and also the evil face they look really funny and well done. Flandre is a nice Nendoroid ^^
    Fabienne recently posted..New Preorders Part 7

  13. @Yi:
    Alice is nice too… actually, they’re all nice, sometimes I wish I could just cover everything with Touhou.

    I think she’s more evil than her sister in that you can’t predict when she’ll turn from a sweet girl into a crazed killer. I think they made the right choices with regards to what kind of faces to have.


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